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История жизни личного мага Генриха ГиммлераAustrian mystic and occult Third Reich Carl Maria Wiligut was the personal magician Himmler. For his prophetic revelations about the ancient Germanic past had made it brigadefuhrer SS. However, the views of Wiligut on Aryans contrasted sharply with the Nazi doctrine. For this mystic Aryans were spiritual entity, who came to Earth from the moon.

Mystic, who for his comprehensive, but short-lived impact on the Reichsfuhrer-SS was nicknamed "Rasputin Himmler" (Himmlers Rasputin), was born December 10, 1866 in the capital of the Danube monarchy. Following the family tradition (father and grandfather were military), Carl Maria teenager was recorded in the Imperial cadet school in Vienna. In December 1884 he joined the infantry regiment stationed in Herzegovina. Wiligut was not only an officer, faithful servants of the Habsburg Empire, but writing poetry and interested in ancient Germanic mythology esthete.

Probably, for this purpose it is in 1889, he entered the society Schlaraffia. Based in Prague on 10 October 1859 society "SCHLARAFFIA", which cultivated a friendship, encouraged lessons art and appreciated the humor, have followed the motto expression In arte voluptas - "In art - enjoyment". It is believed that the word Schlaraffe came from sredneminimalnogo Slur-Affe, which meant "young vertiprahov" (sorgloser Genie?er). In society he had the name Lobesam - "Peet".

A British expert on the occult roots of Nazism Nicolas Godric-Clark stressed that there is no evidence on the relationship of SCHLARAFFIA "pangermanskogo movement, as well as indications that Wiligut was connected with some nationalist organization in the Imperial Austria". But since 1903 he made friendship and closer to the Vienna Felices (v?lkisch - literally "folk" - racial-biological national-chauvinist movement, linked with anti-Semitism) and ariosophy.

This year saw the light of his book on ancient Germanic mythology Seyfrieds Runen ("Runes of Tavrida"). His poems he signed with the pseudonym Jarl Widar Jarl facility. Wiligut becomes a member of the order of the New Templars (Neutempler-Orden, or Ordo Novi Templi (ONT) - Felices-esoteric secret Union, founded by Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels (J?rg Lanz von Liebenfels).

After 20 years of service Wiligut was still in an infantry regiment and received the rank of major in the two years before the First world war. In October 1914 47-year-old officer of the headquarters of the 30th infantry regiment took part in the fighting against the Russian army in the Carpathians. In may 1918 Wiligut withdraw from the front and appointed the commandant of the camp for convalescents in Lemberg (now Lvov). It was an event that largely predetermined the destiny of the future Nazi mysticism.

In June 1918 officer mission visited the delegation of high-ranking Catholic Pilatov, among which was the Apostolic Nuncio in Poland and the Baltic States, cardinal Ratti (the future Pope Pius XI)Wiligut told the believers about the origin of the surname and family tradition, kept in secret. General of the Jesuit order in Italian whispered in his ear papal legate "Damn the family of". And then a young officer in a rage, yelled at the priests. They say that after that meeting at Carl Maria began to happen seizures or it attacked the deepest depression.

Wiligut, as reported by Godric-Clark, told that he is a descendant of an ancient Germanic kings, describing"religious practice, military organization and the laws of the ancient Germans in terms suspiciously close early revelations Guido von Liszt". About mysticism Guido Karl Anton (background) Sheet (Guido Karl Anton (von) List) Voice" wrote a year ago.

In 1933 Wiligut takes SS, where for three years doing a fantastic career. Top leadership of the SS gave him an honorary nickname Weisthor. Weis meant initiated into the mysteries, and Thor - the name of the God of thunder and storms. In 1936, the Reichsfuhrer Himmler assigns Wiligut the title of brigadefuhrer SS. If all anagram of two SS runes meant Suddenly - "the guard detachments", then the SS elite was laid up another explanation. Only dedicated understood under this abbreviation Schwarze Sonne - "the Black sun". From beliefs Dating back to Ancient Egypt and Sumer, it followed that there are two suns: "white", which we see, and "black"hidden sun of spiritual enlightenment.

He participated in the development of the SS emblems Totenkopfring (ring "Dead head")worn by members of "the Black order" and in the formation of the concept of the order's castle MOP Wewelsburg (Wewelsburg). Even modern historians are poorly informed about what is actually practiced "Himmler Rasputin".

Specialist on the history of the Third Reich Andrey Vasilchenko said: "the Name of Wiligut not mentioned neither in the official publications of the SS, nor in the German media. All this pointed to the fact that Himmler and Wiligut bound not just a service relationship, and more".

Views of Wiligut on Aryans contrasted sharply with official Nazi racial doctrine. True Aryans mentioned in the national socialist ideology, according to Carl Maria, they could become, if returned to their long lost abilities. For Victor Aryans were spiritual entity, who came to earth thousands of years ago from the moon. They were able to return to their ancestral home.

May be because of the wiles of the other monologov and occultists of the Ahnenerbe, may be because of poor health due to advanced age, as it was noted in the official reason for the dismissal, but in August 1939 Wiligut left his post. Himmler kept SS honorary ring "Dead head" and honorary sword (SS-Ehrendegen) the sorcerer. Less than a month later Germany invaded Poland and started the Second world war.

At the end of the war Wiligut ended up in a camp for displaced persons British occupation troops. From there he first returned to Salzburg, but then went to a small town Arolsen (Arolsen), now bad Arolsen in Hessen. Here at Christmas 1945, 79-year Wiligut struck a stroke, and at seven o'clock in the morning on 3 January 1946 he died.
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