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Ученые достигли теоретического прорыва в телепортацииOver the last decade, theoretical physicists have suggested that intense relationships, which arise between the particles that are installed in the quantum law "entanglement", which may give clues to the possible teleportation in the future.

Recently physics from Cambridge, University College London and the University of Gdansk has stated that it may move us one step closer to science fiction style teleportation in the future, although they still recognize that this study is purely theoretical, at least at this stage.

It is also interesting that the team was able to develop the generalized form of teleportation, which can be used for a wide range of potential areas in quantum physics. It was previously thought impossible, but in 1993 a group of scientists estimate that teleportation can work on the basis of the quantum laws. As noted above, quantum teleportation uses the law "entanglement" for particle transfer of information on potentially vast distances in an instant.

Complexity comes pairs of quantum particles, such as electrons or protons, which are inextricably linked to each other, maintaining synchronization between them, which indicates whether the particles next to each other or from opposite sides of the galaxy. Thanks to this connection quantum bits of information, qubits can be transferred using only traditional forms of classical communication.

However, a group of physicists managed to develop a Protocol that provides the optimal solution, which entangled state can be significantly "redistributed". Moreover, they even drew up a Protocol, in which multiple qubits can teleport at the same time, although "entangled" condition worsens in proportion to the number of qubits sent during both variants.
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