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Биометрический паспорт: точка не возвратаFrom January 1, entered into force the Law "On the Unified state register of demographics and the documents confirming citizenship of Ukraine, identity or social status", which is popularly called "the law of biopassport". It provides for the introduction of a new sample with an electronic chip, which should be updated every 10 years.

What is the essence of this innovation and why against biopassport so irreconcilable are believers?


The following abstracts have not been able to refute even the leader in the field of promotion of the draft biometrical population - the Deputy from the Party of regions Vasyl Hrytsak.

So, the introduction of biometric documents and the integration of all information about the population in the unified register, at different stages of the project implementation that can lead to the creation of conditions for blackmail citizens of Ukraine, extortion and manipulation.

As is known, information on various aspects of human life will be stored in a single database. Also, the database will be created fingerprint of the population of Ukraine.
The concentration of all power in the hands of the owners of the unified register could lead to the dictatorship and human rights abuses against citizens.

Also the danger lies in the establishment of the system of absolute control over the expenses of citizens. If you make the mandatory identification of customer when conducting trade operations, with the subsequent centralized storage of information about the costs, to determine taxable income is not difficult - it is enough to compare the money spent, with the declared income. Today is already implemented by amendments to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers №199 of 2002.

Manipulation of the Law can lead to manipulation of the property of citizens and an uncontrollable rise in crime in this sphere, and also to growth of black Transplantology and many other problems.


First is the West. Total control over the population will complete the process of EU to evropeisko splinty", and in fact - colonization of Ukraine.

Secondly - this is a commercial structures specializing on the "distribution of budgetary funds", which can be used at different stages of the project.

What to do in conditions when the debut of mydocumenta was held?

The President ordered to issue this year all Ukrainians biometric passports


Pay attention to the identification and verification of a person (identification this is the definition of a person, verification is the definition of conformity of the document and man. - Auth.) What methods they can implement in our reality?

The theme of the introduction of biopassport this focus filing practically was not considered. Though actually it is here that are hidden answers to many questions.
So, the process of identification is an essential component of any legally significant actions. The person who is identified as a particular personality who is entitled to exercise on behalf of this person valid legal action. In other words, if man "And" is identified by the system as a man "In" it might, for example, will dispose property of the person "In".

The list of abuses under the scheme is very high. The most obvious example is fraud with credit cards, which are abuse of hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide.

With credit card verification of the holder and the card is carried out by code. Correctly typed code defines a person as the owner of the card. Attackers are hundreds of ways to get the codes, and then, using a counterfeit card and verificarsi on looted code as the account holder, "materialize their selfless love of money".

Abuses in the sphere of biometric passports can have far more serious consequences than stealing money from the credit card. Especially in conditions of the global system of automatic identification of a person. Therefore, verification, or compared, for compliance with a particular characteristic, made to the document with the same attribute of the person presenting the document becomes crucial.

Moreover, the system must meet very stringent requirements. At least, verification and identification should be one hundred percent technostar operating the system must be inexpensive to operate.

Duration of verification should last a few seconds or fractions of seconds. Signs made to the system should be applicable for the entire population of the planet, all social and age groups. Forgery and the intervention of outsiders into the system should be excluded. The methods of verification and identification of a person shall be suitable for use in the financial sector.

One of the possible ways to identify a person by his biometric characteristics is based on the uniqueness of many biometric parameters of a person. But today it is impossible: the study methods are either expensive or do not protect against forgery, or have a significant error in the verification, or have other disadvantages. So the most common method of verification and fingerprints of the person is very unreliable because of the possibility easy to forge. How to fake fingerprints at the most basic office equipment, shown in the video. To make a fake everyone can.

Verification by a digitized image of a person very costly, error-prone, if a person's face will undergo injury, change the features of a person in consequence of disease, age-related physiological changes - from birth to old age, etc.

In Ukraine as an identifying apply these two above-mentioned grounds. However, as in Kenya.

And although all biometric identification methods do not satisfy the above requirements, biometrical great strides strides across the world.

So the people of Kenya, in particular nomadic tribes Maasai were proposed biometric documents. They, in contrast to Ukraine, are not fighting for a visa-free regime with Europe, and thus trying to protect the election campaign, from "terrible political manipulation".

There are international requirements of ICAO biometric identification, where 9, Chapter 3 of Annex 9-Facilitation is mandatory only one biometric - digitized image of the face, the others are voluntary. Requirements of ICAO mandatory for all participating countries, and this is all the more or less civilized countries, so as the primary identifying characteristic chosen digitized image of a human face, or three-dimensional photography. But as we pointed out above, this method of verification is not perfect, and certainly not suitable for the realization of its worldwide.


What will be the task of verification of the world's population?

The answer to this perplexing question is in the same document ICAO. It as one required parameter, but is not biometric, find the item on machine readable information. It can now be seen at Ukrainian foreign passport at the bottom on the polycarbonate page. It is the bottom line that between characters "< <" written in the numeric identifier of man, consisting of: first digit one digit, the next three characters, country code "UKR", then some reserved characters, and in the end - national identification number.

Such record coincides with the international standard ISO 11784/11785, the structure of the code, or the name of the person for chip. This technology identifies indicator is a digital ID, known in Ukraine as the INN. Identification is carried out exactly in this room. This identification meets all these requirements.


But how to be with verification or validation, set the document to a specific person? The first solution is the chip implantation in the human body, about which repeatedly written in the context of application for personal identification of the implant "Verichip". But such implantation we are not stipulated by regulations. Then how tightly bind the chip to man?

The answer to this question is obvious, after reviewing the description of the patent Thomas Chitara, USA №5878155 from 2.03.1999 called "the Method of verification of the identity of the person in the process of electronic trade transactions".

According to this patent: "the Present invention solves the problems associated with other methods. Unique bar code or with unique character vytatuirovana with the use of invisible ink to the individual. The tattoo can be both temporary and permanent, and can be placed at any suitable place of the human body, preferably on the forearm. When a person wants to perform trading operations, the tattoo is subject to scan by scanner.

Under other methods here mentioned that: "during the Holocaust the Nazis tatuirovki the hands of the Jews unique identification number... none of these methods is available in practice for the purposes of e-DMChristmas trees. First, the public consciousness dictates that any labeling people should not be noticeable, as was noticeable numbering of the victims of the Holocaust".

Although information about the method of applying a tattoo himself a patent does not contain, and only indicates the use of invisible ink, other resources give the definition of this method as the method of application of the barcode on human skin through laser tattoo.

In this case, if the person using some leave-in technology to put a number on his forehead, the way invisible to the human eye, then solved the problem - as the identification of individuals, and the verification of the card and its owner. After all, if the number written on the person, not the same as the number on the card, then no operations are to spend. To forge such a mark is not technically possible, the accuracy verification close to 100%, the operating cost is cheap, speed verification is fractions of a second. In trade transactions this system long ago.

In such conditions, there is a great danger that it during the scan of a digitized image of a man, digital name in the form of a barcode will be tattooed on the forehead of the man. For this purpose there are all preconditions, technical capability, due to the need, and voluntary consent of many people.

Biopassport in Ukraine will be issued with the consent of the person that will include the removal procedure of biometric data. Application of the pattern, described in the patent Thomas Hetera will be included in this procedure default.

In favor of this assumption is also the fact that the procedure for removing the digitized image of the person is carried out, including for infants. The next "photography" will be done only at age 10 years old.

The question is, how and who will be able to take pictures of the baby to identify 5-year-old boy?

Moreover, the alternative, which is contained in Art. 16 law # 5492 of 20.11.2012, will still require each to undergo a scan three-dimensional image of a man. Although much easier it would be to give existing paper documents the status of the alternative, and it is incomparably cheaper and does not create any trouble for the state, as the system of their issuance and operation already exists.

But instead of inhabitants of Ukraine in advance taught to be photographed with the help of equipment of state bodies. It is known that all those wishing to get passports were forced to take pictures of Whether. It is clear that the mark referred to in this article are not applied, but the formation of public opinion about the safety of any procedures with the image of man took place.

Interesting, will the ancient prophecy of St. Basil the New, in which his disciple Grigory describes the following: [i]"is Also featured on so odluci the Lord in the Cathedral from swig, and behold, there came the regiment wicked and nasty pace of INAH, ihzhe eyes it held up very Temne, mracni pace of INAH, chelah its Scriptures haves, said, "Satan, in the right hands haves of ditzy, on whom it is written: "the Rejection"". As can be seen from the text, cards in their hands and the mark on the forehead exist simultaneously, who has prayer card - at that, and the mark on the forehead, and on the other hand, who has the mark on the forehead - and that card in his hand.

Thus, with great probability, when removing such biometric parameter as a digitized image of a human face, will be invisible to the human eye mark on the forehead. In mashinoschyotnaya kind will be recorded personal number of a person having in terms of law # 5492 of 20.11.2012 the name " uncalnis room to recording in Restr".

Even if during the scan the faces of the mark on the man will not be applied, if due to fraud or forgery of mydocumentb people can lose their livelihoods. Then applying a style to the body or implant a chip in the body can not be avoided, it will be dictated by the security.

Biometrics is well advertised illusion of security and convenience. Convenience is the fact that the object of the chip is easily manageable. If he will agree to a passport with a chip, the document will be easily and conveniently identified, the same people are completely manipulated. So biometric document is the point of no return, passing it back to return is not possible, it is inevitable application "the mark of the beast", which is eternal death.

The delicacy of the situation is that to obtain any evidence about the ongoing manipulation with the person while removing the digitized image of a person, it is impossible. After applying the mark to those who carried out the drawing of a face, there is no need to confess his application. And all the subtleties of the process, will also be silent or to make excuses under any pretext.

According to verse 9 glavy "Revelation of the Apostle and Evangelist John the theologian" we know that whosoever will worship the beast and his image and receives the mark in his forehead or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the fierceness of God, wine, whole, cooked in the Cup of His wrath, and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone...". In other words, the mark that is the end, destruction, both in this life and in the hereafter.

Because only the manifestation of vigilance and sobriety, and nonparticipation in the fruitless deeds of darkness, which warns the Church, is the guarantee of not taking the mark of the beast, and save your soul from eternal damnation.

All the rest it is a play by the rules "of the beast", on the territory of "the beast", which will end with the "mark of the beast".

The choice is ours and may the Lord preserve us from making the wrong choice!

Expert in taxation Oleg Serbenyuk - to "UNIAN-Religion"
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