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Ученые выяснили, почему киты выбрасываются на берегPeople have long found marine animals, which were thrown on the shore for unknown reasons, as evidenced by the ancient Greek and Roman documents. To date, marine biologists are ready to give reasons only half of such incidents, the reasons for these can be very different.

Often it is a disease or injury. The animal has suffered from attacks by predators, may feel too weak to tread water. At some point it just surrenders to waves and allows you to put yourself on the beach.

Much more mysterious look cases where a group of animals is thrown ashore. Scientists explain this by the fact that dolphins and whales that migrate and hunt small herds, are victims of their own social structure. If the dominant animal or leader is thrown to the shore because of wounds or illness, the other members of the group will follow him. Also there is an assumption that the flock just come too close to shore and therefore not time to return at low tide.

It should be noted that in some cases marine animals commit mass suicide soon after the active use of military sonar equipment nearby. These studies suggest that sonar equipment thus have an impact on the physical condition and behavior of marine animals.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the most exotic case when the animals are thrown ashore deliberately, making this a while hunting. For example, black killer whale often attack such pinnipeds, as sea lions or seals. Killer whale attack in the surf zone or near the shore where their sacrifices change the transportation mode from swimming to walking, making them quite clumsy. When the animal is trying to get out of the water, orca does snatch and grabs prey, after which she or it remains to wait for suitable waves, or try to get back into the ocean, twisting his body.

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