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onua.org » News » The earth is preparing for a meeting with the new asteroid next month
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Земля готовится к встрече с новым астероидом в следующем месяцеAsteroid 2012 DA14, the width of which is about 40 meters and a weight of about 130,000 tons moving towards earth at a speed of about 6.3 km/S. It will be past the planet at a distance of less than 32.000 km today. If he collided with the Earth, the result would have been a huge explosion force of about 2.5 megatons, but Asteroid 2012 DA14 not hit our planet in 2013, and probably never will.

2012 DA14 was discovered on February 22, 2012 Observatory LaSagra, located in the mountains of Andalucia in southern Spain. Its elliptical orbit is slightly tilted towards the earth, so he passes near the Earth twice a year.

The asteroid will pass at high speed from the South-West to North-East and is visible in the dark on a small part of Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. For these places 2012 DA14 will be available for review in a good pair of binoculars.

More than 500 large observatories and telescopes are preparing to observe this unusually close passage of the asteroid.

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