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Нацисты использовали тайные знания атлантовThe Foundation of the ideology of fascism was laid secret societies long before the appearance of the Nazi state, but active force of this Outlook was after the defeat of Germany in world war I. In 1918, a group of persons, who already had experience in international secret societies, in Munich, was founded a branch of the Teutonic knights order - Thule society" (the name of the legendary Arctic countries - the cradle of mankind). The official aim is the study of the ancient German culture, but the real problems were much deeper.

Theorists of fascism find suitable for their purposes candidacy is power-hungry, having a mystical experience and, moreover, dependent drug use corporal Adolf Hitler, giving him the idea of world domination these white people. At the end of 1918 young occultist Hitler was accepted into the society "Tula" and quickly became one of the most active members. And soon, the ideas of the theorists "Tula" reflected in his book "My struggle".

"One who sees in national socialism only political movement, know little about him"- said Hitler. The fact that the occult masters "Tula" was another, not less important goal-to win and in the invisible world, metaphysical, so to say, "hereafter". With this aim in Germany was created more closed structure. Thus, in 1919, was founded secret "the Lodge of Light" (later "vril" - according to ancient Indian name of cosmic energy of life). Later, in 1933, elitist mystical order of the "Ahnenerbe" (Ahnenerbe - "Heritage of ancestors"), which since 1939 on the initiative of Himmler became chief research structure within the SS. Having in its submission to the fifty research institutions, society "Ahnenerbe" seek the ancient knowledge, allowing to develop the latest technology to manage using magic methods with the human consciousness, to carry out genetic manipulation to create the Superman.

Practiced and non-traditional methods of obtaining knowledge-under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs, in trance or contact with the Highest Unknown, or, as they were called, "Minds External". Used and found using "Ahnenerbe" ancient occult "the key" (formulas, spells, etc)that allowed to establish contact with the "Other". For "sessions with gods" attracted the experienced mediums and contactees. For the purity of the results of the experiments were carried out independently in societies

"Tula" and "vril". Argue that some occult "the key" worked, and independent channels" was received certain information confidential. For example, drawings and descriptions "flying disc", according to its characteristics significantly superior aircraft of that time.

Another task that was set before scientists and is rumored to have been partially resolved, - creation of "time machine", allowing to penetrate into the depth of history and to gain knowledge of the ancient high civilizations, in particular information about the magical methods of Atlantis, considered to be the ancestral home of the Aryan race. Of special interest for Nazi scientists represented the technological knowledge of the Atlanteans, who helped, according to legend build huge sea vessels and air crafts, driven unknown siloing information about the development in the fourth development centre of the SS, under the command of society "Black sun", super-secret "flying saucer" "Haunebu-2". In his book "German flying saucers" O. Bergmann brings it some technical characteristics. Diameter 26,3 meters. Engine: "Tula"-thionatoo, diameter 23.1 meters. Management: pulse generator magnetic field. Speed: 6000 km/h (estimated -21000 km/h). The flight duration: 55 hours and above. Fitness to fly in space - 100 percent. Crew - nine people, with passengers - twenty people. Planned series production: the end of 1943 - the beginning of 1944.

In the late 50-ies of Australians found among trophy films German documentary film-report on the research project flying disk "V-T, which until that time, nothing was not known. The extent to which this project is implemented, it is not clear, but it is known that the famous specialist in the "special operations" Otto Skorzeny in the middle of the war instructed to create a squad of pilots in 500 people to manage "flying disc" and manned rockets.

Nothing incredible no reports of gravity engines. Today scientists working in the field of alternative energy sources, known Converter Hans Koller, making the gravitational energy into electricity. These converters are used in the so-called the tachyon-tori (electromagnetoelastic district engines) "Tula" and "Andromeda", produced in Germany in the years 1942-1945 factories Siemens" and "AEG". Specifies that these converters were used as sources of energy not only to "flying disks", but on some giant (5000 tons) submarines and on underground bases.

The results were obtained by the scientists "Ahnenerbe" and other non-traditional fields of knowledge: in psi-Jetronic, parapsychology, use "thin" energies to manage individual and mass consciousness, etc., it is Considered that the captured documents relating metaphysical development of the Third Reich, have given new impetus to similar works in the USA and the USSR, until that time nedoocenili such studies or curtailed. Due to the extreme secrecy of information on the activities of the German secret societies today it is difficult to separate the facts from rumors and legends.

In search of the ancient magic knowledge "Ahnenerbe" organized expeditions to the most remote corners of the globe: in Tibet, South America, Antarctica... the Last special attention was paid...

This territory today is full of secrets and mysteries. Officially Antarctica was opened by the Russian expedition of F. F. Bellingshausen and M. P. Lazarev in 1820. However tireless archivists found an ancient map, which showed that about Antarctica knew long before this historic event. One of the maps prepared in 1513 Turkish Admiral Piri Reis, discovered in 1929. Surfaced and others: French geographer Orontius of Phineus from 1532, Philip Boise, dated 1737 year. Falsification?

But don't hurry... all of these cards very accurately depicted the outline of Antarctica, but... without ice cover. Moreover, on the map Boise perfectly visible Strait that divides the continent into two parts. And its presence is covered with ice installed the newest methods only in the last decade. We add that the international expedition, directed map Piri Reis, found it more precisely maps, drawn up in the XX century. Seismic survey has confirmed what no one could imagine: some mountains of the Queen Maud Land, which was considered still part of one of the array that was actually Islands, as it was stated on the old map. But where such information by the people who lived a few centuries before the opening of Antarctica?

And Flight, and Boise argued that in the preparation of maps used by the ancient Greek originals. After the discovery cards were put forward a variety of hypotheses about their origin. Most of them is that the original maps compiled some high civilization that existed at the time when the shores of Antarctica were not covered with ice, that is, until a global cataclysm.

It has been argued that Antarctica is the former Atlantis. One argument: the size of this legendary country (30000 x 20000 stages according to Plato, 1 stage - 185 meters) correspond roughly the size of Antarctica.

Naturally, the scientists "Ahnenerbe"which all over the world roamed in search of traces of the Atlantic civilization, could not pass by this hypothesis. The more that it is perfectly consistent with their philosophy, arguing, in particular, that at the poles of the planet are the entrances to huge cavity inside the earth. And Antarctica has become one of the main goals of the Nazi scientists.

The interest shown by the leaders of Germany before world war II to this distant and lifeless area of the world, a reasonable explanation then it is not found.

In 1938-1939, the Germans organized a two Antarctic expedition, in which pilots "Luftwaffe" is not just examined, but the metal banners with swastikas staked out a huge, the size of Germany, the territory of this continent-soon it got the name "New Swabia".

Then to the shores of Antarctica secretly went submarines. The famous writer and historian M. De-Bidenko reports that dealing with top-secret archives of the SS, he found documents indicating that the squadron of submarines during the expedition to the Queen Maud Land found the whole system of interconnected caves with warm air.

In 1943 Admiral Denia dropped mysterious phrase: "the German submarine fleet prides itself on the other side of the world created for the Fuhrer impregnable fortress". How?

It turns out that within five years the Germans held carefully hidden work on creation in Antarctica Nazi Severnoi base under the code name "Base-21G. According to witnesses, from the beginning of 1939 between Antarctica and Germany began regular flights a research vessel "Swabia". Bergman in the book "German flying saucers" claims that from this year and for several years in Antarcticdo constantly went tunnelling equipment and other equipment, including railway, trucks and huge cutters for tunneling. Apparently, were used for cargo delivery and submarines. Not only the ordinary.

Retired American Colonel Windel Steven reports; "Our investigation, where I worked at the end of the war, it was known that the Germans are building eight very large cargo submarines (not on them have been deployed converters Kohler?), and they were all launched, complete, and then disappeared without a trace. To this day remained unclear where they had gone. They are not on the ocean floor, they are not in any port, that we know of. It is a mystery, but it can be revealed by Australian documentary, which shows the large German cargo submarine in Antarctica, the ice, the crews are on the decks in anticipation stop at berth".

By the end of the war, says Steven, Germans had nine research enterprises, which were tested projects "flying disc": "Eight of these enterprises together with scientists and the key players were successfully evacuated from Germany. The ninth building blown up... We have private information that some of these research companies transported to a place called "New Swabia"... Today it can already be fair size complex. Maybe there are these great cargo submarine. We believe that in the Antarctic was transported at least one (or more) of the enterprise developing disks. They were evacuated to a secret underground facilities".

Well-known researchers of the Antarctic secrets of the Third Reich R. Vesco, Century Terziski, D. Childress argue that since 1942 with the help of submarines in Antarctica were deployed thousands of concentration camp prisoners (labour force), as well as prominent scientists, pilots and policy with families and members of the Hitler youth, the genetic Fund of future "pure" race.

In addition to the mysterious giant submarines, for these purposes were used at least a hundred serial class submarines "U", including top-secret connection "Convoy of the Fuhrer", composed of 35 submarines. In the end of the war in Kiel with these elite submarines took off all military equipment and loaded containers with some valuable cargo. The submarine was taken aboard also some mysterious passengers and a large amount of food. It is known about the fate of only two boats from the convoy. One of them, "U-530", under the command of the 25-year-old Otto Vermouth April 13, 1945 came from Kiel and delivered to Antarctica relics of the Third Reich and personal belongings of Hitler and passengers whose faces were concealed surgical dressings. The other, "U-977", under the command Hine-CA Scheffer later repeated this route, but what and whom she was carrying, unknown.

Both of these submarines in the summer of 1945 (10 July and August 17, respectively) entered one of the Latin American rivers, and this became known to the U.S. military, they blocked the river and captured by the Germans. In the interrogation they confessed to the existence of bases in Antarctica. Soon the famous Admiral Richard E. Byrd received an order to destroy the Nazi base in the "New Swabia".

Operation "High jump" was disguised as usual research expedition, and not all guessed that to the shores of Antarctica went powerful naval fleet. The aircraft carrier, 13 ships of various types, 25 aircraft and helicopters, more than four thousand people, six-month supply of products - these data speak for themselves.

It seemed that everything went according to plan: for the month was made 49 thousand photos. And suddenly something happened, what U.S. authorities are silent so far. on March 3, 1947 just launched an expedition turned, and ships quickly headed home. After a year in European journal "Brisant" surfaced some details. It was reported that the expedition was met with strong resistance of the enemy..Were lost at least 1 ship, dozens of people, 4 of combat aircraft, and another 9 aircraft had to leave as unusable. What happened can only guess. We do not have original documents, however, if you believe the press, ventured on memories crew members were talking about "vynarivka from under the water" and attacked them "flying disks", about the strange atmospheric phenomena that caused mental disorders. Journalists give you an extract from the report Byrd allegedly made at a secret meeting of the special: "the US needs to take protective action against enemy fighters performing flights from the polar regions. In the case of a new war America can attack the enemy with the ability to fly from one pole to the other with incredible speed!"

Almost ten years Admiral Byrd led the new polar expedition, in which mysteriously died. After his death appeared in print information, allegedly from the diary of Admiral.

It follows that during the expedition 1947 the plane on which he flew on reconnaissance, was forced to land a strange aircraft, "similar to the British helmets". The Admiral approached by a tall blue-eyed blonde, who in broken English handed an appeal to the American government with the demand to stop nuclear testing. Some sources claim that after this meeting between Nazi colony in Antarctica and the us government signed an agreement on the exchange of German advanced technology on American raw materials.
The Nazis used the secret knowledge of Atlantis
A number of researchers believe that the Nazi base in Antarctica and the canadian North exist and thrive in our time talking about the existence there of a whole underground city called "New Berlin" with a population of 2 million people. The main occupation of its inhabitants are genetic engineering and space travel, but direct evidence in favor of this version yet no one presented.

An indirect confirmation of the existence of the database is called a multiple of UFO sightings in the area of the South pole. Often seen hanging in the air "plates" and "cigars". And in 1976 Japanese researchers with the latest equipment were spotted at the same time nineteen round objects "dived" of * space on Antarctica and disappeared from the screens. All sent there expedition or disappeared without trace, or came back with nothing. Later some of the participants talked about tall people out from under ice, the tunnels leading to their cities, but no one believed. In Earth orbit discovered several satellites, an unknown entity owned.

In 1944, in the Arctic waters of Canada was sunk by German submarine of the same class "U", one of the surviving members of the crew later recalled that the aim of the expedition is shipping a secret cargo of mercury. The only version that is why it was necessary, - mercury is used in space research.

Another fact - some victims, abducted by aliens, under hypnosis recalled that humanoids led earthly people in the German military uniforms of WWII and spoke German. Weird memory for a person "crazy" aliens from outer space.

During the terrorist attacks of September 11, near to the skyscrapers in the air, according to the testimony of many witnesses, hung UFOs that appeared before the first plane crashed into a skyscraper. Do these little evidence?
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