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Истории тунгусского метеоритаAbout the village of Vanavara, located to the North of Krasnoyarsk, with a population of only about three thousand people, no one from outside could ever know, if not for the event, which brought him fame throughout the world.

Have a lot of time has passed since then, as the world was shaken by the news of the Tunguska meteorite, but scientists around the world continue to argue, to present new version of the event and to refute old. According to a quote from a famous movie, the truth is somewhere near. Although the meteorite, according to popular opinion, and not left himself no "references", such references are in the form of unexpected things with their legitimate owners or natural wonders, why can't find an explanation.

So, in Krasnodar discovered a mysterious artifact that was codenamed "the Holy Grail". The Cup was found in the area of the Tunguska meteorite, according to his keepers, has healing properties, and scientists say about extraterrestrial ratio of chemical elements that are included with this mysterious vessel. Information about the discovery shocked the world. Wrote about it in both domestic and foreign press, calling it "an ordinary glass", "greetings from the aliens. The owner of the "Grail" tirelessly repeats his story about how his great-grandfather, a nuclear physicist by education, brought this thing from an expedition to the estimated area of the Tunguska meteorite.

Pensioner sincerely believe that this is not a normal Cup, and with healing qualities and have a positive effect on the human body is subject. The first owner for many years put a Cup under the pillow at night and in the day drank the water from it. We have to admit that he lived really a lot - whole 103 years (it is not known, and indeed through the Cup, or for some other reasons) and all this time felt right to health is not complained and was active way of life, and dying gave valuable thing "inherited" his descendant.

Then the events developed even more interesting: the new owner is not so respectful of the Cup, and believed not in his features. For a long time the subject was kept somewhere in the bowels of the garage or basement. But one day the daughter of the new "owner" of the Cup was in a serious accident and received terrible injuries incompatible with life. On the assurances of the doctors was that even if a young girl will survive, for the rest of your life will remain disabled. However, hearing such a disappointing forecasts, the father of the girl immediately thought of the Cup and almost ordered told his daughter to drink any beverage, whether simple water or hot tea, only from the "Holy Grail". And in less than two months, as the girl rose to her feet, and she paid a visit to the doctor. It is difficult to explain, what was his amazement.

After this miraculous healing of the daughter, which was not otherwise than by a miracle, the man is seriously interested in a family heirloom and began to undertake attempts to reveal the secrets of this thing. He took the Cup at the forensic laboratory for research and received an unexpected conclusion.

According to experts, "the Holy Grail" by its chemical composition consists of: silicon 90,5%, and impurities - potassium, iron and Nickel, osmium, selenium, neodymium, cobalt. Chemical composition analysis was carried out using x-ray spectral analysis. In all probability, this subject (or sample) clearly extraterrestrial nature, the other is the ratio of the isotopes.

So read the official conclusion of the experts. Surprising, because this is one of the rare cases, when the "extraterrestrial" was documented statements.

In the area of the Tunguska catastrophe continue to occur and other unusual anomalies. For example, growing here forest, with unusual speed, and the number of mutations in the trees is very high. Moreover, the maximum number of mutations observed exactly where, according to scientists, was the epicenter of the explosion.

There is a version on this account, saying that the Tunguska meteorite explosion damaged the ozone layer of the planet and ultraviolet rays began to pass through the formed hole in the disaster area. These ultraviolet rays likely to cause mutations and other biological and ecological anomalies in this area.

As a result of the elemental and isotopic analysis of particles, of which, by all accounts, make up the meteorite, found increased the number of such elements as arsenic, zinc, selenium, bromine, silver, iodine and others Likely that these substances have accumulated in the soil and become a stimulant for rapid growth coniferous forests.

Interesting is a historical fact, telling about the resourcefulness of Soviet scientists. So, they took the opportunity to use the results of observation of forest and made a courageous attempt to make fertilizer composition is similar to that found in the region of the Tunguska meteorite. As a result of their expectations have been met, and the potato crop increased significantly, almost twice, and other biomass, and do dozens of times exceeded the number similar to raw new fertilizer areas of soil.

Unclear was the only one that actually does all this is directly related to the meteorite on the river Podkamennaya Tunguska. It may be that played a role cosmic dust, which is constantly being released into the atmosphere and serves as a stimulant for the life of the plant. By the way, cosmic dust was attributed have a lot of "merit," such as a variety of diseases of humans and animals, the reproduction of certain types of insect pests, yield increase or, on the contrary, the poor harvest. Add to this list the forest, in fact, special is not working.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the explosion at the Podkamennaya Tunguska river received the greatest resonance in the society and was the most memorable, however, he was not only not only for all history of existence of the Earth, but even in a specific period of time. For example, it is believed that all in the same summer of 1908, when the world was watching an amazing phenomenon in the form of bright nights in the earth's atmosphere penetrated another cosmic body, called the Aleutian a meteorite. In 1908 in the region of the Aleutian archipelago in the Earth's atmosphere dissipated another point of interest - Nickel-iron meteorite. It was 100 tasaciones "create" dust composition, which crumbled into tiny particles. This resulted in a huge cloud of space dust that flew across vast distances and dispersed into the atmosphere, settling on a large territory. Aleutian meteorite - the predecessor of the Tunguska meteorite, and probably not the only one.

Another sign of substances likely directly related to the Tunguska meteorite is iridium anomaly observed in the sediments. More precisely, such anomalies were few and they were observed in two different points of the planet.

Well-known scientist from America, researching samples of ice sheet in Antarctica, investigated and dust particles taken from deep ice layer. As a result, he was able to establish that iridium in these layers contain significantly more regulations and more than in the other ice layers. Because of this unexpected discovery as iridium is rare element on Earth, but just normal for the meteorite, he even managed to assume the scale of the Tungus "guest". In his opinion, the mass of the Tunguska meteorite was at least seven million tons, and the size of about a hundred and sixty meters.

Data of other researchers studying the layer of ice from the area of the South pole in the same year, testified that the high content of iridium's not there.

Another wave of interest to the Tunguska meteorite has swept the world after the provocative article, 1946, in which notable science fiction writer A. Kazantsev expressed his assumption on the issue. Hypothesis Kazantseva was the fact that this phenomenon is nothing like an explosion over the Tungus taiga alien spacecraft or aliens, if one so desires. Moreover, he drew an analogy between the Tunguska explosion and explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, noting the fact that in Hiroshima significantly less affected by the buildings, which were directly in the epicenter of the explosion, just as on the river Tunguska, where remained unharmed dead wood. But for that time it was too unexpected approach and an article as fact and the scientist who has criticized "the nines". It was unacceptable and frightening version, and to raise questions of this kind was not accepted, though not a secret that at the governmental level were held secret development of weapons against aliens and their existence as such, was not refuted and was not a secret "in high places".

However, experts vying started to say that it can't be called a statement of explosion in the air wrong, illiterate and ridiculous. Not surprising, because if recognized nuclear explosion, then nothing would have remained, as the Tunguska meteorite to recognize artificial. On this recognition, neither the government nor unprepared society simply could not go through this difficult time.

However, found little later unusual balls with tiny diameter and unusual structure, supporters version of the aliens instantly "identified" the remains of the hull space plates.

The modern version is much more diverse. For some of them, that the aliens have saved the Earth, preventing UDAR a powerful force which has not left anything living on Earth.

Thus, the question of the Tunguska meteorite has not been determined. There are many versions, but the picture of the mysterious, the most notorious of the phenomenon is still not studied. But there's still a lot of questions, the main of which: Protects anyone our Land, if the next time something like this happens". It seems that we are only at the very beginning of the path of knowledge amazing and incredible, and people should learn a lot of interesting.
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