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Если Сфинкс рассмеетсяIn late November 1986 in the paper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" published an article by Nikolai Bankovskogo and Savely Canicola "the Last riddle of the Sphinx"dedicated to the hypothesis of Anatoly Vasilyev. The researcher suggested that the famous pyramid of Cheops built quite differently, according to Herodotus (out of the hundreds of thousands of separate blocks), and represents, in essence, built on a rock.

Vasiliev has revolutionized the technology of construction, from which it followed that, in addition to the well-known galleries in the pyramid should be hidden tunnel. It can lead to the tomb of the Pharaoh and his treasures. Vasilyev was proposed to test his hypothesis and pointed out several points in the pyramid, the study which would confirm (or deny).. to Do it decided Nikolai Bandrowski, today, chief editor of the newspaper "Architecture", the honorary academician of the International Academy of energoinformation Sciences. Here is his story.

I was very lucky. Thanks to the support of the Egyptian side at a very high level, I was in the pyramid, not as a tourist, but as a researcher. Photographed, been there, where "mere mortals" up close and not be appropriate. Some assumptions Vasiliev was wrong. Some points proposed for testing was not available. Rebuttal? But that to a certain height (to determine exactly proved impossible) passages in the pyramid punched in the rock monolith of doubt cannot be. And most importantly, I got to see all those issues, which, according to Vasiliev, closes the entrance to a secret gallery. This is an amazing discovery! Why still not organized the expedition? A few years dedicating this issue, I realized that such attempts ineffective. Funny, but many have the opinion that the Egyptian pyramids stand in the desert. Dig yourself to health... Nothing like that! The pyramids are located on the outskirts of Cairo, in the residential area called Giza.

The Cheops pyramid is one of the wonders of the world - protected worse than our Mausoleum. And I have not the slightest doubt that the Egyptians know what and where it is. It would be strange to think that they just sit around waiting for smart Japanese, the Americans or the French will reveal their secrets! The pyramid is regularly renovated, restored, and Egyptian scientists know everything that is published on this topic in the world, all our hypotheses and fantasy. To obtain permission to conduct expedition whole problem. In the queue are dozens of world famous universities. I suspect that if an application includes something really could lead to a solution of the pyramid mysteries, the expedition will hardly take place. There are several reasons.

The first is the most simple: tourism is not the last article of the country's income, and pyramid - magnet for tourists. Especially as they kept their secrets. Agree: disemboweled Treasury, despite its antiquity, much less attractive.

Another less obvious. There are tales (not only in Egypt that the discovery of the mystery of the Sphinx and the pyramids is directly connected to... the end of the world. "When will be solved the last riddle of the Sphinx, he will rashoditsya and the world will cease to exist..." naturally, there is hardly a guy that will allow anyone to conduct in his own home so risky experiments.

There are also technical difficulties: the Egyptian scientists know very well how quickly into the dust of the most valuable finds, may be, except gold, if they are not inhibited. While it is too difficult. There should be, judging by the tales of Scheherazade, gizmos extremely curious: "silicon Board of wisdom, which recorded actions of the Magi", it would, of course, to see them. Anyway, it all belongs to Egypt. But the pyramid attractive not only for this. About the pyramid we know almost everything and anything.

The same version of Herodotus thousand units is not confirmed by science - strength of materials. Spread would such a project under its own weight. And the pyramid is the Millennium. How many thousands of years - four, five? But there is a version that at least ten, and that she survived world 'flood (to confirm)... And some modern scholars believe that it appeared sixty to seventy thousand years ago, in the times of Atlantis.

And the size of the pyramid? It does an amazing thing! Well, judge for yourself: is it not themselves first laziness, and accurately measure for it still can't. In literature there are several options of length of the perimeter. With the height is also a problem: it is known that the pyramid of Cheops no top, and measure the height, as a rule, from the place where they were supposed to come together ribs. And here in literature inconsistency, but the delicacy of the situation is that in General it is not known whether this pyramid the tip! In historical times, no one saw her, including Herodotus. (By the way, the researchers found that energoinformational features full truncated pyramid and different.

Full "lock" information truncated serves as its source. Is it because it is the pyramid of Cheops attracts so much attention? Drugata no worse than the...) Now, look now, the mathematical patterns... This is not all. There are in the pyramid (or rather, under it) a narrow hole, which ends in a dead end. There should be cherished secret entrance. Not only is there no one is allowed, and to get there you can only crawl. Now, according to various sources, the length of this dead-end track and varies from twelve to sixteen meters. Tell me, what should be measured, so that in the short to get such error?

But now it is time to talk about something else - about the accuracy of the information. It's hard to believe, but there seems to be no single book about the pyramids, where not contained factual errors. About the figures I have already said, and illustrations? Inverted cliche was right, was left, the proportions are broken, distorted perspective... one very good book to a very good article attached great scheme of internal cavities of the pyramid, which clearly indicated where the South and the North. But in the explanatory note to the scheme East side for some reason called the West, and one of the narrow manhole named as well. Trifles? But in the pyramid there is a well, and the place of its location is one of the keys to unlocking its secrets! Is it any wonder errors Anatoly Vasiliev, who studied the pyramid on the books and those who have not been in Egypt... And how many of these researchers, many theories did not take place only because the information is distorted.

All that is known about the pyramid, known for a long time. This is today, scientists invent it useful application, in order to justify its appearance, argue, whether it was a granary, Observatory or berth for UFOs, but one hundred years ago published books, where the pyramid is called the place of initiation - empowerment. We came to this conclusion themselves, on the basis of the information collected literally bit by bit. About these books, then, could only dream of. But Orthodox scientists with disgust belong to the mystical literature, because and failed for so many years nothing interesting to think.

New studies are not so many answers to questions, as set new.

Now, look, everybody knows already that the shape of the pyramid is interesting properties: it can razor sharpening, meat can be stored to not give you the tomatoes to grow, gaining unprecedented harvests. The big question is what happens in this case, the energy roam under a pyramidal roof. Recent studies have shown, for example, that at different heights within the pyramid impact is also different: from beneficial to killer.

Research of the last ten years - French, American, Japanese - using the latest devices showed the presence of unknown before cavities as in the pyramid, and below it is filled with sand with some unusual properties. Without going into details, I can say that, having understood its purpose, you can learn a lot about unexpected knowledge and capabilities of ancient builders.

Discovered that the pyramid contributes to the so-called modified States of consciousness, such as trance phenomena of clairvoyance and "enlightenment". Anyway, I was convinced that in the great pyramid to be very hard for a long time. Four hours later "forever" I was literally squeezed, devastated and then long came to himself. Interestingly, not only I felt it: new batteries in the flash sat with extraordinary speed. I've been blaming brakodel, but later people from one "private" Institute explained to me that it had to be" Institute this, incidentally, was engaged, in particular, studies "cult constructions as a means of deep space communication". Nothing, right?

Now, since the very ancient times pyramids served as priests place and a tool for empowerment of the transition to a new understanding of the world. Initiation had several stages, each of which was opened by the seeker of new aspects of life. The world is multi-dimensional, the ancient Egyptians knew it and knew how to use. However, and now in Egypt come some sects, meditate in the chambers of the pyramid and tell that charged extraordinary energy... In our "materialistic" power relation to the pyramids was pragmatic. Alexei Shchusev, engineering Mausoleum, sang his classic pyramid canons. Mystical stuffing - the mummy of Lenin. Collective "meditation" on the Mausoleum and around... But that's another story.
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