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Вторая Луна — предвестница и причина Великого ПотопаMyths of some peoples, which tells about the great flood, sometimes casual and hints, and sometimes plain text claim that before in earth's sky was no Moon. One of the most well-known facts of this kind is spread in the Ancient Greek legend about the "Dolynych" the residents of Arcadia.

Greeks called Arcadia Central part of the Greek Peninsula Peloponnese. In the days following the completion of the legendary Trojan war, almost the entire territory of southern Greece was conquered came from the North by the people of the Dorians. The indigenous inhabitants of the Peloponnese were able to preserve the independence of their lands and cities only in Arcadia. That's just Arkadiev and called late antique authors "antiquated" and "dannymi" ("proselyte"). Wrote about it, in particular, a famous historian of the Ancient World, as Plutarch, who lived in 1-2 centuries of our era.

Long before Plutarch, in the 5th century BC, astronomer, mathematician and philosopher Anaxagoras, based on that failed to reach up to us sources, also claimed that before the flood moon in our sky was not. The same was written already in the 3rd century BC, Apollonius of Rhodes, which occupied a very important "scientific and administrative" the chief inspector of the famous library of Alexandria. As is known, did not get through the vast majority stored books, scrolls and papyri. "Tried" in its time, and Christians, and Muslims. Obviously, Apollonius was based on stored in the library reports of the ancient authors, mostly forever lost to science.

Famous tales of the South African Bushmen, which describe the appearance of the moon. According to their legend, the first Moon was hot and hot, like the Sun. And then gradually cooled. About the meeting of the Sun with the Moon tell myths tribes living in the lower reaches of the Congo. Initially, the Moon was as bright as the moon, but then the Sun "threw her mud, making light of the month was more dull. The legend says that the flood happened during this meeting of the two heavenly phone

In the ancient Chronicles Maya describes a time when the sky instead of the moon lights Venus. About Venus in connection with the flood mentions and Virgil. He writes that, according to ancient sources (as usual, have not survived), in the days of the flood happened change the color and size of Venus. Perhaps you have in mind not the Venus?

In some myths says that during the flood in the sky simultaneously was two moons! This point is very interesting for the following reason. Geologists say that the lunar tides existed millions of years ago. But perhaps the source of these tides was not the Moon, and some other satellite? It is possible that the Moon is just "hit" him from its orbit? It is appropriate here to recall the myth of Phaeton and other similar legends of other Nations.

At first glance, the hypothesis about the appearance of the moon in our sky in almost historic times (in the memory of mankind) looks fantastic. However, what versions of the origin of Earth satellite adopted today in the scientific community and is there a generally accepted theory?

It turns out that the situation is far from idyllic. So, quite a long time "seriously" was considered such a hypothesis, as the "separation" of the moon from the Earth resulting from the centrifugal force. Today, fans of this version is less and less, although even such ideas that the Moon - is the former core of the Earth.

Another fairly common in the last version: the moon and the Earth was formed from a single dust cloud around 4.5 billion years ago. Like this hypothesis almost buried, but today it was back quite dear astrophysics and geochemists. Apparently, other theories seem even less likely. As for simultaneous origin of two celestial bodies - there are counter-arguments too short.

First, this theory ill accords with the current orbit of the satellite. Secondly, it is unclear why the moon's chemical composition is so different about the earth. Because in parallel to the formation of two bodies from one cloud their composition should be almost identical. And here we should remember about the version of a possible push the old satellite from orbit "aliens" - the Moon. Indeed, in this case with the chemical composition all right, "useles" flies itself somewhere in the Kuiper belt, or the Oort cloud (or, alternatively - actually fell on the Sun and burnt Chaise).

The theory about the possible seizure of the moon, the earth's gravity is not some anti-scientific. At the time it was proposed and defended quite distinguished astronomers. Today, many experts admit this version is unlikely due to some problems with the ballistics. However, the funny thing is this the most widespread and does exotic hypothesis! Quite a lot of astrophysicists are inclined to believe that the Moon has arisen as a result of hitting the Ground of some other heavenly body size so about Mars! Honestly, after the word about low probability "capture" of the moon may cause only a smile.

Now, let us imagine a picture. On our sky rotates satellite ("Venus" - from the famous Mayan and Virgil, "Phaeton" - from the Greek myths). At this time the Earth is the Moon. His inclination she "is a bit" old satellite from orbit, and she is captured by the Earth gravity, gets "taken prisoner". The Phaeton is deleted (perhaps explodes, probably falls in the Sun, burning with). The result on Earth cataclysms: rise of a huge tidal wave-a tsunami, massively Wake volcanoes, go to the bottom of the large land areas and archipelagos, in other places, on the contrary, there are new island.

Possibly together with the Moon to us fly her small satellites (for example such as Deimos and Phobos, Mars) or the trail of ice, dust and stones (meteorites). This whole "space debris" falls to the Ground, causing more explosions and destruction. Remember: many myths mention that during the flood in addition to water raged and the element of fire (often heaven).

When did it all happen? And why not accurate geological evidence to substantiate such a cataclysm, accompanied by massive change in the coastline?

It turns out that the evidence is quite possibly exist! Just no one paid attention to them from this point of view. Digress for a moment and refer to "our everything" - not to Pushkin, of course, and Plato. If you remember, the Greek philosopher, wrote that the Egyptians told Solon about the sunken "9,000 years ago" Atlantis. Add to the days of salt 9000 get about 11600 - 11700 years ago. Namely, in those days began the period of the Holocene!

The Holocene was marked by a strong warming. Melted ice, the ocean level rose to 35 metres. Some parts of land, on the contrary, much up when they stopped to push the millennial glaciers. Why not to assume, that on this background the changes caused described cataclysm, just "lost"?

There is one more interesting geological "point in time", separated from the Holocene for a couple thousand years. Note that similar date too often operates in the works of different "atlantaga". About 12 thousand years BC or 14 thousand years ago there was a so-called "allerede warming". It was then melted significant part of the ice. Now that is interesting. Geologists claim that warming was very sharp. Calls different terms: for decades or even years!

Frankly, it is difficult to imagine that the warming of a few degrees with a simultaneous change of natural zones could be "just so", itself. Suppose now that the huge waves, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions split and partially melted the ice cap in the Arctic region. And, if we add a few giant meteorites that fell directly on the ice dome, causing a large explosion and almost instant vaporization of the vast mass of ice and water.... In this case, the warming is as would not surprise.

The only weak spot in such a theory is just information, myths and legends. After all, if the Moon appeared in the memory of mankind, and at the same time with the "great flood" - have to tell about this tradition of almost all Nations of the Earth. But here we have a reasonable objection.

After all 14 thousand years is very, very much. Most likely, from those times and stories no almost gone. The legends of the great flood was constantly "fueled" by other flood smaller, but to the moon people quickly accustomed and subsequently often even presuppose themselves couldn that it was not. Especially if the Orb of night not just appeared suddenly, and was replaced by our skies of its predecessor.

"The antiquity, middle ages, new time", reprint 1904
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