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onua.org » Video » Mysterious Russiano. Guests from neighboring planetary 28.10.2012
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Unidentified flying objects, ships of extraterrestrial civilizations -- That it was a spoof or the truth? Crew "Mysterious Russia" toured several dozen regions of our country and have built up a unique database of testimony, artifacts, video and photo documents. And found:aliens sushestvujut the next release of the project: pilots, military, physicists and historians - the most candid stories that were always considered to be incredible!

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You are reading news Таинственная Россия.НЛО. Гости с соседней планеты.Эфир 28.10.2012 if You liked the article Таинственная Россия.НЛО. Гости с соседней планеты.Эфир 28.10.2012, prokomentiruet her.
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