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Загадки и тайны Карелии - НЛО над ЧалнойKarelia is in General a kind of reserve any kind of anomalous phenomena. We can confidently say that we have, perhaps, not a single settlement that never were "visited" would UFO. Appeared "cosmic guests" in the summer of 1990 and in the village chalny, 15 km from Petrozavodsk. And appeared as timidly, deep in the night, suddenly appearing and as suddenly disappearing, nobody, however, not disturbing, except for a few casual observers, bodrstvovaniya at such later time.

On this lake canince most often see UFO

It all started with the observation of several star-like objects that suddenly appeared in the direction of the airport Besovets airport. They were a fairly large luminous education, perfectly looming in the background of the bright sky. Objects silently moved through various trajectories, and at some point one of them made the bright light beam directed towards the earth and covered the tops of the trees. It is interesting to note the distinction that "beam": he seemed dense and with internal structure", for while spreading several times "broke" (changed the trajectory of its movement from different angles). This is, incidentally, one of the most puzzling features of "rays"emitted by a UFO. Counterparts this observation there is enough you could make certain conclusions.

First, the "rays", sometimes emitted UFOs are not a ray of light in the usual sense of the word. Unknown nature and the mechanism of their formation, but often they were used UFO to commit a specific job, such as a variety of mechanical work (moving, pulling items, providing a paralyzing impact on the living, including on human rights and so on). "Rays" are also extremely specific properties: they slowly spread, are definitely uniform brightness and very often a clearly defined path. Naturally arises assumption about the possibility of intelligent, purposeful influence of such "rays".

Second, the observed objects in the airport area had a whole set of characteristics that do not allow to explain them from the point of view of natural formations, or a result of technological activities of the person.

It seems that eyewitnesses had the opportunity to watch UFO performing some only to them driven task. Unfortunately, UFO quickly disappeared (as would dissolve in the air), leaving observers in a state of confusion and unsatisfied curiosity.

A few days later, already in the side of village of Panozero, located a few kilometres from Chalny, was observed large UFO original form. A curious feature of this survey (and absolutely typical of UFO sightings in General) - separation from "cigars" is much smaller spherical objects, and then again their connection with "main", after which the object was moving slowly away, until she disappeared.

Another day later, came, apparently, culminating event in the entire series of UFO sightings in the area.

Around two in the morning Anna N. (the name is not called at the request of the informant), resident of the village instructing their pupils in these, returned from a night shift and before going to bed, put on stove makers. Around there was silence, when suddenly it seemed as if she hears strange aggressive sounds. The woman went to the window and saw far off among the trees of the man, moving some of the "inhuman" gait. First, Anna did not attach any importance (and even away from the window), but then she was interested. Coming again to the window, she considered strange humanoid creature, rather vaguely reminiscent of the person: a growth of about 2.5 metres with chest about two meters and a little girl, not more than 15 cm in diameter, head, "planted" on the shoulders without any hint of his neck.

Legs of this giant was a match for him - such as huge and thick, and the hand firmly pressed to the sides. Moved this "creature", heavy rolling from side to side, making each step of the very aggressive sounds, which attracted the attention of Anna.

His clothing was like a suit of a "diver" and tight around my whole body; on his head was crown, which constituted one with everything "suit" "stranger".

It is interesting to note that the right hand of the stranger was pressed to the side of strange illuminated rectangular object shaped like a book the size of more than half a meter. On the appointment of this subject could only guess.

"The stranger" was fairly broad steps parallel to the house, in which there was Anna, gradually leaving. In order not to lose sight of him, Anna moved to another window, but a strange creature disappeared, as not tried the woman to see him again - it was all in vain. "Alien" is gone.

Was over and UFO sightings. And how not looked people in the sky, hoping to meet again look with a mysterious visitors, but... "the heavens were silent".

What was the reason for such a mass invasion of UFOs in such a short period of time in the small village of Karelia?

Yes! UFOs do not get tired to ask riddles. It is a pity that with them is not offered earthlings any "key"that would help to open the knot of problems and issues associated with this extraordinary phenomenon.
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