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Британские секретные материалы: НЛО летает на Землю, чтобы отдохнутьAccording to declassified records, UFOs have come to Earth in the ravel" or "scientific" purposes.

The national archives of the UK published a large portion of secret materials related to UFOs. Now everyone can read 6700 pages of documents that were hidden from prying eyes: government reports, letters ufologists, the details of observation of aliens on the planet.

"Now on the basis of some of the reports and documents from the meetings we have an idea of what was going through the Bureau UFO every day and how its officers have used logic and scientific knowledge, trying to explain "unexplained", said Dr David Clarke, a scientist from the University of Sheffield. For example, among other things, it became known that extraterrestrial civilizations in the United Kingdom was interested in at the highest level, and former Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1998, even convened a meeting on UFOs. In paved the archive also contains many documents concerning the purpose of visiting of the Earth by aliens.

So, the question why the aliens visit "minor planet rotating around uninteresting stars", asked another session of the House of lords in 1979. And in the message "alien scout" with the meeting of the government in 1995 stated that the potential visits of aliens may be committed with the aim "military intelligence" or "scientific" or "tourist" purposes. That is why for UFO "should be a priority monitored", the report says. Thus the scout still noted that while the aliens do not show "hostile intentions". An unknown officer also said that if the "take existing reports at face value", extraterrestrial aircraft have a "very wide speed range, and quite imperceptible".

"We could use this technology, if it exists" - he said. However, "alien scout" felt it necessary to say, that "talks with the little green men every night".
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