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Древние всадники пронеслись в виде смерчаon June 27 of this year, residents of the village sottintsy Ust-Aldan (Yakutia) observed a mysterious phenomenon: during a thunderstorm came a few mini-tornadoes, within which one could see the silhouettes of two dozen riders, each holding an ancient weapon... The same allegedly was repeated the next day, however, this time riders were only three...

One of the witnesses, a month Sasha Pavlov, recalls: " my friend, as usual, was walking through the village. At first I did not notice how the sky was enveloped in a thick dark clouds. The strong wind arose and began to drive dust. Then I corner of my eye saw the impending tornado, inside of which there were some dark figures. My friend looked closer and realized that these figures are the outlines of people on horses. There were about twenty.

If they were moving in turn. We watched him for some time, until the tornado was hidden in the store "Uygulan of alias". We ran and told all the cousin of a friend. She was frightened, and we all ran home. The house grandmother said that it is a sign of something bad. I don't know what to think...And today, about three o'clock in the day, I again saw this phenomenon. This time the tornado was small, and the horsemen was two or three.- I stood outside the shop, " says another resident of the village, Alla Mestnikova.

- The wind came and picked up the dust all around became brown. Next were boys, they pointed me to a tornado that I saw two shadows. Looking closely, you can see that they are people, riding on horseback... No beliefs and predictions on this account do not know, so I don't know how to react.

Versions, which explain the strange phenomenon that sparkle from unusual optical effects until horsemen of the Apocalypse, promised in the Bible...And meanwhile, the so-called "Ghost battles" often have taken place in the past. So, 492 year B.C. near Marathon was a battle between the Greeks and Turks. For several years after that on the field appeared vision ended the fight.

23 October 1643 in England, near Arghilla the battle took place between the forces of Oliver Cromwell and supporters of the king. In the battle killed more than 5 thousand people. A month later the fight was repeated at the same place in the form of a Mirage. Eyewitnesses learned even bodiless phantom Prince Rupert, who at that time was still alive. In the XVIII century in the English town of Gavar Park near Ripley several people saw the body of the soldier. Hundreds of people were dressed in white uniforms and marched. Soon the vision disappeared...

In the early NINETEENTH century a similar phenomenon took place in Westphalia. Eyewitnesses was about thirty people. A few years later at the same place was held a military parade, which was attended by about 20 thousand soldiers. So I decided that this phenomenon is a case of mass foresight.

However, most of these phenomena are connected with forthcoming cataclysms. So, a monk of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Nestor the chronicler has collected many testimonies about heavenly signs of the past over the Holy Jerusalem. He writes about the riders in Golden clothes above the walls of the city on the eve of the occupation of the Syrian king Antiochus...

Many similar phenomena was observed before the great Patriotic war and during it. So, the day before the start of the war in one place people saw the image of the weeping virgin. And during the battle of Kursk Russian soldiers allegedly the mother of God was pointing his hand at the West, as if predicting the victory over the enemy...

That's memories Century A. Ushakova from the city of Prokopevsk of the Kemerovo area: "In childhood, before the great Patriotic war I saw "battle in heaven". In the evening, at 10 o'clock, we went with my aunt out of the bath. I looked up at the sky and cried out in fright. There were cutting each other with swords riders on the giant horses. A terrible battle took place in complete silence and as if in slow motion.

Aunt looked up, only stronger squeezed my hand and quickened his pace. At night I could not sleep, I again went outside, but the sky was clear. We shall never seen anything like it!" what showed up today Ghost riders in Yakutia? One can only guess... Although it is possible that this is just a game of nature, which finished human imagination...

Margarita Trinity
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