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Тони Блэр интересовался НЛОIn 1998, the then British Prime Minister held a meeting on extraterrestrial civilizations, as it became known from declassified materials of the National archives. Just published more than 6 thousand pages on this fact, and many others related to UFOs. Leading BBC Seva Novgorodtsev discussed the situation with the leading Anna Kazakova.

- You have been interested in this topic, promulgated new documents are not studied yet?

- These documents to study in detail makes no sense, because it will be about the same. The fact that the Ministry of defense, responsible for monitoring these events, has allocated a small room on the last floor under the loft, where he sat, in my opinion, at the apex of this activity people, seven or eight. The activities of this was gradually reduced, then the left one person and removed everything. Because the Ministry of defense could technically only to monitor events and to register them. To do the analysis or attempt to decipher, I believe, seriously, no one tried. As for Tony Blair, his predecessor - Winston Churchill when he brought irrefutable evidence of this activity, imposed on it the veto, said that such phenomena may offend religious feelings too many people, so it's best not to talk about this.

- How seriously you can treat the evidence of the UFO sightings collected by the Ministry of defence?

- It all began seriously somewhere in 1945, when they appeared around American fighters. Then was in 1947 Roswell, jammed and zapoljarny 30 years. I think Americans are very seriously the matter concerned and after Roswell, according to astronaut Edgar Mitchell, astronaut, was created by the American management security, which included 12 people with secrecy level above that of the President. So Americans are very seriously it was treated and prevented the diversion of questions is no. But the military, faced with this phenomenon, in particular, were de-energized two or three base nearby ballistic missiles, and now retired, before passing away don't want to carry with us the secrets. And a lot now there are press-conferences, where these old people without emotions, without any poems or exaggerated talk as if filling the log book, what happened to them, when, in the hour that they were watching.

- In the defense Ministry are not serious about all this evidence? Given a room in the attic, you said yourself. Or something in society changing?

- The fact that we do not know, what are these UFOs. But on the tactical and technical data, they're with the order or several orders of magnitude beyond what a man has, and so it makes no sense to investigate this. This is so far beyond our ability and understanding. While in America, some articles appeared, where people were trying to figure out how all these flying saucers completely neglected the law of gravity.

- And the current British government as relates to this? Going to allocate money for the continuation of studies or not?

- No, all programs stopped, because it is not of interest, as it turned out, for the security of the country. But mostly psychosis 1940-50, appeared due to the fact that thought may be, secret Soviet weapon. But now that "the cold war" ended, and when it is clear that no one who will not suddenly attacked from behind the corner, this program, so to speak, turned. There were persistent rumors, many very books that describes what the Americans were doing all these years of reverse engineering. So, you tried to pieces of metal obtained in different places, some way to determine the technology of their production. But, in my opinion, until they succeeded.

- By the way, a couple of years ago, it was reported that in the UN, a special Department for contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations. Later, however, denied this at the UN. But, the question remains. And Western countries seriously consider the possibility of contact.

- There is a program which is already more than 40 years. People sent Cup in space, send some signals. Sitting, waiting for a response. But it is naive, of course, the assumption that everything will happen in our language, in our frequencies, and in our conditions. The thing is that in the Bible and in the Scripture ancient Egyptians these UFO already described countless times. So all this is in parallel with us. And we role of this phenomenon are not completely understood. Perhaps it is more than we can understand.
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