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Империя ОрионаMany of the literature on esoterics, UFOs, extraterrestrial civilizations created residents of Orion very negative reputation. In the books it is because they participated in many conflicts and destructive wars with other representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence of our Universe.

Other esoteric sources report that gray that for the last thirty years, probably more than any other contact with people using them for their experiments, live in the system of the star Zeta constellation Network, not too far from the constellation of Orion. Although there is evidence that many representatives of civilization gray centuries came to the Earth, manipulating human societies, it is considered that the representatives of the civilization of Jety are active on our planet only in the last forty years and that they have agreements with a secret government in the United States and possibly other States. Obviously, the genetically zmiany closer to insects than reptiles (what we talked about above). In gray almost navernyaka has a clear internal hierarchy;

the majority of gray is at the service of race reptiles, or lizards. The vast majority of gray United in the so-called Empire of Orion. Pangolins were members of the so-called Federation of reptoides constellation of the Dragon. The Orion Empire and the Federation of reptoides Dragon worked closely together and with other regressive extraterrestrial civilizations are trying to conquer and to conquer some of the planets in the Universe, among them - our Earth.

Many residents of Jety Network and some beings from the constellation of Orion using karmic intervention has gained a great body. We met people who remember or at least feel a kinship with Orion (and even with civilization gray}; these individuals differ highly developed spiritual awareness and few of them understand, why he is on Earth.

Low caste gray obey "captains” -the same gray, but higher growth (seven or eight feet). It is tall gray perform various "diplomatic” features such as conducting secret negotiations with shadow governments of some States of our planet.

As a community, gray differ quite weak genetics. It is known that most of them have been deprived of reproductive organs and therefore is unable to androgynous way of reproduction of life. The creation of their kind in gray occurs mainly in laboratory conditions using the cloning process. However, during its existence gray significantly weakened our gene pool, primarily as a result of nuclear war and the failure of genetic experiments, the destructive influence of thousands and millions of children cloning, and many other factors, about which we do not even suspect.

To learn more about the causes of recourse gray in genetic and other spheres will help us analyze their metaphysical and spiritual development. We have already noted that gray often demonstrate incredible metaphysical abilities - such as penetration through walls or telepathy; however, the question remains whether these abilities result of the natural evolution of species, or the consequence of using unknown high technologies.

Valerian claims that many gray, who somehow come into contact with people, like their owners-the dinosaurs exist outside the usual for earthlings three-dimensional coordinate system. What we call "dimensions”, in the metaphysical literature often referred to as "density”. People usually contact the gray that live in the fourth and fifth density level. In the beings of the fifth level density not his physical body, but those who belong to the fourth level (especially being "lower fourth level of density”), may present to a person as being the third level of density. In other words, gray, which belong to the fourth level of density that could move from his native level in the third...

Repeat once again: in the opinion of Valerian, five-dimensional dinosaurs does not exist, because at this level the physical body is missing. The diversity of four-dimensional life forms is explained by the formation occurring in the fifth dimension - where are the main star portals (Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, and so on) and is inhabited by beings of light.

And again, gray being the fourth level of density assist a person in the understanding and awareness of the fourth dimension (the astral plane). Some of the messages given by channeling state that the Internet is an example of technology transfer from a third dimension in the fourth.

Existing on Earth esoteric sources and mystical traditions suggest that for the full development of his spiritual potential of humanity, you must create a society based on love and compassion for their fellow creatures, and in General the entire Universe, and the love and compassion must also be extended to gray, which (as we have seen) are a bunch of pathetic endangered species, anastusik their physical form emotions with the help of genetic engineering. Naturally, this does not mean that we have to put up with their devilish attitude to us as not mean that we bear all the responsibility for the salvation of gray from their poor physical and spiritual condition. But on a spiritual level regressing these forms of extraterrestrial intelligence can really speed up our own evolution in the direction to the light and away from the darkness that present themselves malevolent aliens, and related secret government on Earth!

For all of us is really important not indulging in this duality, and to understand it. We must grow and gain strength as equal in mind; we humans are flawed views - just our spirit is able to incarnate into the dense physical reality. All spirits are equal, but the various manifestations of spirits differ depending on the forms taken by them.

11: 11 and Solar

Another link connection with the Orion is Solara - a wonderful woman, who initiated the Activation held at 11 hours 11 minutes on 11 January 1992. I think she has done a huge organizational work in the name of those who needed healing from his role as the victim back to the constellation of Orion - like speaks of Solar, to EL-EN-RA (the stars Mintek, al-Neelam and al-Nitac).

EN is the integration aspect of duality inherent star portals. People who attended the contact at 11: 11, refers to those who needed integration of their bodies fourth and fifth dimensions; some of the guests contact helped to remember about the purpose of their current incarnation. Subsequently, it has helped many awakened "star seeds” amplify the vibrations of the entire mass consciousness, rejecting it in their memories.

Many of the projects carried out from the beginning of the 90-ies to this day, became possible due to the preparation of that memorable contact 11: 11 - especially grateful to those angelic "star seeds”, who were able to get rid of his deep feelings of guilt and self-condemnation.

Sirianni talk about "time capsules”

We welcome you all! Your invitation to be here together with your energy is a great honor for us. We are very grateful. Together we will be able to spend time with benefit. Our energy you can simply called the "sirianni”. We know that humans love to give everything and all names, so here's an appropriate name. Will try, however, to be not too "sinyanskii” for you. First, let us define the rules of conversation this evening. We know that your system time we can't say much. Still restricts us, but we will try to understand the linearity of this evening and to satisfy your curiosity. So here's the plan for this small period of time: 1. We will talk about "alien visits”. I hope that we will be able to give you enough broadened notion of "visit”. 2. Next we will talk about what we call "time capsule”that exist within the energy body. Currently, due to the increase of the energy density in your world "time capsules start. When we're finished with all this, can be, will be time to answer questions.

In your world is worn quite a lot of information about "visits of aliens” - Silantev, Pleiadians and other celebrities. We would like to talk to you about this. Unfortunately, this information is, going through different dimensions to you, has to triggersarousal (from the word "three-dimensional”), which can lead to distortions, isn't it? In his triggersarousal view you have on Earth, it may not be entirely true understood. So, we want a few more to explain to you the essence of this concept.

Your idea is that one day (which was waiting for thousands of years) on your planet must land a spacecraft. Of the ship will be representatives of extraterrestrial intellect and... then everything will be in order. Everything will be even happier than before. On this occasion, many of you in advance pulled their rocking chairs somewhere in the garden, behind the bushes, and rocking out there in anticipation of the performance. All eagerly ask each other: "When this day will come?”

Understand this: the idea of a fixed date of arrival - the fruit of trimerization. No matter how wonderful or beforehand about the date, they reflect the idea of the linear distribution of the information; in fact, this is the meaning of trimerization. This approach leaves no room for continued expansion ideas, not to mention the impossibility of the existence in such conditions multidimensional ideas.

As for time and date, then you best not to engage in questions, but simply to live, to live a full life, going his own way of disclosure and the revival, because it is this way and can accelerate "visit”.

There will never be such: the whole Earth is sitting idly by and waiting, then sits down alien ship and all live happily ever after. No. Exactly will happen some indignation, the transition from trimerization to chetyrehlistnyj. Here is how everything will happen:

People on Earth (not necessarily all mankind is quite a small group) will begin the process of personal growth, improvement and spiritual revival; they will travel in multidimensional spaces, using the Mercaba or other forms of time-space extension. In doing so, people will open their minds. Their experience they will do a hole in the thick texture of your threads paradigm, according to which in hibernation humanity exists inside a giant galactic cycle. Some of you have already heard about the Yuga - the cycles of development, through which the Galaxy. Now you just go from one cycle of hibernation, turning to Wake cycle.

When you are in the cycle of hibernation, the fabric of your mass consciousness tightly woven like a piece of coarse cloth. New ideas are very difficult to Wade through this dense, impenetrable fabric, and it guarantees you good, restful sleep during the whole cycle. However, you should exit the loop sleep and go to the cycle of revival, as plexus fibres weakened, becoming more transparent. Now through this fabric can already reach the light, thought and consciousness. In tissue appears more and more holes, so in the end it's like not to the canvas, and Swiss cheese. That's when you begin to experience the so-called paradigm shift. Once this shift occurs, the fabric of reality changed, and the fact that until recently was invisible, now becomes visible.

Waking up, you will be able to personally see the space "aliens” and to communicate with them openly. Then you will see what "aliens” during all this time were on your planet. And now the threads of your paradigm woven into such a dense fabric that you don't see anything through it. What bright light was directed at you from the other side of the fabric, you are not able to see distinctly. When the fabric will become more rare and transparent, you will be able to navigate their way through it and see what is always behind it. This is chetyrehlistnyj. To it it is necessary to strive. It will be achieved only by joint efforts of all of you.

This explains the vital importance of each of you, and those gifts that you must bring your planet, to each other and to himself. Every hole made one of you in this dense fabric, becomes one more tear in impassable paradigm. Each of you is responsible for the creation of these gaps. Nobody will do it for you.

These considerations lead us to the understanding of the reasons, as throughout history mankind has shrunk due to three-dimensional perception. At the time of your existence was a lot of visits of aliens on Earth. Your memory about these visits are reflected in many ancient Chronicles. Many ancient peoples worshiped (ie triggersarousal) these aliens, considering them "better”, "stronger”, "oduhotvorennyi” itself. This man was developing the idea further branch, or individualization, and the idea of a Savior who will save you from all problems. In the end, no one, absolutely no one can save you from yourself. We all located in other realities, with pleasure will render you assistance and support - but we'll never do the work for you. We will never allow ourselves to disgrace you, depriving humanity the opportunity to learn these important lessons.

Information about these (very painful) lessons kept by you, the Earthmen, very deep inside, at the cellular level of the memory of ancient contacts to aliens. That's why embedded in the mass consciousness the idea of landing alien ship and open contact with aliens fills you with the underlying fear and awe. Your ancient cellular memory remembers the fact that in ancient times have you already experienced the pain of separation and isolation when we left and were not able to help you (although sometimes you were able to experience the joy of salvation, when some of us came to Earth and sticking their nose is not in his business).

We were silent for so long that you have started to get used to the idea of self for strength to you that the key to all your needs within your own being. You must not look for us, that we have done something instead of you. We can encourage and support, but we are not going to do anything for you. This old cycle of hibernation, trimerization, was a period of deification. It was a cycle, during which God, as it seemed, was outside you. This belief was an illusion, an old tradition of the old thinking. Now, when you start to do more tears in dense fabric of your paradigm, it is impossible to be committed to such thinking. Now you discover the idea of All, the idea of interconnectedness of All things.

Those wonderful beings with whom you communicate all over the world by means of channeling - they exist within you. They live not outside, but are part of you. Lives in you their wisdom, despite the fact that they just reflect what you know at the moment. This is why over time (soon, during the period of your life) we'll be back to help you. Made mass consciousness selection indicates that you will never have to go the path of deification, and in the end we'll meet as equals. But before that day come, "visits” with landings, as you still had fancied them, will not. We are no longer going to develop the idea that you are separated from us, and that we are more intelligent and educated than you, that's all wrong.

So, our conversation went to the other topic that we would like to discuss. In ancient times the existence of your planet, when it just happened experiment on genetic modeling Homo Sapiens, between different groups of extraterrestrial intellect was tense political struggle. We certainly are ready to admit that at the time were, and are now in the process of learning and development. We also come in a variety of conflicts. Sirianni as civilization in my heart always considered themselves to be your protectors. We fought for you (sometimes openly, sometimes secretly). While doing the experiment in genetic engineering, we knew that many other groups of aliens have designs on you, strive to make their "improvements” in person, use it for their own needs. And we allowed ourselves a little to interfere with their plans (speaking diplomatic language).

Around the body there are many different energy fields. Some of you know about tetrahedral fields, forming the Merkaba*.

See: Bob Frissell. This book is not a word of truth, but that's exactly what happens. Kiev, "Sofia”, 1997.

We decided to implant inside some tetrahedral fields of energy and essential level, several, as we call them, "time capsules”. These "capsules contain your galactic memory, the history of your world, the history of your origin. In General, this holographic information that you should remember in order to fully feel your entity to which you seek.

It never disappeared from you. To think that it is a mystery, is wrong. "Time capsules” was used in your views in such a way as to ensure the release of information only when your earthly and galactic consciousness will arise a certain level of vibration. Of course, to be released this information will not immediately, but gradually. Receive it, if you will, in a sense, headache, but it will be released in such portions that you are able to assimilate.

You heard a lot about the photon energy. Different people call it differently; but, as you would call it, now this strong energy begins to flow into your world. This strong energy begins to gradually open your "time capsules” - in principle, the process of releasing information has already begun.

First open "time capsule”, which was implanted in the star tetrahedral field of the mental body. She is the first. That's all that we can inform you about this. Now we are not going to tell you how to speed up its opening, because if you force will accelerate this process, "time capsule” does not fulfill its purpose. Everything will happen naturally as much time as you will resonate with increased energy, and not to oppose it. Later we will tell you about other "time capsules”, implanted in other fields around the body, and now I work with the first. In the near future we will talk with you about "code” to open this "capsule”.

Now that you know about it, those of you who want to become a pioneer its development, can make some experiments in parallel with the meditation the Mercaba. Leave in star tetrahedral field, men's tetrahedral field and try to find "capsule”. Some will succeed, others will be able to simply feel. To do with it doesn't need anything - just check whether you find it - all. This is a wonderful exercise will allow VAm to learn the perception of the data contained in the fields around your body. Try. And don't be afraid-there is nothing to worry.

Because we do not want to violate the linearity of our meeting, immediately tell, are there any questions on what we're told?

What role in all of this plays an ego?

Ego helped to maintain the position of dense fabric paradigm. In the process of trimerization ego was for you a very valuable tool with which you studied individualization. This was part of the lesson in three-dimensional space. The ego was "taxi driver”, which could carry you through any three-dimensional feeling. It retains its place the shell, this impermeable fabric. Now, when you move in reality with other dimensions, it will be much less important.

By the way, the ego is the main reason that many of you don't remember their experiences in other dimensions. You this is very sad, still! But you try to remember the sensations experienced in other dimensions, staying in a dimension that is under the dictatorship of your ego. And this despite the fact that you exist in a variety of other realities. When the ego is trying to recollect what had happened in reality, which deprived the ego. Feel duality? Such confrontation is really hard.

If you are fighting for their own memory, try a new tactic. Do not try to recall your feelings in a linear form, i.e. in the form of dates, places, times, planetary systems, and so on-it won't work. Instead, restore memory through your emotional body. Remember, through its intuitive body, through imagination, using the archetypes and symbols. This will help your memory leak out to you as long as ego is not surrendered and will not understand that all experiences can understand, but words cannot Express.

And not tear my hair in despair, feeling that can't recall took place during the meditations of the Mercaba or visit our ships. This is not indicative of your stupidity. The thing is that your ego strive for knowledge, being in conditions devoid of ego reality! Do not worry. If you know that something happened, but can't remember what it was. do not think that your development is a snail pace. Do not worry: all right. Everything is going just fine. Give yourself time to rest.

And now we must adhere to the terms of linearity of the meeting and to say goodbye. It was a pleasure to communicate with you. We are very grateful to you for the invitation and the consent to listen to us. We really enjoyed our "Syrianska conversation.

ISIS Deputies and Sirius

"Deputy”. Walk-in) is a person who took the physical body of a person ("activites” > English. Walk-out), which voluntarily decided to leave this body (e.g., suicide). In modern teachings transmitted Mentors through channeling, including "deputies” are the names of some famous historical figures. It is argued that in recent years the phenomenon "substitution” happens more often; it's one of the signs of transition of the planet into a new state, a New Era. At present on the Earth can be up to a million "deputies”.*

last I talked a lot about it and now I again asked him to tell about "deputies” about the beautiful blue star which is called Sirius.

You know that many people feel connected with Sirius. This is quite understandable, because each of extraterrestrial life form that comes to Earth, must go through vibrational reality of this star. This does not mean that representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence came from Sirius - just Sirius is the last "stop” before penetration on the earth plane. You can be at a distance million light years away in another galaxy, so the concept of "home” could not yet be placed in your waking consciousness.

Sirius is a place where Great White Brotherhood, the Council of Twelve (also known as the Space Council), Teacher-Mentors and representatives of Intergalactic Space Confederation meet to discuss many issues and mission affecting the life within our Galaxy.

Planet Sirius is in the Great Hall, which is located inside the Temple of Knowledge; there, in the Temple of Knowledge, there is the Court of the sacred Fire,

* Interesting material about this is in the book: Channeling. Message Elder Brothers of humanity, 2nd augmented ed. Kiev, "Sofia”, 1998.

where brightly burning an Eternal Flame. Since the introduction of the planet Earth on it existed extraterrestrial life - I'm sure most of you already know about it. If your sacred Scripture, the word "angel” and "the Lord” to be replaced by "the Supreme leader”, then you would find in the lines of the ancient text on a new meaning and would understand, as there are many references to the aliens. Many of the biblical saints: Moses, Enoch, Noah, Elijah, Jacob, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah, and others met with guests from space. The entity known to you as Jesus the Nazarene, he was a member of the Confederation; she was sent to Earth to change the flow of history on this planet, in order to facilitate the gathering shower Jehovah.

In another historical period to Earth profit Lightworkers number million: at that time there was development of mankind and a Star is born - spatial variation of all life on this planet. For this reason, in the historical period on Earth. arose, overpopulation, then many Beings of Light have evolved on this planet came here to feel the "Great Awakening” and to help the people in it.

Many of those who survived "okolosmertnyh experience or have experienced "born again”, who then became a completely different person, really became different personalities happened "replacement”.

We are not saying that everybody who has experienced these feelings are "deputies” - I do not say; but at least, this applies to most. "Deputies” are souls in the spiritual evolution earned the right to occupy "unnecessary” body, that is the body, in which the holder for whatever reason, does not want to stay. The goal that while pursuing potential "deputies”, one is the service of mankind. Unlike "obsession”, in which a series of discarnate entities possess the body without the consent of the owner, if "substitution” is permitted to use only "unnecessary” body, and then only with the full consent of its former owner. Usually, such event requires a lot of preparatory work both sides at the internal level.

It happens that the exchange is ahead of schedule, without preliminary preparation; it happens as a result of injury or accident, but in any case only for the unconditional consent of the holder of the body. Creatures that have crossed the rights of possession of the body, are the hardest "period of acclimatization”. This process can take months or even years, depending on how experienced "Deputy” in implementation of this radical change, and how strong is the negativity remaining in body after the previous owner.

In General "deputies” - the phenomenon is not too unusual, and they are found not only on the planet three-dimensional reality. This can happen (and does happen) wherever there is life. There are many Beings of Light, for whom , as you would say, the main work; such call . They constantly move from place to place, trying to serve others in every possible way.

Arthur David Horn
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