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НЛО в средние векаExtant sources - the Chronicles and other documents suggest that in VI-XVII centuries in some European countries, Japan, and China has seen unidentified flying objects. In most of these messages are recorded in the middle ages, was quoted moving across the sky glowing orbs, although there was and disc-shaped, and cigar-shaped objemail. Below are two such descriptions of observations in the sky disc-shaped objects.

In Latin manuscripts Ampleforth Abbey (England) says that "one day 1290 over the heads of the frightened of monks appeared a huge oval silver body, similar to the disk, which is slowly flew over them, causing great horror".

In 1490 in Ireland over the roofs of houses several times flew silver disc-shaped object, leaving a long trail. During its migration on the bell tower broke the bell.

Flying objects in the form of boards or disks were also observed: in g. during the siege of the castle Segeberg, 1133, over Japan, in 1209, over the Abbey Bauland in England, in 1553 over Stockholm, 1676-m over Tuscany.

Objects cigar-shaped noted in 783, over Telionok (England), 848 and 1527, over France, in 1619-m - above the lake of URI (Switzerland).

In 934, China saw a strange object in flight repeatedly changed form, and in 1015 in Japan of two little flying objects flew several glowing balls smaller.

There are also examples when several flying objects were United in one, as it was in 989 and 1423, over Japan, in 1167 over England and in 1699-m - near Avignon (France). In these cases, flying objects were emitting rays.

In 1517, in the shipping register of one of the ships of the squadron Conquistador Juan de Grijalva located close to the Yucatan Peninsula, it was recorded that over the masts of ships appeared strange object, which is then hung on for 3 hours above the village Coatzacoalcos, emitting a bright rays.

In 1520, over Erfurt flew some big ball, followed by two small balls, and from the big ball came rotating (!) the beam.

Interesting description of the strange object in the XVII century, stated in the report of the Kirillo-Belozersky monastery authorities "on meteorites, appearing in the Belozersk district".

It States that 15 August 1663 above the village of Robozero, Vologda province from the North appeared strange luminous body with a diameter of about 40 m, which is a loud noise at low altitude slowly moved southward, from the front were aimed at building close to the village of lake two beams.

Once above the lake, the body suddenly disappeared and then reappeared, but in 0,5 km South-West of where gone, and soon again disappeared. Finally, it appeared for the third time at the distance of 0.5 km to the West of the last places and, pomerko, disappeared completely. When you try to approach him on the boat peasants felt an intense heat, and the bottom of the lake was covered to a depth of 8 M. the Total duration of the monitoring body amounted to 1.5 hours.

Trajectory observed in the middle ages were different. For example, 557, over China, in g. over Japan and in 1639 over the Boston they were moving in a zigzag. In other cases, they stopped and hung out for a while, as it was in g. over China, in g. above nice, in 1551, over Lisbon and in 1571 over Rome, which was observed by Pope Pius V, in 1606 over the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto and in 1636 over Leipzig.

In 1235, the Japanese commander of Yorizumi with his army saw that appears above them luminous objects in the form of plates, which throughout the night described in heaven circles and loops.

In 1461, the unknown object, flying over the city Arroz (France), suddenly began to move in a spiral.

In 1566, glowing spherical objects made of various maneuvers over the Munster.

An interesting case was observed in 1646 in the city of Cambridge (England), where the eyes of the audience rotating fireball first landed outside the city, and then "took off and sped away with great speed".

It is also known a lot of cases, when there was a whole group of flying objects.

In 1104 in the sky England was observed a big cigar-shaped object around which circled a few glowing disks.

But especially looked strange behavior of groups of unknown objects, maneuvers which gave the impression of a confrontation between them. Some examples of such "battles".

In summer, 1355, many people watched over England the emergence of a large number of objects which shone blue and red. These objects were moving across the sky) in different directions, and the impression was that they had entered into a mutual struggle. Then "army" red objects began to win over the blue, who hurried down to the earth.

In April 1561 over Nuremberg, a large number of flying "slabs" and "crosses" and two huge cylinder, of which flew groups of balls. At the same time there were numerous spheres and discs, painted in red, blue and black. All of them are arranged in the sky likeness of air combat, citing the horror of all the city's population. After hours objects onua.org began to decline and fall to the ground, destroying each other.

In August 1566, on the Basel were also observed in the big sky "flume pipes", of which there were balls. At the same time close it was noticed a large number of black spherical bodies, flying at high speed to the Sun. After a while they made a half-turn and began to collide with each other, as if depicting the battle. Some of the facilities was fiery red, and as it ' ate each other.

In our country the collision of two celestial objects were observed on April 2, 1716, in the district of St. Petersburg. Description it was done at the direction of Vice-Admiral of the kruise and is contained in the report of the Dutch envoy at the court of Peter the 1 - Baron de Bi stored in the archive of Navy Fleet of the USSR (f, op, D, L.25-26). It looked as follows:

At 9 PM on a completely clean cloudless sky appeared from the North-East strange thick dark "cloud" with pointed top and a wide base, which with great speed raced across the sky, reaching three minutes to half of height to Zenith.

At the same time in the North appeared the second is the same dark "cloud", which moved to the East, for it flew up to the first "cloud" from the West. When approaching these "clouds" between them formed some light ' column"that existed a few minutes.

Then both "clouds" faced with terrible force and as it was shattered by a violent shock, and at the point of collision appeared extensive flame, accompanied by smoke, which in all directions penetrated the rays of a flame. Alongside with this there were many small "clouds"moving with great speed and sorgawi bright flame. Besides, there are a lot of bright arrows below them to the height of 80m from the horizon. According to the description of witnesses, the whole picture is reminiscent of the battle fleets or armies and looked very scary. The description also mentions that at this time in the Northwest there was a huge shiny comet"that rose onua.org on the 12th above the horizon. The whole phenomenon lasted for about a quarter of an hour to 10 o'clock in the evening sky again became clear.

Preserved image of unknown objects seen in the sky in the middle ages:

in Verdun Museum - object in the form of cigars observed in 1034 g;

in the Stockholm Cathedral - five disks that appeared in 1535;

in Zurich hall - disc-shaped objects, barrazhirovavshij in 1547 and 1558,;

in Hamburg is a big ball of fire, flying in 1697

Preserved and engravings depicting the mass appearance of spherical objects in 1561 over the Nuremberg and in 1566, on the Basel and Munster.

These examples suggest the assumption that in the middle ages was observed flights of some strange objects, in form and acts much like the modern UFO.
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