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Похищения людейAbduction. Aliens pursued his studies not only in animals but also on the people. There were cases when people were taken sleeping right from their beds or on walks in the forest, from cars, on the empty road. They conducted experiments: they took the samples of fabrics, hair, was illuminated by the rays of unknown origin, some did very painful injections or cut, took the blood. After the experiments, people were often returned to the place where they were taken, but there were cases when people were tens of kilometers from the place of the abduction. Almost all stolen remembered nothing about spent hours and even days on Board a UFO. After returning many had begun health problems: people with good health suddenly "bevel feet" ordinary flu, some found cancer, people suffered from memory lapses, headaches, mental disorders, but some have not observed any negative consequences of theft, but, on the contrary, there was a small improvement in health.

Sometimes during abduction (though it's not even kidnapping: people were invited to enter into UFO) the people did not conduct any experiments, but simply showed the device UFOs, aliens told about the wide range of instruments on Board, sometimes were flying to their home planet of aliens (but it is impossible to speak with confidence that this flight is really took place, but was not a hallucination or something similar), never mentioned about the purpose of the visit of the alien planet.

Of course, such activity of aliens could not leave without attention, neither society nor the governments of the countries in which there was theft. For example, in the USA by the kidnapped people were interested by the government, especially the air force, and the Pentagon. They examined, taking tests, checked on the lie detector. Some people have confessed that they thought these stories with the kidnappings. But most people said was true: they had passed lie detector tests results individuals testified prolonged their stay in conditions of weightlessness, held on them by unknown experiences, etc.

It happens that people rasskazyvayut cases when some of alien arriving to Earth with matrimonial purposes. One of those representatives of the space of the fair sex met the famous American channel Howard Menger, His fiancee called themselves Marla and claimed that she was born 500 years ago in the constellation of Leo. The charm of the space lover was so strong that Menger divorced his wife and married the gauze, which has acquired U.S. citizenship and prefer the comfort of home alone interstellar flights.

A similar case occurred in 1952 with the Truman Bethurum, loved, in its statement, the beautiful captain's "flying saucers". When the wife of Buturama learned about the passion of her husband, she immediately demanded a divorce and znachitelnoy monetary compensation.

One of the first women who had at their own claims of sexual relations-making with a stranger, was Elizabeth Klarer In 1956 she loved the ynohp-lanmania by the name of Law. which is rendered under the spacecraft took her to the planet occultations. There he seduced the earth woman, saying that only a few have the honor to bring new blood into their ancient race. In the result of the Union Ako-on and Elizabeth was born their son Ailing, after which the need in the earth woman at the alien fell away and he sent her home. Since then, Elizabeth Klarer lived alone and in 1994, died in South Africa, piously believing in the fact that on one of the planets in the constellation alpha Centauri is her only son.

on October 16, 1957 23-year-old Brazilian farmer Antonio Wipes Boas ploughed tractor own field, when a machine motor suddenly stalled. It took a little time, and over the field appeared "flying saucer" red lights on the case. When an object has made landing on fallow land, he produced three humanoids and headed to the farmer. Began the struggle ended the fact that the alien has overcome Villas Boas and dragged him on his ship.

Inside the flying saucer farmer stripped, tied to a metal table and using unknown devices subjected his body thorough medical examination. Then, apparently satisfied in the physical health of the young prisoner, aliens gave him some stuff and left the room. Some time passed, recalled Antonio Boas, when suddenly the door again opened and entered the room completely naked dazzling blonde. Her seductive brought in a young man irresistible desire which was immediately granted. The farmer and the alien had sex in a few hours, not abolishes during this time, words, and In a subsequent interview to journalists Antonio Boas said, "before Leaving, she turned to me, pointed to her stomach, then smiled... and pointed to the sky"...

In 1963 Linda porter was 17 years old, she lived with his parents in Portville, California (USA). According to her, once, on a hot summer night, when Linda was sleeping on the veranda, she was taken away on his ship gray humanoids with large yellow eyes and vertical black oval eyes.

In the 1970-ies of the 19-year-old Californian student gave birth to a child with blue skin and webbed fingers of hands and feet, According to the story girl raped by several aliens who landed on Pacific beach of "flying saucers". In the police Complainant nobody believed him, and to prove his innocence, she had not interrupt pregnancy and give unearthly child.

In may 1973 Julie Dorothy, her daughter Cindy and three of their relatives stopped his car on the highway near Houston, Texas (USA)to discuss, what is this ball of fire for quite a long time pursued them. Following this, the three relatives came memory gap, and they "fall out of time", but Judy and Cindy later recalled that he found himself in a round room where gray creature with yellow eyes and vertical pupils were butchered carcass of a calf.

5 November 1975, seven loggers worked in the forest near the town of Snowflake, Arizona, when the sky above them was a huge glowing disk. One of the loggers, Travis Walton, walked away from the others and stood right under the drive. In the next moment of the disk in Travis hit electrical discharge, like a lightning, and the rest of the woodcutters were afraid and ran away in different directions. When they returned to the scene, no disk, no Walton was not there. Woodcutters came back into the city and reported the incident to the police. Search Travis Walton lasted five days, are growing suspicions about premeditated murder. All of a sudden Walton turned up unharmed and told about himself absolutely fantastic story. He claimed that he was seized and taken on that disk Grey aliens. At the insistence of the authorities, Walton and his companions were tested on lie detector.

Meanwhile, the news about the incident came on the first pages of Newspapers and magazines and got a journalistic prize as the best publication of the year about UFOs.

Skeptics, recalled that Walton was always interested in UFOs, and have suggested: he invented this story. In addition, the scan results Walton lie-detector were found "is not quite convincing".

Walton remembered just what happened with him for about 15 minutes after the kidnapping. When he was subjected to hypnosis, so he could remember everything I saw and experienced aboard UFOs, it turned out that the memory Walton blocked. What happened to him within five days of absence - remained a mystery.

In 1990 locksmith shipyard Nikolai Boldyrev, within four months of the three kidnapped by unknown beings. Every abduction lasted three days, while on the chest Nicholas remained from 7 to 12 Phillips bleeding cuts. After the second theft Boldyrev came from the state of complete stupor only after three days. After the third of his gait became mechanical, it slowed down, he didn't know his mother and wife.

That's what happened with 16 - year-old schoolgirl Valya Nightingale from Kazakhstan. on 5 September 1994, she never came back from school and suddenly "found" only by the end of the third day. She came home and to the question: " Where have you been?" - answered with surprise: "In school". She felt that she was absent for only a few hours. What happened during this time, Valya did not remember, and soon the school of medical examination revealed piquant detail: she is pregnant. Valya could not explain her pregnancy and thought with horror about the upcoming explanation with parents.

Terribly excited, she was able to recall that on this day, on the way from school, she lost consciousness and woke up in forest belts, which was rather far from home. Over her bent two strangers in a slinky dress and with eyes, "the angels". Then, Valya again lost consciousness and came back only in an empty room, where bare hung upside down. After some time she found herself standing near his home.

Ultrasound examination found that nearly two-month fetus develops normally, but the girl...not broken hymen.

The baby was born in a period of almost cried and looked very meaningful green eyes. In a month the baby is gone and is still wanted.

One of the surrogate mother from the United States which in its SLovam too aliens stole the child says: " When the aliens come to take her child in "comfort" was told about that on their planets go a long war, and therefore women have lost the ability to produce offspring. However, they almost learned to grow hybrids of their race with the Earthmen, since you have only a piece of skin earthly woman and a lock of her hair, so that soon the process of reproduction of the alien population killed in war, will go through the earth "biological material" quickly and painlessly.

In March 2000, Megan Liker, a resident of Australia, married, Anry Mayer, an old friend from College. The young woman could not become pregnant, and when it was full of honey. the survey, it was found that she was infertile because...the deterioration of the internal genitals. According to doctors, the 24-year-old woman had the uterus and fallopian tubes repeatedly parous women! In a hypnotic state Megan "remembered"that gave birth already 24 times!

It turned out that 4 years ago the girl was abducted by aliens and sent on their space base. Short serologie beings with bolshimi heads made something like honey. inspection, then put Megan in a tiny room with opaque walls, floor and ceiling. There were the same room in which there were other captive. After about 2 weeks I Megan rounded belly, and another 1.5 months Megan had her first baby. Once the child was born he was immediately taken away. After some time the medical repeated all over again, followed by another pregnancy...

15 September 2002 on a small farm near the Brazilian town of Campo Grande, about 70 kilometers to the West of Rio de Janeiro, aliens have taken on Board his ship 39-year-old Urandir a Oliveira. It was not a kidnapping - are aliens, contacts with which it was established more than 20 years ago, in advance has warned Him that he was to "visit" them.

Sex with strangers

Intriguing reports of abductions of humans, and some biological experiments conducted over us now and then flashed on the pages of Newspapers. And while many of the messages are confirmed by witnesses and authoritative persons, chervotkina doubt always remains. And no wonder: the official bodies or completely or completely ignored the requests, or answer them extremely vague and ambiguous. Come here and see whether hide something, whether it yourself to understand nothing can... This story happened in 1957 in Brazil, in Sao Francisco de SALIS, state of Minas Gerais in the half-century history of UFOlogy case Antonio Vilas-Boas is one of the first officially registered "sexual" contacts with aliens. During the evening and night on 5 October Antonio brother was watching near his home strange moving silver spot light, "as the powerful searchlight". 9 days later they again observed a similar phenomenon in the field, where he ploughed on the tractor. The next night, Antonio appeared at the same place one. And that's when it happened. About one o'clock near the tractor landed bright egg-shaped object. "The shape of its well I saw, " said Antonio later - it was an elongated egg with three spurs on his nose. On top of something very quickly rotated, emitting a powerful reddish light". Antonio tried to leave, but the tractor engine suddenly stalled. Farmer jumped out of the cab, but did not manage to make two steps forward, as was arrested four strangers. "They dragged me to the car, which was ten meters above the ground on metal legs... They managed to put me in a small square room... One of the five beings gesture was given to understand, so I followed him. I listened, as I had no other choice. We went into another room semi-oval shape, which was more than the former...". Further provoked the protest of the young farmer. "All five of us, I began to undress... I was standing naked and was scared to death because he did not know what they intend to do with me. One of them came up to me, holding something like a wet sponge and began to RUB my body is transparent viscous liquid without smell". Then unknown, who talks between various yapping and snarling words carefully examined Antonio and with "tubes-trunk" took from different parts of his body and blood samples. (At these places remained dark spots, scars, which are then explored Professor of the National medical school in Rio de Janeiro Dr. Olavo Pontes and his colleagues.) The aliens came out, and soon the room was supplied grey suffocating smoke, so unpleasant that Antonio even vomited in the corner. And when it became easier in the room came a woman. "It was absolutely naked. I was speechless, and the woman seemed amused by my expression. She was very beautiful, but totally different beauty compared with women that I have met. Unusually high cheekbones, gave the face a peculiar shape. It was much wider than the Indians of South America. She was much less than me". The stranger came close to the young man and unambiguously let know, why came... Further Antonio described Dr. Fontes clearly reluctant, noting, however, that during the rapid intimate scenes woman "expressed the received pleasure grunting sounds, which was completely perplexed me". Recalling later some strange details of this sexual encounter, Antonio said that alone with the woman he was unusually excited, and the reason for that was probably the liquid, which he rubbed, or launched in the premises of the gas. After the intimacy the woman showed on his stomach, then into the sky, smiled and left... Strangers returned Antonio his clothes, "summed up to speed metal stairs, and made him understand that I may go. Once he was on earth, I again looked up". The machine slowly started to rise, "boarding supports are gone, and the bottom part of the phone became absolutely smooth". 30 to 50 meters, the object for a few seconds late, its dome began spinning with incredible speed, the glow increased and the UFO suddenly rushed in southern direction and vanished from sight after a few seconds. It was half-past five in the morning. Inside the strange machines the farmer spent more than four hours... at First Antonio decided about the incident not to tell anyone: still can not believe it. But the next day he became ill began pain in the eyes, on the body appeared a lot of small ulcers. Had to go to the doctor and tell his incredible story. Some of the symptoms is very reminiscent of the consequences of radiation exposure. Objective measurements confirmed that the body of this country guy, and even more clothing in which he had been aboard UFOs, had a greater degree of radiation contamination. And this despite the fact that in the country there lived Antonio, was not a single object associated with radiation, either civil or military...

Hybrid children from aliens and earthly women.

Cases of sexual contacts aliens with representatives of the civilization of Earthmen has recently become more frequent. The aliens are implanted earthly women extraterrestrial genetic Materialien give birth to the so-called hybrid children. According to some women subjected to sexual violence on the part of Venezuelan, they conceived and gave birth to children, who were then selected. However, sometimes they are allowed to see and even hold in hands hybrid offspring. On responses of women, children genius already in infancy, are rare physical strength and intelligence. The most famous cases of abduction, sexual contact American women Betty Andreasson Hatch and Betty hill. The last case is described in the book by J.. Fuller "Interrupted journey" (1966). Half men-poluprikolki, perhaps, are now also among us. Occasionally there are also reports of people with unusual properties or anatomy. So, I myself was a witness that a young girl's eyes were vertical, like a cat that cannot and will not happen to men. This girl, photo, which showed me that lives in Russia in Orel. Find amazing even infants under circumstances that exceeds the imagination of man, but, undoubtedly, showing that it's not the people. It is about the unearthly child, or at least a hybrid origin. Swiss researcher B. spiller in the Brazilian forests in the region of town of Anori found a baby about 14-16 months old. Views of the child unusual. He has a natural pointed ears, colorless eyes with small point pupils, who sometimes become the mirror, tubular nose. Baby contain at a military base near Anori. Baby physically fit. Speaking in an unknown language, decrypt, which has so far failed! Tubular nose - piece, strange to earth person. I personally twenty years ago when a completely ordinary situation met the man, looking at which immediately thought: "I do not alien is it?" The meeting took place in a crowded Moscow bus station "Dynamo". I was sitting a man aged about 60 was standing. Was immediately struck by one thing: he had a nose for me from the bottom shone through, and a nose that was one of his hole. The impression was that the man cut off his nose and put in its place prosthesis, by type of plastic. I am talking about experience. Actually it felt creepy, and I hurried to get off the bus at the next stop. In the rest the man also frightened by their strange and unintelligible, to explain that it was difficult. Maybe some special cold, ice-cold, dispassionate view. In one word, then I have almost no doubt that I met an alien...

I was on other planets...

Dear, Sirs! I want to share with you and your readers about the sheathode history, the protagonist of which I became partly by chance and partly for reasons unknown to me. It is possible that you will actually find someone else in my place, and we together will be easier to defend their case and prove we're not psychotics any and all talk as it was.

The thing is that I Rybchenko Ivan A., June 6, 1989, was kidnapped by a flying apparatus and has long been on its Board which go from one planet to another in order I did not understand, perhaps, to try to make contact with earthlings or for another, I don't know. About my journey, I want to tell the editorial staff and readers of the almanac. Previously I tried on the phone to interest your story experts" of the USSR, but derision achieved. From this I concluded hopelessness solve my problem at the official level.

As I said above, June 6, 1989, I was kidnapped by a flying saucer. I remember the date because the next day was going on vacation and stayed in the Institute later than usual, in order to have time to finish all the works. It was, perhaps, ten hours, or about eleven at night, the weather was normal. I was driving in Belgorod highway, and I just drove turn on street Derevyanko on Pavlovo pole. This area is not residential, only plants, and therefore, at this time of the day in General deserted. When I passed bend, I saw ahead bright glowing spot, coming down from above on the road. I even did not have time to think, only gave on the brakes and stopped right beside the road, hoping to wait it out.

But the glow ahead not only continued unabated, even on the contrary, it seemed to have ridden out the entire roadway. I thought maybe there is something burning and left the "Lada" show. When I was released, I immediately opened before me as if a door or gate. I couldn't even consider it, because look had against bright light (I think this light was specifically that it was impossible to see). Then it was like something made in this door or gate, don't know how to call them.

I was inside a completely dark room. While I tried to figure out where I am and where he had got to, I could feel the floor beneath me snapped. Trying to keep his balance, I put in hand, but the floor is no longer swayed. I didn't know what to do. I was afraid to move because he did not know where to go and what if I step. Somehow it seemed to me that I'm standing on the edge of a huge abyss and, if I go forward, then drop down and break his neck. But I thought, as I understand, what exactly know where I have to go.

And I went ahead with ease and confidence, as if I am at home and not hell. And then I noticed, and it was then that I stayed on the plate (although they call it, of course, very different)that costs me about something to think or just get ready to think about how ready answer appears in my mind, the answer is not even, and as if I always knew and just suddenly remember a whole - I don't know if I describe it.

You'll understand me if you are that the answer you have before you are going to ask a question. Now you look at something and know that you see it for the first time, but if you only looked at it and you'll know exactly what it is and why. Very often, however, it happened that I did not understand and now do not understand much of what he knew. At first I wondered how this can be, and then we thought, for instance, the second grade or even a first grader will take and memorize the questions of tickets in physics for the tenth year, and each issue will hack the answer.

He, of course, on each question will know the answer and will be on the exam and where I want to answer, but to understand the physics of it all the same will not be. To know the formula of Newton, he, for example, is, and will write it fluently, but understand he don't understand. Obviously, something similar and I have, because I can tell a lot, but still don't understand.

I went into the other room, and while I got there, I already knew that I was on a flying machine representatives of the civilization of the planet, which they called a word that is close to the word "Liyama", but not this. I realized that I was kidnapped, but I was told that nothing can not be changed and that nothing bad I won't and I'll be back in a while back to earth. No one, of course, I didn't say anything, just that I realized suddenly, as everything else. Those who did, I never saw, but I know that their shell extend in several dimensions, as they are.

At first I started to scream, to release me, and beat his hands and feet on the walls. But then I was told who I don't know that I calmed down. And I immediately felt that there was no need to act like that. I sat down. It was the first time talked to me.

I forgot to say that not all the questions I have received the answer. At first I didn't understand it and repeating these questions again and again until he realized that the time I get no response, it's because I'm not allowed to answer, or they just don't want to. At first I was annoyed, but then I got used to it and didn't ask questions that had not received an answer immediately.

For example, I realized that it is not necessary to ask why they have come from, what their plans are and everything that is connected with it. And I thought that it would be very strange if they were to tell it me, as if they took me to himself for the sake of it. I was worried, what will my absence at work - I knew that in a month our journey is not over, and what awaits us that trip, I understood it, and still worried me home. But these, on the plate, and said that everything will be done so that one didn't notice my absence. I calmed down a bit.

I was in something resembling a large bag rather large box, covered on the inside with a soft material like to touch on the skin, but not the skin, of course. In this box was I. There were no other light sources, however it was light. And when I think that my room is so small - it really was low, just above my height, and a narrow, two steps from wall to wall, and I was very uncomfortable - and I thought about it, and the room became more spacious, so I could lie down and stand with raised above his head in his hands.

At first I tried to find on the walls or floor is any seams or joints that the material that was covered my room, but in vain. I did not understand, but it seemed to me that it is not built, and grown as a whole, some cells of the embryo, and the whole ship as well. I wanted to explore the ship. And it turned out that my room is moved with me. Not as a bus or some other form of transport that do not need to move. I stood, and she was standing. But when I started to go in any direction, the room seemed to roll with me, and wall material quickly flowed on the floor, and behind my back as quickly flowed on the wall again, so that was something like a squirrel in a cage. And I didn't know, it seems to me, or I really moving around the ship, but just not to see anything or to explore I failed.

I was pretty long, but it is impossible to say, because the clock on the hand, I stopped at the very moment, when I got to the ship, and from that moment did not go, as I tried to run them. That is, I already understood that it is not a coincidence, but still several times tried. When I got tired, I fell on the floor, who immediately stopped. And immediately fell asleep. After some time (I really difficult to specify the duration of the different events, because you have to rely only on feelings, and they, of course, was wrong) I woke up from a very unpleasant, even painful sensation in his left hand. It seemed to me that someone from the inside loops through all my muscles, tendons and bones, touching them, pulling and shoves. When I thought that the pain immediately subsided, but the feeling remained.

I realized that we have arrived at some intermediate planet, where they have a scientific base or something like that, and I began to survey. The examination lasted quite long, and advanced slowly, because they examined each of my body very thoroughly. I was worried that this examination will damage the stone in my bladder, and I had some unpleasant moments when the survey came to this body, but nothing happened. It was not very nice, but I still was not, and I have suffered.

Then I saw the surface of the planet at that time we were. It was absolutely lifeless planet from the cooling little star that has no name on Earth, because it is not registered because of its insignificance any star atlases. Naked gray-black stones and nothing more, except for a huge, going beyond the horizon mesh structures, as if in the air was scattered huge fishing net and remained hanging, not based on anything visible.

All of this multi-kilometer (and I had no doubt that here would go for tens of kilometers) design continuously swayed, it ran complex waves in different directions, at some points they overlap in some extinguished each other. How I made out that it was a special transfer stations, emitting to space special signals for ships, similar to the one on which I was lucky, knew where and when to come and what to do with space, that I couldn't read.

At first I was surprised that I never see anyone living. But then I remembered that the aliens are placed right in many dimensions, more than we, so to see them I just can't. Moreover, their basesand worked completely automatically and need not be in the presence of her with someone else. We stayed on it for a relatively short time, all the goals of staying there I didn't understand and went on.

I don't know, but I think that I specifically had to sleep on the flight to the first planet. I also noticed that I didn't eat for a long time and did not want to eat. By the way, I do during our journey never remembered about food. Anyway, we soon, as I thought, arrived at the first of the planets, which constituted the purpose of our trip.

The title was something like Pyjama, but I'm not sure this is the name of the planet, because the aliens explained to me that part of it is also pronounced in the spectrum of sound vibrations which are beyond our ear, and because our letters just can't be transferred. As I understood from the main spacecraft separated part, where was I, and we went down to the planet Pyjama, while the rest of the ship kept watching us from space.

I received no answer to the question why they did not take on the planet, as on Earth, but just so I concluded that there political reasons (if we speak our words)than technical. I did the suggestion, and it was confirmed that technical problems for these strangers simply does not exist, except obviously intractable (for example, to place greater ball inside smaller).

They developed some kind of unclear to me the technology of obtaining of any technical apparatus. Not by the Assembly, as on Earth, and the cultivation of a programme of universal embryo: what is the embryo, where does he and the program, I don't understand completely. In short, we fell on the planet. I knew nothing wrong with me no one will do, but still worried, because did not understand why my kidnapping and take me here.

One wall of my room was clear. I saw that I was in the middle of a huge hall. Because the kind I opened only in one direction, to judge its full size I could not, but I saw how could that high arch everywhere, stretching to the horizon without any supports. It was embarrassing for my eyes are grey-violet color, and on this background suddenly flashed a bright, even blinding flash. Paul was a bright green color that reminded me of a football field, but this was not the grass, and the smooth floor, as the mirror, but nothing reflecting.

I couldn't understand. Suddenly I had the feeling that me and especially my brain simultaneously pierced by thousands of needles, but without pain. I could feel those needles go through me in all directions, top, bottom, back and sides. The worst thing was that I couldn't move. I could not go to places, where I caught this feeling, but even her arm, a finger, even the eyes of the story from side to side. I thought this went terribly long, but maybe just something that lasted a few seconds, I do not know. Then suddenly it all ended. Needle like all at once I pulled, and it happened so suddenly that I almost fell on the floor, but he lost his balance.

Suddenly before porthole or window of my room in some high-speed circle dance, spin geometry of the most incredible shapes and colors. The only thing that I have noticed, is that the reps were very few or almost no. I suddenly realized that this is the inhabitants of the planet Pyjama that wanted to see me privately. Dance lasted for a long time, I think, half an hour, not less, and at the end of their flashing I just felt sick. Finally a thread has become much rarer, and in the end completely exhausted. I realized that the session date is over. Indeed, the wall of the room almost immediately turned opaque, I just shook, and I realized that my stay on planet Pyjama exhausted. I was sent back to the ship.

Here began the most difficult period of my journey. I was told that if immerse me in the dream, it distorts the picture of studies, from what I have understood, that the study is still ongoing. It is impossible to imagine that I experienced while in his closed room unknown how long until they carried me in an unknown me direction. I think I slept, then woke up, and I don't know, lasted all day on earth time, week, month or year. When I was awake, my only lesson could be wandering inside my room on the ship, although I'm not sure I moved really with designated at least an inch. But I tried to do this, just not to lose your mind.

Finally, after countless days we went to a planet called mundane: John. About Doru I learned a lot, much more than about the planet Pyjama. John moved in the double star system and the conditions of life were extremely severe in the sense that its surface that was devastated by hurricanes, earthquakes with a giant flood or other disasters caused by the impact of a double star. Inhabitants of John was therefore quite a few - few million on the planet about the size of our Venus. They as if in compensation created a civilization extremely high level.

Reminded doriane large coils of rope, but of course, this was only the form, developed over centuries and millennia of the struggle for existence. Doriane was a massive lump sinewy muscle tissues at the end of the hidden highly developed brain. This "coil of rope" was able to release themselves from up to two dozen different specialized limbs. Covered with a special water-repellent material produced in the factories of the confusing me raw materials, derrane, seemed totally oblivious to the wild climate of their planet.

In order to care for my safety I was placed in a transparent cube of heavy-duty material. Fortunately, there were no painful procedures: equipment, which had dorrani, fortunately, it is not good for the human body. Aliens (I continued to call them that myself, although it was clear that here it won't work anymore) shared with dorename the results of their surveys and received on Eryoma. I think I started to wonder about the purpose of all these long day.

I was placed in the center of a large underground, as I thought, buildings, the walls of which were covered with fine tucks from top to bottom is clearly on Torre this was considered beautiful or convenient. Past me moved doriane clad in colorful shell (can't call it dresses or clothes) from black to white and all colors. Light flowed out of the cracks in the ceiling.

While this went on, I realized that probably everyone to whom I already took the aliens and who came up to take, as it was interested in a man of his device and thoughts (and I did not doubt that my thoughts somehow translucent). Obviously, I thought, I'm excited to show them. But what for, and why me? The answer to this I was to learn later.

Sitting in my glass box, I suddenly felt the ground under your feet trembled: the earthquake. But the service forecast, beautifully set at Darren, warned about it in advance as weak. I could only guess about the strength of their strong earthquakes, if weak forced me to sit on the floor to stand on my legs, I could not.

I quickly returned to the ship. My best guess is I am very worried about, because I did not know for what purpose they have me learn. If it was an ordinary scientific curiosity, I didn't mind. But I was afraid, especially because I wasn did not explain that it stands for something more. May be, for the Earth is in all this some kind of threat? I didn't know.

Dear, Sirs! It may seem that I am too detailed and interesting talk about their forced trip with aliens. But it seemed to me that these details are of interest to your readers, if they have not submitted the interest for the so-called "scientists", unable to distinguish truth from deception. And I don't want to invent anything to add there different details, which were not, although I could invent a hell knows what. But I think that the main thing in this case - precision, not prettiness description. But I can assure you that everything, literally, it was as I write, and no imagination.

When I at that time had returned to the ship, I guess that was the moment when the aliens something has gone wrong, or not know that, but the wall of my cabin for a second or two it was suddenly clear, but obviously at the wrong time. I saw my cubicle is rushing past twisted trunks-pipes of different colors - yellow, brown, and some that I didn't have time to disassemble, not brown, not orange. The pipes something slowly moved, as if they were pushing up and down the food. Nothing more I do not have time, the picture disappeared, and realized that it was not meant for my eyes.

Another painful the flight, which I just completely crazy. I even thought about suicide, but how? I have not received food, therefore, could not declare a hunger strike. I had nothing to hang himself, but about the soft wall I could never break your head. There was nothing to cut my veins: I have lost all of your pockets, including a pocket knife. The feeling was terrible. But all that being said, ends. We came from the third planet, which constituted the purpose of our trip - it was called AK.

Again repeated the same procedure: my cubicle is going on, one wall is transparent. I saw a boundless sea of eyes. Anyway, so I thought at first. Then I figured out that these were not the eyes. So looked inhabitants AK: similar to large moist eyeballs out of the sockets, they were covered with colorful leaves, reminiscent of not ever, not the valves of shells of oysters. These "eye" was in special hollows, type grooves laid along a huge mounds.

I finally got into a place that was located under the open sky, not in a closed room. I saw the sky, almost as blue as on earth, but with a clear greenish tint. Some black items, indistinguishable from my place, could be seen in the air, I realized that this is a special aircraft.

I forgot to say that the walls of my room, cabins completely missed any sounds, so I can't judge whether the outside is noisy or quiet. I think that since there was an atmosphere, which I, unfortunately, do not remember, I guess, some noise or even the rustle of these "eye" should have been published. Lasted eyeballing it, I finally learned about the purpose of our motani on space. Because this is very important, I want to know all readers of this publication.

Community space peoples, which belonged to strangers and representatives of the worlds, which I drove, to decide the question of future contacts with Earth and earthlings. Because the leaders of these individual Nations have doubts, and not all of them good idea what the people and what they look like and whether it is necessary to us to maintain some sort of relationship, urgently needed as would bring them to the Earthman. It was decided to choose an ordinary man, not doing a special selection or something. For my trouble, they caught me, though I could be caught anyone else.

I don't know what were the results of "inspection". I don't know, they liked my thoughts and I do or not. So of course, I don't know about the future: will there be a continuation or they decided to wait, to wait with the development of relations with us? I never said, and my space travel was over quickly. First, my room was back on the ship, and then I suddenly appeared in his car on Belgorod highway. The motor was off, no glow ahead was not.

But I am sure that this is not I dreamed or imagined. I asked, appealed to our scientists, and to Moscow to me somehow investigated. Maybe I had some kind of dust or radiation, which makes it possible to determine that I really had been in space travel or cheat. However, my story nobody was interested.

Sincerely, Ivan Rybchenko, Kharkov.

Pilot from Melbourne

For almost thirty years the pilot Frederick Valentich forced against their will to take the wheel of a UFO. Recently the foreign press has reported a sensation: in the system of Jupiter seems to be discovered civilization. And she takes oxygen from Earth! So says the pilot Valentich, abducted by aliens and now working on their spaceships.

A few years ago in Kiev was visited by Emile Bachurin, discoverer Perm ' anomalous zone, a well-known researcher of the UFO phenomenon.

Then the attention of local ufologists were presented unique documents, which certify about the stay of the spacers in the Perm area. And recently Bachurin gave the journalists the folder that stores copies of secret documents reproduced them in memory on another mysterious history - the kidnapping of a pilot UFO...

Memory Bachurina it was hard not to be trusted because he studied in one of the Soviet recognizance schools, where he passed the enhanced training paged memory, in response to a very specific nickname Chinese. Besides, sources of information, except for serious scientific circles Chinese, were an uncle, a former head of foreign Department of the KGB, and a cousin who worked in the Foreign Ministry. Indirect circumstances beyond sensationalism stored state planning Committee Bachurin information - recent warning visit to his apartment the FSB people. With former colleagues Chinese spoke abruptly.

- Want to live?! he asked the newcomer, having in mind, rather, not their personal security, and planetary threat. The holders of magic crusts, obviously, took it personally and disappeared. So...

In October 1967, the Australian civil aviation pilot Valentich by plane "sesna-172" flew from Melbourne on one of the Islands.

After 23 minutes, he said that to him right on course approaching aircraft, having the form of a truncated world. Survived by a tape recording Valentich with the dispatch service.

"Valentich: " God, what he is huge! He comes from above, having a height advantage and speed. Will try to avoid peak...

Manager: - See you on the radar, it is much more, go down, or the collision is imminent!

Valentich: - In the bottom of the hatch opens on two sides..."

Next tape clearly fixed metal grinding sound, and the connection was broken.

To the place of the alleged accident flew fighters of the air force and four civilian aircraft. Either in the air or on the water "Sosny" not found. Even oil stains on the surface of the sea... the Radar screen captures, as after collision with a "Lesnoy" flying object, dramatically increasing the speed, went straight up.

In 1982, the commander of the frontier detachment, Colonel Kazantsev received a report about the detention in the immediate vicinity of the Soviet-Chinese border of the ufologists Sarychev (part of the names at the request of participants of the events and some other reasons changed).

When Sarychev was an accompanying letter of the Chairman of the Commission for the study of anomalous phenomena, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Vsevolod Trinity and strange capsule black. This capsule, as it follows from the report, Sarychev picked up at the height of 1204. Inside was a rolled-up plate. When her pulled from the capsules, it is with a slight rustle instantly straightened without the slightest trace of coagulation.

On the plate - English text, caused by the substance is bright orange. He said:

I, Valentich Frederick J., pilot instructor, was captured with my plane "sesna-172" UFO 10.10.67, 45 miles South of Melbourne. Because of the very limited time and extreme danger of my position outline the most important thing.

What I was asked, impressed by my imagination. Later I came to the conclusion that on my psyche affected by several factors: first, that the UFOs and their pilots reality, secondly, unusual proposal to become a pilot of a spaceship aliens. Here it is, the contact with another civilization, and realize it I, Frederick Valentich!

So I was thinking. But the most attractive was a fantastic offer to stay in the same physical body, that is not to age 25 years (the time of the contract signed by me and aliens). The proposal has eclipsed all, even those few purely human affection. At the time of the transaction I only remembered that my parents died, I unmarried, no children. About an aunt and two girls met, I'm not even remembered that once again proves the strong psychological impact.

Giant UFO, where I am forced to work - cargo ship. The crew, in addition to people captured, like me, is two to three alien. They all belong to the civilization of the Pleiades and represent some of the interplanetary organization with six civilizations from the constellation of Orion, the Swan and the Large Dog, which includes our Solar system. They, like us, BeloVenesolana entity with oxygen breathing and the similar structure.

On questions than they do on Earth, the aliens have repeatedly responded that do research work. In my own experience, it is only a screen to cover up the true activities and his conscience other earthlings, signatories, as I forced contracts.

Our main cargo from Land - liquefied oxygen obtained mounted on UFO installations. These "researchers" impudent steal the most valuable component of the earth's atmosphere. And idiots like me who actively help them in this.

The main route of our ship - Earth - Callisto (a moon of Jupiter, with a mass about equal to the mass of the Earth), where is a large, permanent base. Oxygen is loaded in containers of metal-plastic. Filling volume is possible to estimate the weight - big balloon weigh at least 110 pounds, small - two times less.

The maximum number of vessels that were taken out of one flight on Callisto our ship, exceeded 12 thousand large and 5 thousand small cylinders. Imagine how much oxygen is removed from the Earth, if we do sometimes two flights a week!

God help me and those who will find this letter! English or Chinese, please pass this capsule in the Australian Embassy in your country, and representatives of our Embassy my address - scientists for study.

This is the main content of the sensational discoveries. By itself, it raises many questions, and the first of them is the degree of confidence. And here I can't convince played a trained memory of Emil Bachurina copies of documents examination, to which he had access.

Read in the papers with remarks: "on the form of the Central expert laboratory of the KGB from 29.09.82,", on the letterhead of the Institute of astronomy of the USSR Academy of Sciences from 10.10.82," or "on the letterhead of the Institute of applied physics of as USSR, Chelyabinsk-40 from 12.11.82,". Everywhere vulture "top secret". Here is an opinion signed by corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences Nechay addressed in a special expert Commission under the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences:

"Stunning physico-mechanical characteristics of materials, their unusual chemical composition and structure allow to make the following conclusions: motherAly received for unknown to humanity technology and possibly beyond Earth. Plate is a source of unknown radiation huge penetration, illuminates all kinds of imaging films.

Many other facts described by Valentien, were subjected to systematic analysis modernized in our Institute the program authorship. The author, i.e. Valentich, couldn't invent itself and even deduct in nauchnoprakticheskoi literature, while on UFOs since 1967..."

The fate "pennant" Valentich formed in such a way. Mysterious plate was sent to the Embassy of Australia. Created there a special Commission, which held a handwriting examination, came to the conclusion that the text on the plate and write instructor magazine Melbourne flying clubs belong to one and the same person - Frederic Valentich.

Legendary Stalker Perm ' anomalous zone Emil Bachurin believed that the Earth is the centre of the space division. There are "good and bad guys with cymbals". "Good" strive to help, "bad" - deflate from the earth's interior as much as possible.

Goes, the Terrans are stealing not only oxygen, but also "black gold"?

Besides Valentia. Maybe something else?

The aliens-the kidnappers

In September 1996 the whole country was shaken by the abduction of Yury Iskova from Upper Nazareth. This 62-year-old pensioner, a former sailor, not just telling strange things. His body had traces typical of such cases, the hole behind the ear, point wounds on the legs, and burnt face.

"The morning of 16 September, I went outside and went to the post office,- said Yuri.- Suddenly above me on a very low altitude appeared a huge spaceship. Immediately I felt that something grabbed me by the hair and dragged him up. Suddenly I found myself inside a spaceship, surrounded by dozens of dwarfs-humanoid, which looked like robots... There have been many humanoids, little men with big eyes, big heads and without a nose. They were the growth of not more than a meter, talking in a strange language with annoying harsh sounds. One of the newcomers came up to me and threw in the face of yellow powder. All, then I can't think of anything else".

Claims woke up in the middle of a deserted stadium and immediately went to the police. Particles of a powder, erased from his face inspector Eli Ben-Anatomist, were sent for analysis to the police headquarters and scientists. The analysis has shown that the powder contained 55,8% aluminum, 16% of potassium, 0,9% of iron, 22% of calcium. The content of these elements is much higher than can be found in the sand or soil. Although the components of the powder are not unusual separately, such a combination is not used anywhere else on Earth. What it is, and has remained a mystery.

"With 29 July 1996, began to receive messages from people known to be related to each other, on the penetration of humanoids in their homes, " said David Ronen. - What is remarkable is the fact that messages can be clearly divided into three groups; each group is not only the day and hour, and minute, when they were visited by aliens".

The abduction

The story of the capture of the alien's spouse Betty and Barney hill is well known. It is told with many juicy details, among which are sometimes lost an important detail - star map on the wall of a flying disk.

Lunar night of 19 September 1961 they were returning from Canada home in new Hampshire. Aliens stopped their car and took spouses in your vehicle for any medical examinations. When all was done, ufonautai released Betty and Barney, having erased in their memory all events. On the events of that September night, the world learned a few years later after the sessions regressive hypnosis, which subjected the spouses in the clinic of Dr. Simon.

What happened then on Board the flying disk?

Betty was released first. And while her husband was kept in the next compartment, she calmed down after the unpleasant procedures, talked with the captain, he somehow it seemed to her there, chief. Betty asked where they have come from.

The commander brought her to a hung on the wall map. No inscriptions on it was not, big and small circles, just point, United different thickness lines or dotted line. Does Betty where her Sun, said the commander. Of course, Betty did not recognize the Sun on the map. And the commander could not or did not want to explain to her, where they have come.

During the session, Dr. Simon asked Betty to draw the star map, as she remembered. And Betty, remaining in a state of hypnosis, drew. Two circles on the map were joined five lines, which clearly pointed to the busy message. Four star was joined by two or three lines. Two were dashed routes. All in all, the figure had counted twenty-six circles and dots. This turned out map.

The incident with their spouses hill many perceived as a curiosity, nothing more. Betty and Barney went at night. Saw in the sky a strange light that was coming. Stopped the car, left on a desert road to see the light at the binoculars. And then continued on his way and made it safely to the house. Safely? Clothes torn, shoes trampled, the hood of the car in indelible stains... Surprised that came home an hour later than expected, considering the distance and speed. This hour was erased from the memory of the spouses, but pop up in a dream a nightmare. This led them to the clinic Benjamin Simon. Plunging spouses in a hypnotic state and unlocking their memory, doctor Simon asked - each one in a separate ward - about the incident, involuntary they participate in.

In the mid 1960-ies sessions regressive hypnosis for victims of UFO incidents were still quite new. Today, there are tens, if not hundreds of hypnotic confessions. People talk about old or recent episodes of his life, when their power somewhere attracted little freaks, something with them, had done, and then released, mytravel from the memory of what happened.

A session for spouses hill arranged and paid for UFO society of NICAP. Its Chairman Donald Kiho nevertheless believed that the story of the spouses, most likely, the figment of the imagination. And the star map Betty many regarded as a graphical application for this curious history. And only a school teacher, Margery fish from oak Harbor, Ohio, believed in the truthfulness of the story Betty and set out to prove it on the example of the map.

Margery understood that she was to: among the billions of stars in the milky Way to find a corner of the cosmos, where two dozen bodies took place exactly in the same order as they are depicted in the figure Betty hill. Moreover, they should be presented in three-dimensional space, as they would look with the unknown planet where started ufonautai. The task seemed impossible. But Margery concluded that the matter was about the closest to us stars. And it significantly narrowed the range of searches.

First had to find it on the map Sun. Margery decided that the communication between the desired star and the Sun should not be intensive. Besides DWI position should be one-sided: they come to us and then back. From us - no flights.

From one star to the small star on the map were not parallel lines, which could well mean mutual visits, and two converging beam. One ray - way there, the second - back. This small star of Margery fish conditionally accepted for the Sun.

Work began - d model of the space, which is listed in star catalogues of light relative to the Sun settled down to, like on the map Betty hill. After five years of calculations, search, disappointments and finds a school teacher from oak Harbor was able to name the nine stars, located in relation to the Sun exactly as denoted Betty hill. Is this mere coincidence?

With a little stretch managed to snap to points on the map several stars. But three stars in General there was no match in the directory. And only three years later, when released a new updated and expanded edition "catalogue of nearby stars" Gliese, Margery fish recognize the last nameless point. These three stars was called the name of the compiler of the catalogue - Gliеsе 86.1, Gliеsе 95 and Gliеsе one last stellar triangle considered proof that the card Betty hill's not fiction, and that Margery fish has found her place in the cosmos. Why?

Because between 1961 and 1963 years, when Betty drew out a map, and Margery was looking for it stars, none astronomer could not know that the last three of the identified stars will take the position, what they found in the specified directory, issued in 1969.

So, according to Ralph bloom, said about this story Allen Hynek, always considered himself primarily astronomer and only then ufologist.

Margery fish called search star binary star system Zeta-1 and Zeta-2 constellation Grid.'! From these stars on the map Betty were the routes to the well-known astronomers of the lights of the Tau Ceti and 82 Eridani. Maybe the card will someday become a guiding light for future space columbuses?

But thirty-seven light years! This twenty-two year journey in one end at a speed of 80 percent of the speed of light. If the speed is 99.9 percent of light the same way can be covered in just twenty months - the higher the speed, the slower time flows for the crew of the spaceship.

The results of the survey Margery fish were so controversial that they have tried to forget and soon forgotten. Only twenty years later, the double star system Zeta 1 and 2 of the constellation Grid again unexpectedly rose in UFO sky, now already with the filing of the intelligence services.
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