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По ту сторону измеренияThere are not a few hypotheses that affect the appearance of the UFO phenomenon, and among them, the most common of “ guys with planets in other galaxies”. In General it is heated quite normal logical arguments : if I saw you in heaven “kind of thing,” and, considering this bright ball or a plate, she was unable to pick up according to earthly standards, I suppose if IT flies, then the top we came from heaven, that is, with space... it's very simple looks, right??? But there is another interpretation of the phenomenon.... Now to start to ask, what is common between all paranormal phenomena, what do UFO with ghosts, poltergeists and other unexplained phenomena...? Now, assuming that they are all the same, something of a UNITED, have the same nature. The meaning of this hypothesis is that it offers a look at the UFO as PartitionKey amount of psychic tendencies and the essence of our planet!!! I will try now to explain it.

To start background from the green people and will move our attention to our perception of the world. Our reality is entirely based on our physical perceptions. If we can touch anything or feel anything, we say that it is real, i.e. there. We can see, hear, smell, knowing the taste etc. And we have no doubts the reality of our sensations. But we don't think about the fact that, being guided by such criteria, we can feel only a small part of our environment. And the truth is that if you look to the example of serving us so many centuries eyes, we come to the conclusion that is not so well they served us the whole time. We are able to see only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Light waves is actually visible vibration spectrum, reminiscent of radio waves. Different frequencies are registered as different colors complex apparatus of our vision, which, roughly speaking, from thousands of tiny radios, carefully configured on an extremely small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Very much we really do not see at all, and we can say that we can see exactly what is needed to perceive our immediate environment.

Cosmic rays - rays are most intense high-frequency energy, penetrating everywhere,- occupied one end of the spectrum. Follow the powerful gamma rays are a form of energy, which proved to be so ruthless in the application of atomic bombs. We have the following x-rays, shortwave, getting through most solids, ionizing gases and lightening film. On the scale of the spectrum they almost blend with gamma rays.

Then turn ultraviolet rays, playing a major role in UFO phenomena. These rays are invisible but can from burning the body and burn the eyes. There are hundreds of reports of acute stroke conjunctivitis after witnessing UFOs (can be concluded that the UFO radiates in large quantities and gamma-rays). Visible light on our scale is sandwiched between grades 5 and 6. This is the only part of the spectrum that we can see and perceive what they saw. Visible rays mainly divided by the frequency of the blue, and yellow onua.org red. In combination they can form and white. For red light go infrared carrying a heat wave. (Many UFO witnesses stated that she felt the heat radiation even when the objects were located at a distance of many yards from them). The concentration of infrared rays also may from burning eyes. These rays are shorter microwave radio signals, but the longer wavelengths of visible light.

And for what, you ask me, I bring all this boring gradation spectral wave!?! In order to have a little push you to the consciousness of the next.... At any moment of his life we are, in the literal sense of the word, surrounded by a wall of electromagnetic waves emanating from a variety of radio and TV transmitters. We are deprived of the opportunity, unlike some animals, to see or feel these waves, but can always confirmed their existence by turning on the radio. In other words, you need special equipment to feel the waves that are outside of our perception. But if again to reason logically, we can come to the conclusion that around us there are other waves that we can't find any devices. Now further analyzed...and for that, let me give you another example...

Every drop of water contains thousands of microforms life. They are too small, so we can see and feel them. But any ten-year-old boy, considering that drop of water in a cheap school microscope, can easily slip into the world of microbes. (I remember in school years of his life, when in biology class, looked in the antediluvian microscope and saw something small in a large number of lags in the water). But the inhabitants of drops of water do not know about me or this boy with a microscope. Moreover, they do not know what the world around them, their liquid environment in which they swim,only the smallest part of a much larger and quite another world...... analyzing, our mind leads us to the fact that our own world can also be part of something larger, outside of our most violent and sometimes sick fantasies.

Now I can draw some conclusions, which will help us in the future :

1. All solids our environment (or reality) are composed of energy.

2. All energy in nature electromagnetic.

3. The human eye can see only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

4. Electromagnetic waves are many different frequencies penetrate into our reality. We live in a huge sea of electrowaves...

So. we are surrounded by the energies that you can't see, and it is very possible that these energies are generated objects, creatures, and even the whole worlds, to see that we are not able. But due to the fact that we do not see, hear and feel them in some way, doesn't mean they don't exist, something “more”.

And this is the "more", of course, also consists of wave energy, but the energy of this great frequency and form atoms, radically different from the atoms in our own world. This energy can co-exist and even to share with us some space (a kind of another dimension), not particularly interested in, like it or not.

Now, if we now assume that UFOs and is something that big... what if UFOs is not an alien from another planet!?! What if UFOs really can be creatures invisible world of our own planet!!!

Suppose that UFOs of paravisini able to reflect light like ghosts. Suppose also, based on the testimony of many observers that they become visible when ultra-high speeds are moved from one position to another. Then from all this it follows that, while remaining visible in the time of the move, they are not dematerialized at the termination of movement, but simply their weight becomes transparent because of their diffuse nature and essential substance... there is observational evidence for their profesionisti, which increases the likelihood of their earthly origin, but not alien...

And probably one of “those” of parallel our world are eager to show us his power, others - to teach the lessons of morality... I Dare to suggest that all these representatives of the astral world, it is highly likely, sincerely appeal to the human consciousness, pursuing sometimes special purposes, may be, driving us towards technological breakthrough (if they have not already done in the area 51)... and sometimes just amazed that's the kind of onlookers as we aim of which is known only to the devil...

In real cases with UFOs is necessary to consider the most seemingly incredible aspects. Included are numerous stories about ghosts and spirits, about the strange psychopathic aberrations, about the us nevidimom for us a world that onua.org from time to time intrudes into our real world, about predictions and myths about gods and demons... this is the world of illusion, the world of which hallucinations are made, where everything is unreal it seems completely real and where reality itself is distorted under the influence of a strange forces, which,apparently, can manipulate time, space and vsemi physical laws. And these forces are beyond our understanding!!!

More and more I am inclined to believe that the UFO phenomenon in its electromagnetic and sooben to regulate rays are electromagnetic energy and any necessary frequency... Phenomenon because in most cases and nevidim for us because it is,rather, from energy than from any solid material, so to stay outside of our perception...

It is managed by a great mind, and throughout the history of its existence... it is made visible from time to time( why?!? Will talk about later!!) for us... he can take any number of forms - from plates and airships to gigantskogo spacecraft, and can take formu living being, from the little green men (which is more for us, as usual) to the terrible one-eyed giants.

But none of these configurations is not their true form...
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