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Реакция НЛО на попытки их перехватаOne of the essential features of the behavior of UFOs is their reaction to the attempted hijacking, fire or capture. With the approaching sent to intercept fighters UFO acted differently. In some cases, before approaching aircraft they simply disappeared, as it was a few times in 1952 over Washington.

In a case documented NORAD, in March 1967 over missile base the Minuteman in the state of North Dakota hung at the height of about 150 m unknown disc-shaped object with flashing lights and circled over the starting mines. For his capture in the event of a landing were sent 3 truck with soldiers. At the same time raised the f-106 to intercept, but before their arrival object, jumped up and disappeared.

on 8 October 1990 in the district of Grozny on the radar screens of a sudden there was a mark from the unknown object, situated at the altitude of 4500 m, the fighter Pilot, who was returning from a mission, major P. Ryabicheva from the command post were transferred to onua.org the coordinates of the object and the task is to identify it. However, on arriving in the specified area, Ryabichev nothing found, although it was clear cloudless weather. Having reported this, he flew back and soon saw right rear two huge cigar-shaped object, situated one behind the other and moving "sideways" with great speed.

The length of one object was about 400 meters and the second almost 2 miles, and they were clearly visible. According to the command post their removal from the plane was about 15 km.

Ryabichev deployed fighter and went to the rapprochement with objects, but they quickly disappeared from sight, though mark them on the radar screen preserved (working tribune. 1990. October 20). In other cases, when fighters approached, UFO, effortlessly, they drove away at high speed.

In October 1948 American fighter 6 times tried to approach the unknown oblong object that flew over Japan, but the object each time away from the aircraft at speeds of more than 10 000 km/h, then again delayed flight. In July 1954 to the plane "Stratocruiser", flying from new York to London, in the area of Gosbee approached a huge cigar-shaped object and flew parallel course a few hundred metres from the aircraft. Around this "cigars" committed maneuvers six small disc-shaped objects. To catch this UFOs were sent 4 of the f-86, but the approach of all small objects flew inside of the cigar, which had gone up at a rate of about 3000 km/h, and disappeared.

All of the phenomenon lasted for about 20 minutes, and it was watched not only the crew and passengers of the plane, but the team was in the area of canadian warship.

In November 1976 four French fighter Mirage" were sent towards the UFO appeared over Marseille. The pilot of one of them the captain Roger said that he sees at the altitude of 3 km of hard round object, surrounded by a gas cloud. But when Mirage" approached the UFO, he increased the speed of up to 3,600 km/h and disappeared.

In may 1978 pilots 2 Chilean f-5, flying in the region of Antofagasta, I was given the task of perehva to notice the object moving on the altitude of about 10000 m speed of almost 4000 km/H. But when the fighters came to this object, it has dramatically changed the direction of flight and after 30 seconds was 30 miles away from the aircraft, that is, has a top speed of more than 6000 km/H.

Care UFO from aircraft at high speeds it was also noted in 1951 over new Delhi (India), in 1953 in the state of South Dakota (USA), in 1964 in Porto Rico and in 1979 and again in Chile. In case of an emergency landing of a passenger plane in Valencia in November 1979 to intercept hovering UFO were sent four Spanish fighter "Phantom" from the airbase Llanos. But, when planes flew to Valencia, UFO rose to its highest pitch, and after the departure of fighters fell again and so hung over 4 hours.

These UFOs were captured and recorded by the radar. In the event that the incident may 9, 1980 in Peru, near the air base Mariano - Melgar hovering UFO did not respond to fire his Peruvian fighter and began quickly removed only after the fighter was to do a second run for attack.

And sometimes UFO Vice versa left fighters on a very small height. Detailed information about one of such cases reported to the correspondents operations chief of staff of the Belgian air force Colonel de Brouwer. on 30 March 1990 in Belgium two ground-based radar recorded appearance in the same place of the unknown flying object, and the intercept were raised two fighters f-16.

Initially, the object was flying at an altitude of 3000 m with a speed of 280 km/H. But after his "caught" airborne radars, he's just one second has increased the speed of up to 1800 km/h and promptly fell first to 1700 m, and then another onua.org below. At a height of less than 200 m he became invisible on the screens of all radars. Then the object was again well up, and as soon as radars implemented it capture", again fell sharply and disappeared from radar screens. And it happened three times, resulting in the impression that the object is intentionally tried to escape fighters.

Amazing maneuvers UFO, repeatedly changed the direction of their flight, and two fighters lasted for 75 minutes. They have also been observed from the earth many witnesses (including 20 policemen)who saw himself the object and the f-16 aircraft.

Colonel de Brouwer completely refuted the suggestion that this could be the balloons or American plane invisible f-A Stealth", and the Minister of defence of Belgium, guy Coem, speaking on television, stated that he allowed the air force to pass the Belgian society for the study of cosmic phenomena all the information on UFOs, which they possess. But there are also such cases when UFOs, they started to chase the fighters or arranged with them likeness air battles.

In the materials of the "Blue book" describes an incident that occurred in the night of 6 to 7 November 1950 to an American fighter.

The pilot of the fighter saw something moving glowing object and tried to follow him "tail". But this object, without making any reversals, suddenly rushed at high speed on a plane and flew right above him at the height of 30-60 m Then the pilot made a sharp turn again to see the object and found it "tail". And the object was again rushed to the airplane and passed over him. This happened 5 or 6 times.

Trying to follow the object, the pilot began to climb at an angle of 60 degrees, and the object was doing circles around the plane with twice bigger than him, speed.

At times his rate of rise reached 1000 m/S. In the end, the pilot was forced to abandon the chase. Strong excitement in the U.S. air force has caused an incident in December 1952 in the Laredo area. The pilot of an f-51 Lieutenant full during the flight approached unknown disc-shaped object, which itself immediately began in circles around the plane.

After a series of breathtaking maneuvers Fogli still tried to chase him, then drive with great speed rushed straight to the fighter and only at the last moment, then abruptly turned away to the side, hitting the right-wing aircraft. When frightened pilot saw that the disk is going to repeat this maneuver, he led his plane in a spin down and landed.

In a state of severe shock Vogl was sent to the hospital. In the third case, which occurred in August 1956 in the area of English airbases Lakenheath, Bentwaters, was visually detected spherical UFO, performed manoeuvres at the altitude of 600-800 m at 3200-6400 km/H. It fixed and radars. The interception was sent fighter "venom", the pilot which reported that sees the object and already approached to a distance of 1 km, but the UFO suddenly made a lightning-fast maneuvers, was in the back of the plane and he was persecuting him, behind him on the destruction of 60-180 m

And all attempts of the pilot to break away from the UFO had no success because the object, synchronously repeating all the manoeuvres of the plane all the time continued to stay in his "tail". It lasted 10 minutes, after which the fuel was to come to an end, and scared the pilot took the plane to land.

All this was recorded on the screens of radars. In the "Blue book" and in the Commission Condon (see Chapter 9) this case is left unexplained. More "fresh" the incident took place in June 1980 in Chile, where the four fighter airbase Sierra Moreno onua.org were sent to intercept triangular UFO lights on the edges detected by radar at the altitude of 4500 m, With the approach of the fighters of the object began to rise straight up with great speed, and then headed straight to the aircraft, so much so that they had dived to avoid collision. After that UFO started to rise again, reached a height of 18 000 m and disappeared.

Such cases took place in 1948 in the area airbase Fargo (North Dakota), in 1952 near the airbase Haneda airport (Tokyo), 1953 in the area of Rapid city (South Dakota), in 1955 - in Cincinnati (Ohio). Sometimes UFO their radiation stopped the engines sent catching fighters, resulting those made forced landing. In June 1944 UFO appeared in the area of action of the 38th operational connection with the U.S. Navy. The intercept were sent two fighter from the aircraft carrier "Ticonderoga". When you try to attack UFO both fighters came out of building the engines, and they made an emergency landing on water. Their pilots were selected by the destroyer "Aaron Bard".

Two interesting, almost the same UFO sightings occurred in the pilot test Apraksin experiencing new aircraft in area of Kapustin Yar. For the first time it happened on 16 June 1948, when Apraksin in flight at a height of 10500 m saw an unusual object in the form of cucumber, flying cross rate. From the object proceeded sheaves of rays in the opposite direction of flight.

Contact base, Apraksin was ordered to go to the rapprochement with the object and by its refusal to decline to open fire on him. Apraksin sent his plane toward the object and managed to get close to him, but was blinded by a bright beam is directed from an object on a plane. The machine began to fall, and the pilot was difficult to translate it in planning and land.

During investigation of the case Apraksin showed act similar history with another plane. The second story with UFOs occurred in Apraksin b may 1949 in the area of Volsk. Located at an altitude of 15 km, he saw again flying towards cigar-shaped object and went to the rapprochement with him. When the distance between them was 10-12 km from the object also appeared bright beam, focused intently on the plane. Under the influence of the beam at the plane took off all electrical equipment and lost radio contact with the base. In addition, were damaged plexiglass glass and broke the tightness of the cab.

With great difficulty Apraksin landed the plane on the Bank of the Volga river, in 40 km to the North of Saratov and lost consciousness. After this he had 2.5 months to be on treatment in the hospital. The following case of a stop of engines has led to the accident of the plane.

In July 1954 with airbase Griffiths (new York) was raised to the interception of the f-94. Two minutes later, the pilot reported that he sees still hanging brilliant disc-shaped object, and rushed to him. Suddenly the engine stalled, and the hands of the devices no longer anything to show, and the pilot felt his face was filled with heat. He wanted to report back to base, but realized that time was no more. He shouted to the operator so that he catapulted himself and followed him.

Falling, he again vzglyanuli huge round UFO.

Both pilots successfully landed, and their plane crashed and broke. However, the reaction of UFO trying interception, and fire was not such a harmless, because there are cases when the fighters who tried to attack these objects, blown up or crumbled. In July 1954 near town of Utica (USA) on the interception were sent two fighters "Starfighter"armed with rockets, but UFO "beam weapons" struck one of the planes.

In 1956, the American fighter pilot was killed after opening fire on UFOs that appeared on Okinawa. An interesting case is stated in the book of the famous British ufologist So hood "top secret". According to 6947 squadron American onua.org The air force, carrying out the interception of communication of the Cuban armed forces, in March 1967, two of the Cuban MIG-21 were sent to intercept an unknown object, flying towards the island, at a height of 10 km Approached the object at 5 km, the pilot's leading fighter reported on CP that the object looks like a big metal sphere without any details. As identify the object failed, the pilot was ordered to shoot him, but the pilot reported that the radar and missiles, fighter out of order. And in a second the pilot of the second plane was informed that the leading plane exploded without flame and smoke.

After this, the Cuban radar reported that the object increased the pace, rose to a height of more than 30 km and disappeared in South-Eastern direction. Similar cases were also reported in 1948 over the airbase Godman (Kentucky), in 1953 at the base Otis, in 1954 on the naval base San Diego, California, in 1956 in Indiana, in 1971 on the Israeli airfield al-Umar, and in 1972 - over the desert Alamogordo. However, as these data are taken not from official sources, we cannot be sure of their full validity.

However, they cannot deny, for American, French, and our governing documents recognize that UFOs may have a damaging effect on people, animals and vehicles. Confirmation of this is a statement of the chief of air defense of the American continent General Chidlow made in 1953: "We have a huge mass of reports of flying saucers and take it very seriously, as it lost a lot of people and airplanes, which tried to attack UFO".

Special attention deserves the case when the UFO itself attacked and shot down a plane. According to the command of the Japanese air defense, 9 June 1974 on the Tokyo disc-shaped object with a diameter of about 10 m unexpectedly rushed towards sent the intercept the Japanese fighter "Phantom", the pilot which had been cool to turn aside, to avoid collision.

Then it made a sharp turn and again rushed to "Phantom", then began to run around him and ran into the plane. Both the pilot managed to eject, but the parachute one of them, Colonel Nakamura, caught fire, and he died. The second pilot, major Kubota, escaped. No UFO wreckage has not been found.

Foreign sources selected examples, when in response to the firing of anti-aircraft missiles UFO their beam weapons were allegedly destroying not only missiles and launchers and inflicted a defeat on the ships.

In may 1969 UFO, like a huge orange, appeared over Hanoi and was fired several artillery divisions. All the missiles exploded before reaching the goal. Beam with UFOs one anti-aircraft missile launcher was destroyed, and the calculation of her died.

In June 1971 the cruiser "Newport news", patrolling off the coast of Vietnam, opened fire on the pop UFO. After 5 minutes on the cruiser was an explosion of ammunition in the forward tower of the main caliber, which killed 17 people.

In November 1974 on one of NATO bases on the island of Sardinia was commissioned by anti-aircraft missiles on the huge disc-shaped object with a dome on top, hanging over the sea. While the cameras were on installation of control of trajectories onua.org launched missiles, recorded that with the approach of the missiles to the object from it flashed lazaropolensis beam and destroyed the rocket.

Footage of this unusual incident in the autumn of 1976 was shown on Italian television.

In the autumn of 1974 in the area Bini (South Korea) disc-shaped UFO with a diameter of 100 meters closer to the battery of anti-aircraft guided missiles "hawk". Released on it the missile was immediately destroyed by the white beam that erupted from the object. A second outbreak of the beam was focused on the battery itself, then the launcher with two other missiles was found fused into an unrecognizable mass.

Look very odd given in the foreign press the cases when the fighters sent to the interception, disappeared during meetings with these objects. This occurred usually following way: on the screens of radars watched as the grade from the UFO was merged with a mark from the aircraft, and the total mark either disappeared or were removed with great speed, and no trace of the aircraft has not found.

Here are a few such examples.

In November 1953 unknown flying object was detected on the radar screen airbase Kinross (Michigan). Lieutenant Wilson, who made flight training on the f-89, received permission to attack him. Operators watched as mark from the aircraft and UFOs on the screen merged, and contact with the plane stopped. Despite a thorough search of the neighborhood is no remains of the plane were found. In the district of calgary (Canada) on the screens of radars were found three UFOs, which were slowly moving in the direction of Washington. Pilot supersonic fighter, sent the interception, at the altitude of 5000 m reported that sees the goal, but soon gave a distress signal, and at the same time stamp from the aircraft disappeared from screens of radars.

Despite careful searches, no aircraft wreckage has not been found. After this incident the pilots of the air base has been ordered not to land on UFO closer than 16 km

In late 1972 4 radar in the States of Colorado, Utah and Nevada discovered an unknown flying object and notify 3 fighters that were in the air in the area. At the same time the object was observed visually from the large flying military aircraft. The fighters went to the interception, but he increased the pace and flew into a great cloud, and after him in a cloud flew and fighters. Then mark from three aircraft instantly disappeared from the screens of all four radar, though the mark from the UFO is moving with great speed, was still visible.

With a big plane, too, watched from the cloud departed only one UFO without fighters. From this point on these aircraft and their crews disappeared. For the sake of justice it should be noted that such cases occurred not only fighters, but with the usual transport or training aircraft.

In 1955 ground-based radars in Tangent hill found UFO flying near the American military-transport aircraft with 26 passengers on Board. Unknown object moving zigzag with the speed of 4000 km/h went right on onua.org the plane, after which the mark from UFO and from the aircraft on the radar screen came together, and shared the point of beginning to retire with unusual speed.

Despite a thorough search, no trace of the missing aircraft was found.

In March 1974 in the area of air Kirtland (new Mexico) on the screens of three radars was discovered UFO moving in the immediate vicinity of a military aircraft, which carried a training flight. Suddenly UFO changed course and rushed straight to the plane, after which the mark on the radar screens merged into one bright spot, which was removed with amazing speed. Attempts to contact the pilot on the radio with no success.

The plane that too disappeared, and long searches yielded no results. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to ensure the veracity of these facts, for the U.S. air force hiding such information.

UFO landing on the ground or hovering at low altitude, with the threat of their capture usually immediately soared.

In April 1968 in the Gobi desert (China) unknown disc-shaped object with a diameter of 3 m, landed at the location of the company of military builders, with the approaching sent for his capture motorcyclists, jumped up and disappeared.

In the early 1970's in the area Tra-young Fujian province (China) landed object in the form of a pan that threw a green light, sent broad white beam at the soldiers, who tried to encircle, and also soared and disappeared. Very interesting, and most importantly, officially documented case of this kind took place in our country. Preserved copy of teletypogram sent by the head Kazankovskaja of the district Department of internal Affairs, police major Stepanov of the regional police Department Nikola-eskoj region (SSR): "Reported that on November 14, 1986 in 19.20 in the police Department received a message from the district party Committee that on the field of the farm Ukraine" landed UFO like a satellite.

In 19.25 in place immediately went operational group of 8 persons headed by me. In 19.40 the group arrived in the specified area 1.5 km to the West Snigirevka. On the field at the distance of 200 m was detected object, similar to the oil rig. When two cars the group began to get closer to the object, he began to move away from them as fast as they were coming. The object was at the height of 50 meters above the ground. So the operative group pursued the object within 20 minutes, and during this time the machine drove 15-20 km

And when the machine tried to go round object with the two sides, he increased the speed and disappeared from the field of view in the direction of Ustinovsky district of Kirovohrad region. Property description: the height of 50 m, the top is more enlightened than the bottom, like an upside down tree... Before the disappearance of the object rose to a height of 100 m above the ground, for some time has stopped and abruptly disappeared".

In conversation with the correspondent of the major Stepanov said that actually the object was in the form of a parachute with ropes, and in the report he compared it with a tree just because of the large number of fires, which made him lit up like a Christmas tree.

The object in the form of fiery parachute seen in the evening sky dozens of residents of Nikolaevka, and onua.org many of them the next day reported the case to the village Council and in the farm office. But in the morning the major Stepanov was instructed to work with the staff ' on the occasion of fictions about UFOs".

So drowned out the truth about this event. In the foreign press are also some rare cases, when in response to small arms fire, these objects were struck by firing emitted their light.

In November 1968, truck driver on the road in the Nevada desert, double-fired a revolver at a bright object the size of a windscreen, who accompanied him to the car. In response it has burned a beam of blue sparkled from the object.

In August 1970 in Itatiaia (Brazil) the Keeper of a hydroelectric power station, Elmira de Freitas saw a round object with a range from 15 lights hovering at the edge of the dam, and heard a blast. Then he went to the object of 15 m and began to shoot at him with a pistol. In response to this object flashed blinding beam, which deprived the Freitas vision for 14 days.

Chilean newspaper "Prince" (1978. February 24) reported that in 130 km to the South of Santiago military patrol was attacked on the night of the UFO that in response to its beam struck a strong olychery soldiers, urgently hospitalized in San Fernando. All these facts show that attempts to attack and shooting UFO can lead to the victims, and possibly to other unintended consequences.
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