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Наша вода в их тарелках. НЛО похищают воду. И не только...One who is interested in UFOlogy, probably already noticed one strange thing: now and then there are reports that the aliens surprising constancy pulling at us from under the noses of all, "what is wrong is". And "is bad" at all of us - both natural and biological resources, especially as a truly fantastic opportunity UFO allow them to plunder us with impunity. And it seems that the first thing they steal our energy resources.

It has long been known that UFOs appear frequently on hydropower, nuclear power plants, transmission lines... the Question is, why? Optimists believe that the aliens just watching our nuclear and military facilities, as if we do not inadvertently detonated planet that need them, too. Skeptics believe that et simply steal electric power from us. They do it shamelessly and blatantly. So, the thief of electricity in the form of a thirty-meter-triangular UFO was recorded April 10, 2000 in one of the towns of Texas. In the next hour, the object is moved over the high voltage line with a speed of about 20 miles per hour, almost touching the steel supports, and seems to be out in the open was stealing electricity. Anyway, all this time between the cables and the aircraft snaked lightning electrical discharges. And on August 20 at 10 p.m. in Pottstown (Pennsylvania) observed discoid UFO, who was walking slowly on the height of about 200 meters above the atomic power plant in Limerick. on 5 February 2002 on the website of the ufologists J.. A. Filer was placed a message from Georgia about the fact that in the beginning of this year in the area of the river Chattahoochee was observed invasion numerous oblong UFO steel color, and witnesses stress that the only worthwhile object in those places is a very large energy company in the state. Repeatedly flying saucers appeared at the Russian hydro, thermal and nuclear power stations. But, it seems, to an even greater extent, they are drawn to the water. Quite often ufologists use the abbreviation NGOs, which means "unidentified underwater object". Such versatile devices rumor has it yet in the 40-ies of XX century - mainly in relation to the Scandinavian region, as well as, say, to the coast of Argentina. But especially active this term began to be used in connection with the tragedy of our submarines "Kursk": in several different sources of information out there for the version of collision submarines it with NGOs. Wrote that the NGO was damaged our underwater explosions (for de and faced "Kursk"), and after the incident was allegedly gone on its own repair base in the Indian ocean.

Before and in fact it was considered that "plates" dive into the water just because they submarine base. Maybe that is true. But now it has become clear that UFOs and NGOs simply steal from us water. Especially many such cases as a result of the Caribbean. In those places witnesses has seen many NGOs receive from water lagoons and up into the sky, and fishermen also saw large "plate"hovering at an altitude of about thirty metres, silently gathered inside the ocean water.

- From the bottom, from the very center "plates", based on a wide green light, focused on the surface onua.org ocean, " says angel Encarnacion. resident of Vieques, Puerto Rico). - We were surprised by the fact that the object sucked up water from the ocean. We saw the water rises and is included into the bottom right there, where green light. It was a powerful pillar of the rising water. Neither fish nor anything else we had not seen, clean water only. And all this without a sound!

Eyewitnesses saw that the circumference of the disc and rhythmically moved blinking multiple lights yellow, green and red. But when the fisherman on his boat tried to approach NGOs, "plate" instantly flew and flew in the direction of the forest, El Yunque. She disappeared from sight literally in a matter of seconds! Another time the fishermen also noticed a similar green light, only he seemed to be going from the bottom of the ocean - from under the water. At first they thought it likely pop-American submarine, and then from under the water flew some object and in complete silence vanished in the night sky.

The same green light saw around him Jason M. when out on a small boat to fish from one of the Japanese Islands - kilometers in eight from the shore. The boat engine suddenly stalled, while the tank was full of fuel. And when Jason was busy in the dark with battery, his boat was suddenly lit up with some supernatural, ghostly green. Lifting her head, a fisherman was stunned: right above him flickered three circles of light. As he straightened, all three UFOs flew into the air and disappeared over the horizon. The motor started. About the reasons of such behaviour of the UFO can only guess.

We can assume that "plates" does not indifferent kind of water to take and where. They seem to carefully study our waterways. For example, on 11 January 2002 near the California naval base point Moigu 4.30 in the morning when it was still dark, and saw the following picture. Two fire was moving in the water, and one is above the water, at a height of about 30 - 35 meters. He that was over the water, moving back and forth for some strange broken trajectory, and underwater lights repeated his movements. Then top the object went to the South towards Malibu, and then out of the water and moved in the same direction, both underwater fire, and the impression was as if it's some kind of joint activity and NGOs carefully scan the water under itself. After about half an hour one lifted into the sky and disappeared, and other dived again, Mysterious and stealthy "scouts" interested in both military and civilian targets related to water. In Brazil in June 1996 several different UFO persistently "spun" near water treatment complex, located 200 kilometers from Sao Paulo. This 43-year-old truck driver saw then landed UFO! Costa Luz approached the gates, when he noticed the plant right on the ground perfectly round object, the perimeter of which moved multicolor lights - silver, yellow and blue. As said Luz, "plate" immediately flew up from the ground and hovered over the factory, where she was soon joined by another UFO - "the size of a car". And, apparently, this and other flying objects there was something very necessary, because messages from eyewitnesses were received during that period a lot. 28-year-old worker, Luciano Sergio Domingos also within eight minutes were seen hovering over the plant "yellow light". And even earlier, in the same morning, a 20-year-old boy, Ademir Pereira seen close to "big ball of fire blue at a height of about a hundred metres". After a couple of days spherical UFO red saw two women, and in the eyes of Emilia and Griselda this red sphere has suddenly divided in two halves and both halves were flying in opposite directions.

There is a suspicion that UFO steal or investigate and any other resources of the earth. For example, regular visits dishes" to the Caucasus, the Urals, the far East and in other mountainous regions of Russia ufologists associated with the presence there of minerals - oil, gas, minerals and metals, including very rare.

However, omnivorous aliens are interested not only mineral, water, and organic resources. Ufologists have long been writing about the cases of abduction by aliens of people and animals, but more often on the systematic collection "biological raw". Here and there are dead animals, which with surgical precision seized areas of skin, glands of internal secretion, eyes, ears, tongue, reproductive organs. Dissection is exposed mainly cattle, elk, deer, but also sheep, goats, poultry, rabbits, cats and even... the dolphins. There are several reliable cases (in particular, in the United States, Brazil), and when found dead people seized with internal organs. And recent scientific studies have shown that the aliens are required and some blood components. From every major animal they suck all the blood that somehow processed and, obviously, used for sustaining their livelihoods and, according to some, to conduct genetic experiments, hybridization and cloning. The cases "get" the blood of the abducted people (including directly through the skin) to tell, in particular, Kolchin, in his book "UFO Phenomenon. A view from Russia", A. Varakin and L. Zdanovich, published in 2001, the book "Mystery of UFOs", as well as a number of foreign authors. Because of that, I guess, UFOs often appear near surgical, gynecological and other clinics, where there are chances to get blood. There is an assumption that the aliens steal and samples of plants or some of their components. It is performing this task, some ufologists explain systematic emergence of community and intricate icons on the fields and farmland.

This raises an important question: how UFO take to himself aboard water, animals and people, and everything else that they can not steal?

One of the most interesting versions - they use the so-called "solid light". The beam, which emit some UFOs are not only able to penetrate through walls and other obstacles. American researcher Linda Howe mentions the cases when people saw with my own eyes, like a ray of light rises to "a plate" calf or another animal. With this beam in the "a plate" drag and abduct humans, animals, and water, and any other substances or objects. Moscow engineer-researcher, candidate of science, Y.A. of Kaunas believes that flying saucers are in high technologies, which we are still not available. The engine of spaceships powerful, reliable and environmentally friendly, it can work in the atmosphere, hydrosphere and in space. Yuri considers that from outer space "plates" come to us for one "refueling", but on Earth "fuelled" in a variety of ways, for example, they steal our energy from the mains or maybe transform the water at the right types of energy. Such a version exists since 1980, when one Australian farmer plate "drank" at night all the water from the water tank has a capacity of 32 tons in minutes! But that does not mean that the UFO was filled with water. By assumption ufologists, he put her on oxygen and hydrogen, oxygen left, and hydrogen took. It seems that the hydrogen is used "plates" as the fuel for a nuclear reactor, which earthlings is not known. But it becomes clear why the UFO with special persistence usually appear at large and clean water bodies - for example, at lake Baikal.

If you view the chronicle of UFO sightings in the most different areas of the globe, then surely we note that "unhealthy" rod aerial vehicles to the aquatic environment. Because, perhaps, the emergence dishes" especially often reported residents onua.org the coastal areas. But this happens not only in the seas oceans. Many cases were recorded on large lakes and fresh and salt: over the Caspian sea, for example, over lake Michigan in the United States, on lake Erie in Canada...

Interestingly, many witnesses who have seen "diving" UFO, interpret it as an accident, a technical problem. So, in 1997 it was reported that in the night of June 12, UFO crashed into the sea North of Guyana. What is the basis for this conclusion? And that's what. The witness of this incident Measles And. saw that UFO, only what was on the height of about 800 m, "suddenly dived on such tremendous speed that just in a few seconds dived into the ocean". While Measles have not heard a single sound or the splash of water, saw no spray! However, heard the noise and fishermen from Vieques, watching "plate", absorbing water from the ocean.

Why the fact of the theft of the earth by aliens resources silenced?

According to some researchers, this is for our own good. Still to confront the aliens we will not be able to neither technical nor militarily, but the panic could paralyze normal life on Earth. Secondly, the aliens also don't need the hype: foreign territory is easier to win (and clean) slowly, gradually accustoming "aboriginal" (i.e. the us) to peaceful coexistence. For outsiders already have a whole army "envoys" - earthlings, remotely managed via implanted in their body implants.
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