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onua.org » Aliens and UFOs » A resident of Denver took VIDEO of UFO landing. Decided to check the journalists could see everything for myself
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Skeptics who do not believe in the existence of higher civilizations from space, observing humanity and regularly visiting our planet, threw another challenge. In the United States captured on video landing unidentified flying object. These clips online mass, but the situation with the new video is complicated by the fact that the truthfulness of words of its author confirmed by local journalists, clearly having satisfied himself that UFOs over the American earth flies with enviable regularity.

It all started with the fact that the editorial office of the TV channel FOX 31 resident Colorado brought a video made to them in a suburb of Denver. In the video captured panorama of the city on a clear Sunny day and nothing more, but in slow motion showed a possible object spinning in the frame. Object moving across the sky somewhat chaotic, but very quickly and eventually lost sight of in that place the frame, where he began a surface. Probably due to insufficient contrast to its shape became indistinct. But it is also possible that the flying object was landing.

Invited by the TV station expert on aviation could not identify the object, noting only that it is clearly not a plane, not a helicopter and not of any other man-made aircraft. It would seem that there are other explanations: the illusion, interference in the work of the matrix digital video camera, so who knows what else. The same expert suggested that an object can be a kind of chip raised in the sky gust of wind.

But all of these versions has denied the author of the video, saying that a similar picture he observes at least twice a week for the last few months. And always UFO appears in between noon and one o'clock of the day. If so, the journalists decided to check words video Amateur and went to the place from which he was recording. Put the camera on and in the afternoon included a record. And later, viewing recorded video hour, were stupefied: their notes, too, was the same UFO, quickly blew over the city and "landed" somewhere on the edge of it.

It is noteworthy that no messages from the Denver community about the planting of something unusual in their vegetable gardens have been reported. In civil and military air traffic control services to the inquiry answered the journalists that no unidentified objects were not noticed.

A few days now blogosphere on both sides of the ocean buzzing, trying to understand what he saw. Among expressed versions include, in particular, and conspiracy theory: the UFO is allegedly a secret military development, the existence of which the government won't admit. There is a similar, but less conspiratorial explanation: this is a new military drone, which a few months ago began to regularly send on test flights.

And expert on UFOs Robert Schiffer in his blog derides the credulity of TV journalists, insisting that caught on video object is just an insect flying in front of the camera. In the warmest time of the day from noon until an hour - insects just are most active, so regularly remove these videos about UFOs is not difficult, the expert believes.

There is another version: the staff of the provincial FOX 31, bored in the absence of the story, and went on about a local resident, and in the pursuit of public attention supported his theory. If not it could be that this most citizen - "mishandled Cossack" of number of the editorial staff. However, evidence of impropriety of journalists not, so that adherents of the theory of the existence "green people" I can write the above case itself into an asset.
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