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Рао Махараджа о появлении первых знаков грядущего конца светаAmong the modern Indian astrologers may be noted Kotamraju Narayana RAO, or RAO Maharaja. It is also called Dr. RAO. His papers and numerous trips around the world, he gives a correct understanding of Indian astrology.

Here's how explains the appearance of the first signs of the coming end of the world specialist in Vedic astrology, head of the Academy of the world of astrology and meta-information RAO Maharaja:

"In 2012, a significant part of Europe, Asia and America will face problems as technogenic and natural character".

According to Maharja, came the year "vikriti". This year bring problems related with imbalance in nature. The natural elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) can get out of harmony. Earth is responsible for the probability of large earthquakes. Water for flooding. The element of Fire may cause the increase of the level of destruction-related fires, explosions, Sun radiation. The element of Air can get out of balance and cause strong winds, hurricanes, tornadoes.

Then begins the lunar year of cajar". This year can carry out a large number of human lives.

In 2012 will be a negative combination of Jupiter and Saturn and the Sun to Mars, which will lead to a global catastrophe, which will be a serious test for all mankind.

Interestingly, the sacred book of the Maya "Chilam Balam" can be found prophecy, hinting at future tectonic disaster. So, in one of the Mayan predictions says that at the end of an era "will roar from the collision of the Heavens and the Earth... In the year - universal earthquake throughout the County...".
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