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Апостол инопланетянIn may 1995 with Jim sparks, 41-year-old farmer from a small town in Northern California, has been an incredible case. About him Jim told Linda, Moulton How, American journalist and writer, ufologist, researcher of anomalous phenomena. Here is the story of Jim in her account.

Air transportation

One of the drawings Jim, which depicted his meeting with the alien

It all started about 3:30 in the morning. I woke up from a low, like a buzzing sound. At the same time I felt the gnawing, 's heart beat faster, and his head throbbed. Soon buzzing moved to howl, and the sound was deafening loud. Me as if paralyzed, I fell into a semiconscious state. And suddenly I felt climb over the bed, he saw that close to the wall, which becomes transparent, disappears, and I float through it. Here my mind is completely disconnected.

Having regained consciousness, I saw that I was the 35 meters above the ground and slowly go down. Underneath me, was an abandoned amusement Park. I flew over large by the roller coaster, and I was not afraid. I felt calm and relaxed, and the flight even brought me pleasure.
Soon I found myself metres in seven or eight from the ground, my body was in a vertical position and began to swing like a pendulum. Then I saw the outline of about a dozen large creatures, standing in a semicircle. Although not yet dawn, I reviewed: they were humanoid, only very large. At some point I again lost consciousness.

In a circle of strangers

When he awoke, I found myself standing among the twelve humanoids, situated on the ground almost a vicious circle. Their growth was reached two meters, and they all looked at one standing to my left.
The only source of light was the face of the stranger, reminiscent of a brightly shining hologram of a human face superimposed on his face. Perhaps, this was done in order to hide from me its authentic appearance. But when they opened his mouth, not heard any sounds and the voice which I perceived telepathically, was not consistent with the movement of the lips.
During the communication I realized that each of humanoids, apparently, was broadcast their thoughts to the leader - fact, with a shining face. It turned out that they had a common mind, and that's what he gave me.

Fears for the fate of the Earth

- There are a few things you people of the Land, must understand. We are in touch with your government and the leadership of force structures.
Between us there was some agreement that are kept secret from the others. We got in contact with your heads because your planet is in mortal danger. Your leaders said that the majority of the population is not yet ready for the meeting with beings like us, so we agreed not to reveal itself.
We also agreed that you will be taken measures on improvement of environmental condition on your planet and our advice and with application of our technologies. But this arrangement your government violated.

The stranger was silent, there was a pause.

"So you just have faith in us? - I asked.
- No. Now we focus on simple people. Your air and water are poisoned, plants die. In your supply circuit formed several breaks. People have a lot of nuclear and biological weapons, which leads to radiation and pollution of the planet. The earth is overpopulated. You have almost reached the critical line. There are other ways to meet needs for food and energy, without causing any damage to the environment. Those who are in power, have the opportunity to begin to apply these methods in the world.

- And why don't they do this? - I asked.

- Those who are in power consider this technology as a security threat.

I have a temper and shouted:
- So, you mean that people in our government could save our planet, but do not do anything for this?!

- Need a full Amnesty. For those who did wrong steps, being in power, and for those who suppressed the truth. This is the only way to give the leaders an opportunity to reveal the truth. And this must be done in order to act together and to survive.

The last words were to me a bitter pill to swallow. I knew that most of abductees are dreamers and are ridiculed. Often they simply declare crazy. But the time has come when the mind must prevail over emotions. And I asked:

- And how it all fit, I and people like me? What we could do?

- What you are already doing. In the future we will share with you a wealth of knowledge. Although you already understand a lot, we will show you a lot more. Continue to work with people, who come to you with questions and suggestions. They are ready to learn, and we see them as the basis. The most important is the state of your planet. We gave you advice. In the near future you will get more information.

As our conversation continued, the rain has gone. But the aliens are not only tried to hide from him, they even did not move. Besides, it was not necessary to do it - and they, and I remained perfectly dry. No one drop on us not fall. I think we defended kind of energy field.


Then the aliens said:

"We should go.

At that moment I thought: "Wait, please! I have a request. I want to see how you look".
Their response, I will not forget, is still alive:

- What you will see will fill your heart with fear.

- I'm not afraid, " said I, ' if you go and, without looking at me, waving her hand to me. Promise that waving.

Now I see how foolish was my request. Before me stood aliens from distant depths of the Galaxy owned, apparently, the most developed of intelligent beings. They knew the answers to the questions plaguing mankind since time immemorial.
And what I asked? "Wave your hand to me!"

There was something strange. Before all aliens appeared swirling shining spot greenish hue. Light gradually became brighter, and I saw that they were real giants with a well-developed body, powerful shoulders and a thick, muscular neck. As the appearance of humanoids, was seen more and more clearly, I really began to be afraid of something.

They reptoides

"So you are covered in scales! - not resist, " I said. Big head humanoids resembled a snake.

The skull of every stranger was such a form that it seemed brain bulging of him and hanging over the forehead, covered with wrinkled skin. Small - our - diamond shaped eyes were red pupils. All aliens raised up his hands and waved at me. Their hands were large, strong, with thick at the ends of the fingers, which hardly fit to work with the subtle devices.

But they certainly manage their technique by commands issued by mentally.

Some time I stood and silently watched them, fascinated exciting, colorful spectacle. The appearance of these reptoides suggested that, perhaps, with such beings is due mention of the serpent in the descriptions of the adventures of Enoch contained in the Dead sea scrolls and the biblical Book of Genesis.


In my mind sounded their message.
Now I was sure that our country has already made contact with aliens. Most Americans believe that from them it is carefully concealed. But what really excited me, so this is their word about the sorry state of our planet! Then I felt that I was somewhere pulls with increasing acceleration, and the next moment I was off...

After this meeting, I better understand their intentions. For us they are neither friends nor foes. I think the aliens are secretly among us for thousands of years, and maybe longer. But an important reason why they are here. I'm sure they raise us as raw materials.
We, people, are self-replicating natural product that requires little maintenance, and still continues to grow, despite all the problems that exist on Earth. Thank God, humans will not kill us, just use.
Now, however, there were problems, and their "investments" was under threat.

They spent a lot of time to get here, and a lot of effort to "cultivate" us. Now we are on almost irreversible path of self-destruction.

Most of us feel this reality or indifferently perceives it, because we still can come to the store and buy your own food. For going to work and coming home, we notice how our planet is dying. And if we destroy our world, the aliens would still be in the win. They collected plant seeds, the seed of animals and people.
Using stored egg and the sperm, they will be able to recreate humankind. And maybe there will arise a different life, but without our participation. After all, you can start all over again - either here or anywhere else...
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