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Астрономы увидели распад кометы ХердженротераComet 168P/Hergenrother who have reached the inner region of the Solar system disintegrates. About this event was reported by astronomers from Remanzacco Observatory, observing the object October 26 of this year using the Faulkes telescope.

The disintegration of comets also later recorded in the National Observatory Kitt Peak Observatory (NOAO. The observations performed with the help of a telescope Gemini North Observatory (NOAO, showed that the comet was separated at least four fragments, and the head of the comet became much brighter.

The comet is currently visible in the large telescopes at night between the constellation of Andromeda, and Lizards.

The comet's orbit 168P studied well enough. According to scientists, the comet and its fragments do not represent any danger for the Earth, informs Spaceref.
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