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Очередной конец света или стоит или верить пророчествам?Today, science is increasingly moving to understanding when and how humanity can be destroyed. Judging by the popularity of successful films of the last few years about natural disasters, people on the one hand grasps, it is so "romantic" to be surviving the main character, and on the other hand is frightening, because we all have the natural instinct of self-preservation, the end of the world. But what really awaits us? And should I believe any kind prophecies?

Excursion into history

Such a phenomenon as the Apocalypse has already met many times in our past. A huge number of various so-called "prophets", "the Ministers", or simply mad zealots scare them people that were often led to tragic consequences.

For example, there is the story of a man named Montand, who created his own fraternity behalf of yourself - Montanism. He was the first Christians (or rather pseudo-Christians, as the Church turned it down), who guessed quick to declare the end of the world (156 year from the birth of Christ). The essence of the doctrine was that his followers will ascend to heaven and sinners, that is, all other people will die. But, as you can see, nothing has happened.

The next milestone dates when all mankind imposed the end of the world, were already in the middle ages, namely 900, 999, 1000, 1013, 1033, 1492 years. Why so? Because then Christians believed that the world was created by God only 7,000 years, and these dates, according to various estimates, were possible over the world 7000-year period, after which it was to be the end of everything, and then a final judgment and, as is customary, the sinners and the righteous will get yours.

In the Eastern Christian world a lot of trouble waiting for the Apocalypse brought 1492. Economic losses from his expectations were almost catastrophic. For example, in 1941, many peasants in Russia decided not to sow their fields, so as not seen any sense in this. When the world did not end, came the famine, which temporarily put on a diet" gullible loafers.

But the real sensation was the place to be in the 19th century. Just then lived one American farmer named John Miller. He not only loved his job, but he was a believer, studied the Bible. Probably all would have been good if Mr. Miller himself decided to try himself as a prophet. Some way he calculated the date of the end of the world, which falls on March 21, 1844. Strangely enough, followers of his theory was a large number more than 50 thousand. When on March 21, nothing happened, of course Miller had to repent in the error, but, you see, this man was talent - a talent of persuasion.

Opinion on the Bible

The Bible says that in the real world we do not know how and when the Earth and its residents will celebrate their last day. "End" (day of judgment) will happen to clean up our planet, to bring forth a new race of people who are moral cleaner.

Now in more detail. This event, according to most researchers of the Bible, will be at the end of the 1000-year period. During these 1000 years Christ will reign on Earth, and to rule in the world, but with "with a rod of iron". At the end of the 1000 years, Satan will be released, defeated again and thrown into the lake of fire. Then, after the final decision of God, and will be end of the world.

So, the beginning of the 1000-year in the Catholic Western Europe caused great panic among the people, they massively went to monasteries (pray, asking for forgiveness), and almost nothing they sold their possessions.

Scientific opinion

If you look at the situation through the prism of science, "end" is much more interesting. From the beginning of life on planet Earth, close to 3.5 billion years ago, the extinction of species has become the norm of 4 billion 99% died out before our time.
Approximate picture of the Apocalypse eyes of scientists is the following. If the Earth will fall sufficiently large asteroid that will trigger a huge earthquake and tsunami, in our air will be enough dust to block the sun for several years. As a result, the food resources of the world are destroyed, leading the population to starvation.

In their opinion, it happened before with dinosaurs (along with more than half of the other species on Earth), which were destroyed 65 million years ago, at 10 km-wide asteroid that crashed into the area of today's Mexico.

There are other scientific version, which include such causes of natural disasters: a sudden change in climate or a huge volcanic eruption, excessive pollution, depletion of natural resources and the madness of nuclear weapons.
Martin Rees, the astronomer Royal in Britain, argues that the chances of human civilization to survive after 2100 become no more than 50%, with easy access to the technologies which can cause catastrophic consequences, such as biological terrorism or the potentially negative impact of molecular nanotechnology.

Our Association and computerized, as never before, and it has brought us great advantages in terms of access to knowledge, education, Commerce and communication. But, it does not say, there is another side to the coin. Special programs can jeopardize energy systems, financial data, which are vital for the functioning of the modern world.

As we see, the most serious risks for humanity come from our own actions. Our species has the unique ability - we are first able to remake the world, including and destroy it.

The Mayan calendar and 21.12.12

A couple of months ago the whole world started speaking about the Apocalypse predicted for December 2012 Mayan calendar. Versions were many: from the most ridiculous (the date in the calendar registered), to a more realistic (the end of the calendar coincides with the parade of the planets). Today it is already known that the continuation of the calendar and found all the news report that the world will not end, but the mass purchase of goods of first necessity not only not ceased, but has become even more uncontrollable and panic.

This situation of "collective mass psychosis" is common among people of the whole world. So, for example, in France, the authorities take steps to prevent access to the mountain Byugarash, which is believed by some esoteric, and have the Holy place which will protect people from the end of the world. As the U.S. population massively buys not only food, kerosene and candles, and weapons for self-defense.

Let us understand, what is this calendar. So, archeologists say that the ancient never considered the year 2012 as the end of the world. But on December 21 this year (plus or minus a day) was still important to the Mayans. This is the time when the great cycle on the calendar - 1,872000 days or 5,12537 years, turns and starts a new one. So, on December 21 mean not that other, as the end of the 5,125-year cycle known as the Long account in the Mayan calendar. The idea is that time is updated, and the world is reborn again and again.

Chronology and conclusions
So, among all promised to mankind date of the end of the world, are the following: 10 November 1993 (version sects "White brotherhood"), the beginning of autumn of 1999 (Japanese version neoreligious organization "AUM Shinrikyo")and 999 year (as if to turn, will 666 - bad number...), 2000 (the so-called "computer" Apocalypse and parade of planets) ... (versions the end of the world any "shamans") ... and on December 21, 2012 (and Maya, and the parade of the planets).

Facts and speculation about the end of the world there will always be some intrigue, unsolved mystery for people. It is a pity those people who, like blind puppies, "follow" pseudo-prophets and spend your precious time, because it is the "time" - one really can disappear from the Universe.

People, let's live every day! The end of the world was once, possibly, will be, but if the "hung up" every time at this event, you can remain without money, and without work and without family and friends, and, moreover, and with a broken mind ...

Palamarchuk Irina
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