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История пропавшего британского полка в ТурцииDuring the First world war in Turkey disappeared whole military unit. The disappearance it was very strange...Where did 267 British soldiers?

Soon will be a hundred years since then, as during the First world war on the territory of Turkey disappeared whole military unit in early August 1915 fourth battalion Norfolk regiment under the command of captain Montgomery and fifth - under the command of Colonel sir Horace of Bohema landed in the Bay Souvla in the composition of ready group.

After a few days Sandringham volunteer company of the battalion sent to the attack on the small "high-rise 60". A group of 267 persons under the command of Colonel Bohema and captain Bey has moved in the direction of the enemy. On the way, the soldiers entered the cloud of fog, and when he lifted - anyone not proved, colleagues could not even bodies of norfolks.

"The battalion Norfolk regiment was on the right flank and at some point felt less strong resistance of the enemy, than that which met the rest of the brigade, armeiski dry wrote in the report to Minister of war Kitchener commander Mediterranean expeditionary General Ian Hamilton. Against the retreating enemy forces Colonel sir Horace Bosch - brave, confident officer led a bitter onslaught, pulling the best part of the battalion. The battle intensified, and the country was becoming more and wooded broken. Many soldiers were wounded or reported to the point of exhaustion thirst. They returned to the camp during the night. But the Colonel with sixteen officers and 250 fighters continued persecution, pushed the enemy... They finally entered the forest, and ceased to be visible and audible. None of them returned."

The Turks, with whom fought the British, also knew nothing about the fate of the missing. On reports of major Munib-Bey during that fight the Turks captured 35 the British. And only one of them - ordinary brown was from the Norfolk regiment. But no two and a half hundred soldiers were not mentioned. "While conducting Gallipolli operations Turkish side did not make any fighting in the area near the Bay of Salva in the hollow Kajik-Dere. And not captured British soldiers during all combat operations near the Bay of Solve", - already after the war, said the Turks on the official request of the British.

Found, but not all

Although after the war, one officer accidentally found the insignia of the Royal Norfolk regiment and found out that a local farmer took out many bodies from your site and dropped them in the gorge.

- We found Norfolk battalion "one shot five", - informed the officer of the funeral crew. - Only 180 tel. We managed to identify only the corpses of ordinary Barnaby and Kotter. Bodies were scattered on the area of about a square mile, at a distance of not less than 800 yards behind the front edge of the Turks. Many of them, undoubtedly, were killed on the farm, because the local Turks, the owner of this site, told us that when he returned, the farm was littered with the decomposing bodies of British soldiers that he had to reset in a small ravine. That is confirmed by the initial assumption that they have not gone far in depth of defense, as were destroyed one after another, except those who have reached the farm.

This finding is explained destiny part Norfolk regiment, but the remaining undiscovered British government is still considered missing. Where did one hundred soldiers if their bodies were never found?

Despite all the circumstances of the war time, the disappearance of this was very strange. Even the military to the bone people commander Mediterranean expeditionary forces Lieutenant-General Ian Hamilton said something mystical in the fact of loss of the whole unit on the battlefield in broad daylight. And when the British declassified documents of the Commission investigating the incident, mystery only increased. The Commission's report is not once mentioned a strange mist, sharply down on the terrain day in August. This in itself is unusual, and the fog was so bright that long gunners.

The clouds where people?

"By some quirk of nature Souvla Bay, and plan were shrouded in a strange mist on August 21, the day, " recalled one of artillery observers. "It was bad for us because we hoped that the arrows of the enemy would be blinded by the sun, leaning down, and we Turkish trenches will be clearly visible in his evening rays with exceptional clarity. Turned out that we hardly could discern the magnitude of the enemy in this day, while Western targets were particularly visible in bright light".

"Rose day, clear, cloudless, in General, the beautiful Mediterranean day, what was expected, - recalled the sappers reichart and Nunes. But there was one exception: in the air hung six or eight clouds in the form of round loaves of bread. All these same form clouds were right above "height 60". Despite a light wind that blew from the South at a speed of 5 - 6 miles an hour, neither the location of the clouds, their form was not changed. From our vantage point, located at 500 feet, we saw that they hang on the corner of the exaltation of 60 degrees. On earth, right below the clouds, there was one more stationary cloud same form. Its dimensions were about 800 feet long, 200 - height-and 200 - wide.

This cloud was quite tight and looked almost solid. It was situated at the distance of 280 to 360 metres from the scene of the battle, on the territory occupied by the British. It was like all the others clouds, light gray. Then we saw the British regiment, a few hundred people, who came to this dry bed or vague road and headed for the height of 60"to strengthen the squad at this altitude. They approached the place where the cloud, and without hesitation, walked right into it, but no one is at a height of 60" does not appear and does not fought. After about an hour after the last group of soldiers disappeared in a cloud, it is easy to leave the earth, as do any fog or cloud, slowly got up and gathered the rest, it looks like the clouds mentioned in the beginning of the story. Having examined them carefully once again, we realized that they are like "peas in a pod". Throughout happening clouds hung in the same place, but as soon as the "earthly" cloud rose to their level, all together went to the North to Bulgaria, and three quarters of an hour was lost out of sight."

However, the memories of witnesses should be treated with caution, as they remembered the episode of the war only a few years.

Versions and hypotheses

After the incident, there have been several versions of the incident: lovers of all kinds of secrets rests on two main explanations. Or the soldiers were abducted by aliens, and the cloud is not that other as unidentified flying object. Either the cloud is a portal to another dimension, where and proceeded in the order of battle all 267 soldiers of the British army.

"The form and color under the "cloud" is an outright camouflage, writes in his book "On the other side of this Absurd" Emil Bachurin. - Me in September 1986 was observed UFOs in the shape of a hemisphere that was moving at the bottom edge of the clouds and had exactly the same as the cloud coloring. That it was a UFO, no doubt, because after about a minute after the start of the observation of the forest vertically soared small, lenticular bright Golden object and in a few moments without any light and sound effects included in the exact center of the base of the ship. Then she abruptly changed course on almost back and with a small ascent entered the cloud, which is very fast somehow beginning to rebuild, to stand against the wind until it merged with a large plot of layered clouds. In the Gulf Souvla several "similar" clouds still hung, despite the breeze, "watching" for the theatre of war or "covering" the cloud in the valley of the brook.

No matter how beautiful version of the aliens and parallel worlds, but probably it was much banalna and tougher: the Turks just broke the British and still are afraid to admit it at the state level. But if it really were so, then the questions remain: what is this strange cloud hovered over the battlefield and why, and found not the body of hundreds of soldiers from Norfolk regiment?
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