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Православная церковь первой придумала концлагеря для баптистовIt turned out in the Orthodox tradition, as in our history, there are many black pages. Here is one of them.

KAZAN CONGRESS IN 1897. Terrible end - time sign, the concentration camp of death was the fruit of missionary creativity "of the Saint Meletios and other Orthodox hierarchs unfortunate Kazan Congress.

Mainly all decisions of the Congress were directed against the preachers of the gospel of the common people and against any spiritual awakening. If the First and Second Missionary Conventions developed methods of persecution of old believers Christians, then the Third was discussed mainly about the need for large-scale nationwide persecution of Evangelical believers.

Smesharikov writes: "At the present Congress more attention was drawn not to divide, but on sectarianism. The first Congress (1887) we would call protivorahiticescoe, the second (1891). - protivorahiticescoe mainly and partly anti sectarian, and the third is mainly anti sectarian and only partly protivorahiticescoe". (Margaritov C. the Third all-Russian missionary Congress, page 2.)

One of the main speakers at the Third Congress was Metropolitan Melety, managing the Ryazan diocese. He proposed the participants of the Congress its monstrous project of creation of special concentration camps beyond the polar circle to the gospel of stunda-Baptists.

Meletius Ryazan were conceived conditions of Evangelical Christians in special barracks. They were designed and minimum diet that allows on one hand to the believer is not to die of hunger, but on the other not to live a normal life. This gray-haired "the Saint" took care of machine-gun towers and rows of barbed wire around the wooden barracks for men and women. Protestant communities of different denominations was assumed in these places of detention download overwork.

To the great dismay, this monstrous project fashistvuuschego Metropolitan years for thirty or forty ahead of time Communist and fascist torture chambers, was not only carefully considered then the priests, the elite of the Russian Church, but also UNANIMOUSLY approved. There was not a SINGLE decent person on the fact of "the counsel of the wicked"hiding behind the screen of state, "barrack of Orthodoxy".

Prince Meshchersky, publisher quite conservative magazine "Citizen"and wrote in those days: "is there was not a single Orthodox person at the Kazan Congress, that in the name of Christ to protest against the proposal, such a complete denial of the covenants of love and mercy?"

Among the 196-and bishops, priests, and clergymen, who participated in the work of the Kazan Congress, there was not even one vote osterhausgate. It observably Russian shame, continuing to this day.

This terrible Congress, in the formulation of relevant proposals on large-scale persecution of Evangelical movement, passed all bounds of common sense. And it was forced to concede even the official Orthodox printing throughout the Russian Empire, scorer of anxiety after the world community raised his voice in defense of the Russian and Ukrainian Evangelical believers. In "Theological Herald" was placed the letter on the results of the Congress, which said: "where we lived, about Russians! Before the proposal of Bishop Meletius Ryazan plant of sectarians in the Siberian tundra; to offer to take children and to put them in orphanages, i.e. before the second Bethlehem beating babies..." (Melgunov C. the Church and the state in Russia in the transition period, S. 136).

Third Missionary Congress has become one of the most dirty pages in the history of the Orthodox Mother-Church. This dirt is, to a great shame and regret, still not washed away with tears of repentance of the Russian Church.

The project, Metropolitan Meletios was not brought to life by the king. Nicholas II did not put their "higher" signature on it not because sympathized with the persecuted brethren, Christians of the Evangelical community, but because Baptists France and the United States threw telegrams of protest to all the officials in St. Petersburg. At the highest level was declared the Russian Emperor that in case of signing of this project, Russia will be in a full economic blockade and would leave the military-political block of the Entente.

The last Russian Tsar, Emperor Nicholas II understood that in this case Russia will be in the most unfavorable position. He went to a conflict with the bishops, the "missionaries" and has not signed this Orthodox-fascist project.

Nicholas II was the most scared in their own country, not even the revolutionaries and the anarchists, for whom, as he naively believed that the people will not go, and Evangelical Christians. During his infamous reign of the last Russian Emperor was announced several large amnesties, in which freedom was produced even dangerous for the society criminal and political prisoners, the terrorists, but not one of these amnesties not released any Evangelical preacher.

"All these crimes, " wrote Leo Tolstoy, - exceeding hundreds of times what is done simply by thieves, robbers and all revolutionaries together, committed under the guise of something right, good, necessary, not only justify, but supported different, indivisible in terms of the people with justice institutions: the Senate, the Synod, the Duma, the Church, the king."

Sergei Zhuravlev
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