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Боги инопланетяне: ДРЕВНИЙ РИМTitus Libya, the Bottom Cassius, Pliny the Elder, and other Roman authors unconditionally took the position that everything on Earth foreordained, believed that on the threshold of great events gods give to know them heavenly signs.

In his "Natural history" Pliny the Elder in this occasion wrote: "in Addition to these events in the lower heaven, was made in the record that during Consulate Mania Acyl and guy Portion (114 BC) had rained from milk and blood, and often in many other cases it rained flesh, for example, when the Consulate of Publius Volumnia and Servius Sulpice (416 BC), when all this flesh was pillaged by the birds of prey, and for the year before the battle with the Parthians fell mark Glory (53 BC) and perished together with it all his lukanika warriors, which constituted a significant part of his army in the area Lucania went iron rain, and falling on the earth iron reminded sponge; in this regard, augurs predicted wounds that were to be put out of heaven. During the consular Lucius Paula and Gaius Marcellus fell wool rain near the fortress Comply near the place where a year later was killed Titus Anni".

In 461 BC in heaven appeared glow, and the men were afraid, seeing strange ghosts, for voice and forms of these visions were frightening to the human ear and eye. This story is extraordinarily like stories about the humanoids that in our days allegedly terrorized the South American farmers. Those ancient aliens was accompanied by the rain of the flesh, which, like snow flakes falling from the sky. This kind of "meat rains"apparently volunteered tightening of animals in the gravitational field of the spacecraft, and possibly marked by horrific visions were actually phenomena of the people of the cosmos.

The evidence left by the priests, poets and collectors of myths, prove that among all ancient peoples is deeply rooted belief in the influence of the heavenly Father with its Pantheon of gods on their fate. Gods was widely seen as a superhuman entity that dwelled in the invisible limits, and was looking forward to their descent from heaven, and they, being on the Earth, taught mortal or talked with them. Christian theologians have debunked the ancient gods, claiming that they allegedly represented endowed with human qualities to the forces of nature. But couldn whole peoples for centuries orientation in everyday life for ordinary thunder and lightning!

Julius Saint had recorded sixty-four celestial phenomena, Titus Libya - thirty, Pliny the Elder, twenty - six, Cassius dio - fourteen, Cicero - nine. Obviously, these effects had a significant psychological impact on educated Romans.

Lack of scientific data in the description of these celestial phenomena makes their evaluation somewhat dubious, and skeptics, probably, would hasten to explain most of them the appearance of meteorites, halo, clouds, birds, and so on, But the Roman augurs having centuries-old experience of observations of the heavens, wouldn't have to pay attention to ordinary natural phenomena. They noted the facts certainly were unusual and significant, signaling him heavenly gods.

In 344 BC, when Timoleon sailed to Sicily, to free it from the Carthaginians, the heavens opened, and out came the torch accompanying ships to the coast of Italy.

In 234 BC, when Gauls invaded Italy, over Rimini appeared three of the moon. In 223 BC in Ariminum the night was bright as day, and in many places in Italy at this time were visible in the sky three of the moon. In 221 BC three moon hung over Rimini arriving from distant regions of the sky.

Century-old conflict between Rome and Carthage, which had enormous implications for the future of civilization, inevitably attracted the attention of the people of the cosmos, watching the Ground. In 218 B.C. young Hannibal crossed the Alps. For the next sixteen years, this great commander was devastated Italy, however, so never and could not join in Rome.

In this regard, Libya wrote: 218 BC "In the sky were seen shimmering Ghost ships. In many places in the district of Amiternum observed phenomena of people in radiant vestments, which appeared in the distance, and no one came".

214 BC "Hadria appeared in the sky and the altar, surrounded by the entity in the form of people in white clothes".

And here's another one of the great signs of antiquity:

173 BCE In Lanuvium in the sky was observed a rise of a great fleet. In Peperno the earth was covered with a thick layer of wool (Julius Pleaser).

Similar wool precipitation in Italy in 49 BC mentioned by Pliny.

This spider substance associated with UFO, appeared in different Chronicles of angel hair or the threads of the virgin and representing yourself silver fiber, probably was a product of synthesis, which took place in the conditions of electric discharges extremely high voltage. This covered the ground like nylon substance to disappear when the temperature increases. Obviously, the testimonies of the Saint, and Pliny point to the emergence of many spacecraft.

87 BC sulla gathered in Greece army to invade Italy. As you move through Ittrii of Apollonius in Romans found a strange humanoid. As evidenced by Plutarch, there was found sleeping Satyr, similar to those, which represent sculptors and artists, and delivered to the Emperor. Asking questions through a translator, trying to figure out who he is, but never got anything intelligible: Satyr only barely uttered a hoarse sounds, something between a neigh of a horse and bleating goats. Sulla was horrified and told to take it away from the eyes.

This creature is associated with God Pan, worshipped by the Greeks. In the XII century William de Newberg in his book "English history" described a boy and a girl, completely green whose bodies were dressed in clothing unusual color of strange material. They met near bury St Edmunds (burial of St. Edmunds) in England, and they said they came from the Land of St. Martin, who was allegedly twilight underground world, where never the sun was shining. Maybe it was about Ugarte? In Finland relatively recently, in 1965, was seen in forest area Luumaki little green man. Perhaps these humanoids belonged to the secret of the green race, known to the Greeks and Romans as satire? In the middle ages such strange creatures met German foresters.

83 year B.C. In the time of sulla between Capua n Volturno was heard the clang of arms, followed by the terrible screams like two great armies met in a long battle. When residents approached the location of this miracle, he saw the traces of men and horses and svezhevykachannye grass and bushes, which are supposed to have predicted the hardships of the coming of the great war (Julius Pleaser).

66 B.C. In the period of the Consulate of gnea Octavia and the guy Scribonia was seen falling from the sky the sparkle, which increased as it approaches the earth, reaching the size of the moon, she let out a cloud of daylight, and then, returning to the sky, turned into a torch. This is the only record of this incident. He was seen proconsul Sileni and his entourage (Pliny the Elder).

Pliny believed that vision a clear sign from above.

63 B.C.E. Blazing beam from the West pierced the sky. The whole Solatium shuddered earthquake (Julius Pleaser).

It is considered that the inhabitants of today's UFO been increased interest pathogenic zones of the Earth, because earthquakes are often accompanied by the appearance of the heavenly lights over their districts.

In a memorable assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC in Rome continually appeared miraculous signs. In this regard, Plutarch wrote:

"As for the glare of light in the heavens and the deafening sounds produced in the night, and prophetic bird, descending on the Forum, maybe all these harbingers of the great event and would not be worth mentioning, if philosopher Strabon stated that there was noticed a lot of fire people, rushing up."

Julius Saint mentions the torch on the West and three suns. These celestial phenomena could be spaceships) arrived to monitor the Rome during that critical period.

In old Chronicles mention about "fire people". This definition coincides with the description threw light of biblical angels, men in shining garments, seen in the area of Amiternum in 218 BC, flaming ghosts of medieval and shining humanoids coming to the Americas today.

Roman priests, who inherited the science of the Etruscans were, undoubtedly, are familiar with the secret knowledge of the Babylonians. The Romans were unsurpassed glassmakers - in Pompeii were found products made of coloured glass, and in the reign of the Emperor Tiberius (1st century ad) artisan brought to Rome Cup, "which he threw on the marble pavement, but it has not broken up from a fall": unfortunately, secret security glass was subsequently lost.

In 41 BC, when mark Anthony met with Cleopatra, above the place where it occurred, three of the sun in the blue sky merged into one. This suggests that this event was watched by the people of the cosmos.

Ten years later, in 31 BC, having suffered from Octavian crushing defeat in the sea battle at Actium, Anthony kill. Later Cleopatra spoiled the triumph of the Romans, attaching themselves to the chest poison the ZMAYu. In 30 BC, just a few months before this event, Diodorus Sicilian wrote:

"In Egypt, where previously not seen a drop, the rain has gone, and with the sky erupted than water and blood. And in the clouds, like a bloody rain, glistened armor. In those times were visible comet and appeared ghosts of dead people".

16 year BC in the firmament from the South to the North laid torch, which turned night into day. In 12 BC over Rome for a few days hanging comet, then collapsed on the lights, resembling the torches, and three years later after that nine of the suns appeared over the island of Kyushu, amazed by the Japanese. Perhaps, in those days people of space visited the West and the East?

Preserved the news that about 4 BC over the Middle East lit up the star, the appearance of which was not recorded by astronomers. It also says nothing at most prominent authors, to describe the period of Pliny, Seneca, Ptolemy, Plutarch, Josephus and Yulia Saint. The only reference to this mysterious star was made after approximately eighty years by the Apostle Matthew, who almost certainly could not see.

The only celestial object that suddenly able to come closer to Earth enough to be visible from it only in a small radius and moving, to lead people, and then to freeze in place, there can be only spacecraft, managed by intelligent beings.

Meanwhile in Bethlehem was born in a manger, Jesus Christ.

N. Nepomnyashchy "Wanderers Of The Universe"
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