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Кем я был в прошлом?Questions of life and death faced by each person. You're young, you think that will live forever. After forty years of gradually sad thought about the nature of life. Old age poses the question: who needed my life? What will happen to me after death? Reincarnate whether my soul in another man or all this story? Optimists believe in the immortality of the soul in reincarnation, the pessimists that after death there will be nothing...


Buddhists find the answer to the question: what will happen to us after death. Reincarnation is one of the tenets of Hinduism and the basis of Buddhist teaching. The spiritual body of man after the death of the physical body rises to heaven, and there, under the earth's merits, it is then sent to different "floors".

There is a law according to which the soul returns to the Earth, and it happens not when she would have liked. Also on the higher law is chosen body for the continued life of the soul.

The basic idea of Buddhism, in which a man commits certain number of reincarnations to improve to a state of Nirvana, that is desired and deserved rest, deserves special attention. The theory of reincarnation, like astrology, karma, developed by the sages of Tibet. There are going international conference, where interested in this topic where people can ask painful questions.

There are works, where is calculated, what was the man in previous lives, but the principles of estimates vary widely. According to the Chinese "Book of changes" is quite easy to calculate that in life you have lived in the past. However, this can believe or not, because the approach in this work is extensive and clearly not scientific.

In the Arsenal of researchers have scientific method, which allows you to "see" past life. This is based on the hypnosis method of regression analysis. The man offered a training in which through officialy (phrase-belief), lucid dreams and three stages of productions can be "in touch" with the past life.

Remains seriously think, are you ready for this challenge. Regression endanger the physical and mental health of the person.

But as it is interesting! There are many factual evidence that people put into deep hypnosis, begin to describe the place of last residence, buildings, streets, conditions, names of people, word, fine details! Checking the obtained regression analysis of the data of past lives does not leave doubts about the authenticity of the description. Subjected to experiment often begin to speak in unknown languages, dialects and dialects that have long disappeared in the past...


Astrology does not remain aloof and in a way, covers the situation of past and present lives. Does this with the location of the nodes of the Moon in the horoscope of birth. It is the Lunar nodes show the path of reincarnation, a program of further spiritual development connected with karma. According to the opinion of Professor C. A. Vronsky, "this is the intersection of the past (the Moon) with this (Earth) and the future (the Sun). The lunar nodes invisible threads relate one incarnation to another."

Descending node ("vase") - source of information about what people had in past lives. The ascending node ("tail of the dragon") is a hint on how to properly use the present life. One goal - the redemption or mitigation of karma. Every eighteen and a half years, the person is given the opportunity to eliminate or mitigate karma to be reborn where required and corrected where have made mistakes in the old life. However, it can be done in very rare cases. Almost all of us - karmic debtors... In the karmic debtors were even A.S. Pushkin, M. Y. Lermontov, V.V. Mayakovsky, V.S. Vysotsky.

Last presciently noted cleaning time in 37 years (twice 18.5). Figure 37 he managed to slip, but a serious milestone in 42 years could not...

Having studied the horoscope for the position of the descending node of the Moon, you can see what has chosen fate". The reason for that errors in a past life, from which the soul has to be cleansed. It is assumed that in the subconscious still living habits of the old life, harmful habits and thoughts. That is why it is necessary to protect life, to strengthen the temple of the spirit - body, to strive for moderation and mitigation of karma.

For example, if a person in a past life was strong physically, he loved women, believed that everything is bought and sold, now facing the challenge of becoming strong in spirit, to give strength and knowledge for the benefit of society. In a past life could not be friends, divided people through the ranks, classes, wealth, now need friends like-minded, understanding that all people are brothers, generosity and selflessness. This is the verdict of astrology, which is worth considering.

Many curious on the subject of reincarnation you can read about many famous talented people. For example, the members of the Roerich family. SG the Fosdick was long helper and assistant of the Roerich family, thus enjoyed the absolute trust, making memories acquire the special value. In her diary, "America 1922-1923" read that "NICHOLAS (Nicholas Roerich) voluntarily incarnated once was the Dalai Lama in Tibet". In note read: "the Dalai Lama fifth (1617-82) - Aghvan Labsajutu".

The question of reincarnation affected in the case of conversation NICHOLAS Roerich with a Russian worker, who asked: "what will happen in the future with different peoples of Russia?" Roerich said that "Solomon was later Sergius of Radonezh, and this whole question of nationalities settled". As for the great artist, the author of the book testifies that "He automatically has painted portraits of our former incarnations".

It remains to conclude that, in order not to be responsible for their mistakes in future lives, it is better to live in harmony with your conscience now.

Marina Nikitina
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