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Душа человека About the Soul of a man we can confidently say only one so that it is, as in every material body. Studying it still happens on these two things. She, like the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic system has its own structure and organs that are improving in the course of evolution of biological life, including humans. Man has long been trying to penetrate into the deep recesses of the Soul, to determine its form, content and structure, in any way affect it.

Sometimes he succeeds by the psychic or psychic influence. On the basis of these attempts to influence appeared individual elements of the knowledge about the Soul. Analyzing and synthesizing these elements of knowledge can already be approximately the following picture. Externally, the Soul of man is a dense field cocoon formed thin bodies and reminiscent of energy giant egg teardrop shape, a more narrow end downward. A person with a highly developed Soul, she is glowing, pulsing with rainbow colors that can be seen by psychic. In some people - "saints”, - around - head over to the borders of the Soul glows yellow-orange-red halo. Have physically and morally healthy people in the colors of the Soul is dominated by bright light colors; with the appearance of any disease, moral deviations these colors fade, fade, go into the dark domination.

This drop-shaped capsule formed by the flow of currents person, the scheme of the course are mapped according to the seven major energy centers called chakras, which in turn formed the location of active bitecek used for thirty centuries when acupuncture - acupuncture. On the body there are 695 active bitecek that are not scattered chaotically, and grouped along the lines of - meridians, channels, like the nerves or blood vessels, and consist of thin beams of tube-shaped structures with a diameter of 20-50 microns. Active bitochki are a little loose oval patterns that differ from the surrounding tissues. For a long time European medicine did not recognize the presence of the Meridian at the person or at least considered them a hypothetical. First, using measurements of electrical resistance of the skin (Antotsian, 1952, and others), and later, from 1986 onwards, the introduction of technetium in biologically active points (Institute of nekker France) were found trajectory of the human body, which fully coincides with the meridians is described in ancient Chinese sources ("Huang di, Nazin”, 5-3 century BC).

Thus, the existence of the meridians (energy channels) becomes obvious. It is of great scientific interest of the message Korean researchers, led by Kim Bon Khan (1962), who find the system Kerak, coinciding with the energy meridians. It presents a thin thin-walled tubes, visible in electron microscopy, filled circulating in them, "Bonanova fluid”, containing the increased concentration of DNA. In areas where acupuncture points tubes have a thickening ("Bonanova Taurus”). According to the view of Oriental medicine a person has twelve pairs and two unpaired (front - and zadnescheinah) Meridian, just - 26.

According to the provisions of Oriental medicine (and they are confirmed by the data of modern science, energy circulates of paired meridians in the strictly defined and sequential order. Each pair of classic meridians within two hours is in a state of higher activity. All our body is permeated particular, infinitesimal, connecting the bone - Nari, which more than 700 million. In addition to the energy systems are organs of receivers-locators (such as brush, eye). As already mentioned active bitochki, and channels the flow of currents, formed by seven energy centers and form a certain regularity in the movement of energy. Chakras are two conical vortex-funnel, front and back of the torso, with vertices at the centerline of the spine.

These craters rotate clockwise with respect to the body, that is, energy is screwed into the us from the front and from behind, fueling the energy centers of the person. In the first chakra energy comes from the Earth through one conical hopper with the axis of rotation along the spine. The seventh chakra is a funnel, the top of which comes from our spine and passes through the top of the head. In the field of energy centers are emissions of energy, which has its own color. The flow of energy radiate from the palms, fingers, toes, and eyes. Often the flow of energy flow to tens and hundreds of meters or even more. In turn, each of the seven energy chakras respectively responsible for the formation and activity of thin bodies: 1 chakra - the energy body; 2 chakra - the astral body; 3 chakra - the mental body; 4 chakra - the karmic body; 5 chakra - intuitive body; 6 chakra - celestial body; 7 chakra - Citerne body.

In aggregate, the subtle body of a person creates his aura. Besides there is a nineteen dynamic centres, seven main of which are located along the spine, between the vertebrae and distributed accordingly seven energy chakras, and the twelve minor correspond to the position of the joints of extremities of a person. All this with one hand creates energy body with the other hand biofield, formed this structure is the capacity of the Soul with the reflective layer, the task of which is to prevent the interpenetration of the subtle spiritual structures of the two organisms. Field form of life human is a complex energy education, which looks like the exact glowing copy (hologram or phantom) the physical body (both externally and internally), surrounded egg-shell - aura.

Humans are complex "multilevel education. In the sense of "multilevel” invested following: physical body is the material level; energy body is the energy level; and the mental body - information-mental level, based on the human mind. In the modern common understanding of consciousness is a feeling, memory, and thinking abilities. The human brain is a special intermediary, which joined the material and the information and energy. Each level of the person, as the system is also a peculiar structure, with its characteristic functional role. However, not one of these levels is not independent, they are United by a factor - the end result of functioning of living systems. Man is not a set of bodies (healthy or not healthy), and integrated system, in which the physical components of energy interdependent with other components, such as emotions, mind, intellect.

Systemic concept of human nature shows its solidity, i.e. all systems integrated in one, moreover, due to the need to maintain the integrity, sustainability and capacity to develop. In parallel increasingly developed and other concepts, which are based on man - this is the dialectical nature, consisting of two halves. The first is the substance, the second field. Substance is the body of man, it turned to the Earth and to all the earth.

The field is the mind and soul of man. It focuses on the universe, and on the highest levels is part of the root cause. The difficulty lies in the fact that "open" ancient Greeks soul, is perceived by us as yet, empirically, although attempts are being made to the study, more than that, it is believed that felt their main component. Advocates of this trend believe that with the death of the physical body of man, his soul continues to live independently.

They are convinced that the whole point chelovecheskoi life lies in the cultivation of the Soul, which after smrti person continues on his path to God. Our energy structure in some of the main features should echo bodily structure of our body, and this is largely true. Our spine, for example, throughout enclosed in a kind of a capsule, formed a powerful energy fields, which are running all our internal energy channels.

This capsule is called Energostroy, is both a rod to which "fastened” all elements of our energy mix and the main highway on which emit the energy flows of various grades, assignments and directions. Energy filaments, fibers, ripple permeates our body, they form the external fabric of protective cocoon, retaining in itself our vital energy, like a vessel of water, all of our subtle body, which together constitute the human Soul, which, in turn, can be registered and even weighted using modern high-precision equipment.

The state of mind of a person depends on three interrelated aspects: - first, physico-chemical aspects that depend on the health of the physical body; - secondly, the moral aspect, depending on the emotional qualities of a man; and, third, the psychological and mental aspects that depend on the abilities of the person (memory, logical and abstract thinking). All these three aspects are developed in the process of evolution of the Soul.
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