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Призраки на кораблях, тайны обречённыхThe ghosts of the schooner "Charles Haskell". In may 2007, off the coast of Alaska ran aground and was seriously damaged unlucky cruise ship Empress of the North with 281 passengers on Board.

According to American media, Empress of the North today - one of the most unlucky vessels of this class. Only for 3,5 years of its operation the ship for the third time runs aground!

...Sailors are quite superstitious. In their opinion, ships, like people, have their own character: calm or anxious, constructive or destructive. And these characters does not depend on their "parents" - engineers and builders. The seafarers consider that the ships may also be born with a shirt, but may since their bookmarks on the shipyard daily to prove that they are marked by the seal of nevezuchii or even bad luck.

When in 1869 on the ladder coming down from the stocks of the schooner "Charles Haskell" slipped work and broke his neck, many began to believe that the ship cursed. However, the captain Curtis took command of the ship and even managed to score the crew.
A year later, "Charles Haskell" led fishing together with other fishing vessels in a Large Newfoundland banks, when suddenly bumped strongest hurricane. In a stormy sea of lost control "Charles Haskell" rammed ship "Andrew Johnson, destroying it and sinking the whole team, but despite the heavy damage was able to return to port.

After a complete renovation "Haskell" again headed to the island of Newfoundland. Five days fishermen calmly engaged in fishing and on the sixth happened just incredible. It was night. Two of watches at midnight witnessed a horrible sight: on Board the schooner climbed exactly 26 ghosts with empty eye sockets, the rotting clothes and rubber boots. Ghosts was thrown into the sea network and twenty minutes later began to pull it back!
Having done this strange work, they silently, and without paying for sailors attention, left the vessel. Frightened duty immediately reported to the captain about the incident. He did not believe at once, but when I saw on the deck wet network that beating in the wind a few fishes, was so terrified that he gave the command to immediately turn back. But when Charles Haskell" were approaching the coast, silent ghosts again appeared on the ship was again kicked and pulled out of the sea network, and then together they went through the water to Salem port.

This for fishermen, captain Curtis and hosts the schooner was enough to "Charles Haskell" never put to sea.

Subsequently competent Commission it was found that when the building was used items, taken from the schooner "Saint Anna", the crew of which died at sea under mysterious circumstances. Probably, ghosts, twice visited "Charles Haskell"took it for "Saint Anna".

To as scrap metal!

But, unfortunately, the mysterious and invisible curse sometimes hangs not only on ships, collected from old parts. For example, the captain of the tanker naval forces of the USA C. Scott, after retirement, told the tragic fate of his ship. One day, transporting diesel fuel in Europe, the tanker started out empty from the English port in the Atlantic. But here it while maneuvering jammed transmission diesel engine. Included only back up.

In response to a request to the headquarters of the Navy of the order there was categorical: "go back Immediately in any way!" Had the ship to sail home astern across the ocean. Repairs had put him in the dock at one of the bases in the Caribbean. At the same time decided to refresh painting. When cleared of gray-blue, and covered the side of pink dirt, from the headquarters of the order came immediately go with fuel in Germany. And had the tanker with exotic colors to go to Bremen, where his shame was called "the pink Panther sea"...

After custom color normal color with tanker continued to occur miracles and adventures. It was struck by lightning, damaging, however, only the radio shack. Then the ship was confusers, taking in their tanks of crude oil instead of diesel and having made a false path 5 thousand miles.
He completed his life is sad: stepping into one of the ports near Los Angeles, the tanker rammed the cargo ship. Blow turn left Board, but refurbishment was possible. However from the headquarters of this time the order came to move unlucky tanker to the scrap yard.

The sad fate and the Liberian ship "Rio Map". Five times got it in various emergency situations, until finally deduced from itself owners do not put it in October 1983 at the joke in the Greek port of Piraeus, a region which is specially used as a kind of paid Parking for unused courts.

But here, unhappiness, have left the vessel. Has not passed also month as it was a fire, which was difficult to repay. Burned several cabins. A week later the ship was again involved in an accident: a strong wind is drifting at anchor and faced with a Panamanian tanker "Jasmine". Both vessels have received serious damages. Five days later a fire broke out, which had been eliminated, but he destroyed a significant part of the add-in. Without waiting for the next disaster, the vessel's owners decided to sell it for scrap.

The curse of the German battleship

In 1941 the English ship "Trinidad" hunted for German destroyers. Finding one of them, "Trinidad" released on it a torpedo. But the team has completely overlooked the influence of cold Arctic waters on the control mechanism of the projectile. Sailors, their inlets in the side, and saw with horror that the line of movement torpedoes beginning to end with.

Completing the circle, it spread engine room "Trinidad" to the end of the war brought the ship down.

Ultramodern Nazi battleship "Scharnhorst" fared even less. Being completed just before the half, he already mysteriously turned over in dry dock. With over hundreds of workers were crushed to death and about two hundred received severe injuries.
"Scharnhorst" returned to its original position, were chained and reinforced beams. Every detail has checked a dozen wizards, but regular trouble could not be avoided. Frames bent in an incredible way, beams and rigging frustrated and maimed people. The leaders of the shipyard were forced even to raise fees shipbuilders, so that they fled, and those who are not deceived by high wages, forced to continue working at gun point.

On the day of the descent of the battleship of the water in the Harbor arrived Hitler. In his presence on Board of "Scharnhorst" was broken symbolic bottle of champagne, the orchestra played a bravura March, the chief engineer was already preparing to receive congratulations from the Fuhrer. And suddenly seven-inch rope broke, and "Scharnhorst" collapsed into two coastal barges, one of which together with the crew immediately went to the bottom, and on the other were killed almost all the team gathered on the deck and watched the descent of the battleship.

Hitler, immensely believed in all kinds of signs, after this terrible tragedy would immediately give the order to send the ill-fated ship for scrap. However, less superstitious generals have dissuaded him from such a hasty, in their view, decision. And as it has appeared, in vain.
First, in spite of their excellent driving performance and superviagra, "Scharnhorst" for all years of its short service managed to sink only two auxiliary English vessel. And secondly, he is desperately lucky: misfortune continued to chase him literally from the devil's constancy.

So, during the shelling from the sea Danzig, in the nasal tower battleship it is unclear why there was an explosion that killed and wounded twenty people. The next day we went out on the air supply system in the second nasal tower, why in the powder gases suffocated twelve sailors.

A year later the battleship participated in the bombardment of Oslo, he was attacked and was torpedoed. Following the repairs, he, in the broad estuary of the river Elbe faced civil transatlantic liner "Bremen", which ran aground and was soon killed by British bombers.

After months of renovation, barely "Scharnhorst" started combat duty near the Norwegian coast, it has failed radar eyes of any ship. While he was put in order, under cover of darkness Nazi battleship was surrounded by a squadron of British ships, which started to shoot "Scharnhorst" literally in the focus.

Amazingly, but the fact is that the commander of "Scharnhorst" 't have taken the fight and decided simply to escape by breaking the environment. But in the attack and English torpedo lost in the course and caught fire. Just a few minutes, the fire reached artograph, and terrifying force of the explosion almost broke "Scharnhorst" in half.

on December 26, 1943, one of the most powerful ships Nazi fleet disappeared under the waves of the North-East of North Cape. Of the two thousand of the crew survived only 36 people. However, two of them died on the banks with the most incredible circumstances. Having decided to prepare their own lunch, they lit the stove from the emergency kit. And if something is not done, whether a curse hanging over "Scharnhorst", were still functioning, but the device exploded, obliv petrol both sailors and those burned alive...

Fire Tirpitz Battleship

A considerable part of his biography another Nazi battleship - Tirpitz battleship - stood at the quay, in the dock. The reason has always been one is the need to avoid onconsequences the next fire.

For the first time "Tirpitz" caught fire shortly after his birth. July 15, 1941 on the battleship was on fire with such force that put out his 10 hours. The official version of what happened: the imprudence... a projectionist. They allegedly incorrectly rewinding film and missed the moment when it is ignited by friction.

After three months, "Tirpitz" lit up again. This time the fire had nearly reached the stores with heavy shells. The official version: some of the men smoked in the wrong place and didn't put out the cigarette butt.

After a few months - another fire, which was extinguished by nearly two days. Saved the battleship from complete burnout only that during the fire he was not in the sea, and based on, and fire has started its work immediately.

In the future, "Tirpitz" burned three more times. Naturally, for repair after such disasters took time, and the vessel, designed to hunt for enemy ships, most of the time held in repair docks and only a small - on combat duty.

During one of repairs few sailors with "Guns" profits in the short vacation home and immediately hit the Gestapo because told their friends about the mystical "deadly heavenly rays", all the while damaging their ship.

After the war, fires on the battleship strange way stopped, but have become more frequent numerous breakdowns that resulted, in the end, all, to the fact that in the beginning of 50-s he was cut to pieces and went to the scrap metal.

Unhappy names

"Titanic", have not completed a single journey and which is one of the most popular and, at the same time, unlucky ships in Maritime history, became the second in a series superliner company the white star, making regular flights between Europe and America. The first was the Olympic", the third - Britannica"."

"It had to be the most luxurious liners in the world. However, they became the most unlucky series ships. Marseille in the first diving was faced with a military ship and had almost a year to stand on the repair. After the sinking of the Titanic, he got back up to one year repairs to the add-in watertight bulkheads."

"In 1935 Olympic went out, in the end, from the operation of ships. The Britannica", put into operation on the eve of the First world war, was turned into a floating military hospital and in 1916 was blown up by a mine in the Mediterranean sea. Just a mine wouldn't do him much damage, but the ship bumped into her compartment with coal. In the result of which the explosion of a coal dust kicked in the left Board of the huge hole in which gushed deadly sea water."

"Britannica quickly sank. Killed about thirty people were in the boats that pulled into the screws banked vessel."

In the French Navy for a long time there was a tradition to name submarines in honor of one of the characters of Greek mythology "Eurydice". In this case, all knew that the fate of the Eurydice was terrible. She was not able to leave the Kingdom of the dead for their bridegroom Orpheus and they stayed there forever.
Surprisingly, but the fact is that all four submarines of the French Navy, which bore this name, the mysteriously died - the last one in 1970, close to Toulon.

In the Italian Navy unhappiness pursued ships carrying the name of Admiral Andre Doria - one of the most famous naval commanders Italy. The death toll sailers named Admiral reaches ten.

During the First world war tragically died, turned over from the explosion, the linear ship-dreadnought "Andre Doria", and in 1956 the whole world was shocked by the catastrophe of the ocean liner with this name, which was compared even with the "Titanic". During cruise flight across the Mediterranean sea liner faced with the Swedish cargo ship "Stockholm" and sank.

Brigantina "Amazon" was released in its first voyage in 1861. And after a couple of months, her captain Robert Mack Lellan - a real "sea wolf" with twenty years of experience - suddenly caught a cold and died. The next captain of any other problems: for a short time he managed to RAM the "Amazon" fishing bot and brig. After extensive renovation, the new captain put the boat on the rocks almost opposite the repair dock.

The owner of the unfortunate Brigantine, desolate on the repair and compensate the victims, hastened to sell the vessel. The new owner, considering that all the hardships associated with the name of the Brigantine, renamed it, but this, unfortunately, nothing changed in her life. Trouble continued to pursue the ship...

Six admirals

"Unhappy names have almost all the navies of the world. In the Russian Navy this name - Admiral Nakhimov"."

National hero of Russia Admiral Pavel Stepanovich Nakhimov also famous for the fact that during the siege of Sevastopol Anglo-French troops he flooded own ships and thus blocked the entrance to the enemy in the inner Harbor Bay.

Perhaps it on Maritime standards, sacrilege, though forced, and gave impetus to the fact that almost all the ships, called the name of the great naval commander, for one reason or another did not serve the Fatherland.

Died Pavel Nakhimov in 1855. Soon in his honor was renamed cargo ship of the Russian society of shipping company and trade. In 1897 during a violent storm at the coast of Turkey's first "Nakhimov" was lost with all hands.

In the 80-ies of the XIX century with the shipyards came down and armored cruiser named Nakhimov on Board. With the beginning of the Russo-Japanese war he was included in going to the far East squadron of Vice-Admiral Rozhdestvensky.

In may 1905, the cruiser was shot down one of the Japanese ships and, as a result, sank in the Tsushima Bay.

In October 1913 on the Mykolayiv shipyard started to build another cruiser, the keel of which is laid a silver plate with the name of the ship "Admiral Nakhimov". A year later, the First world war, then the October revolution, followed by Civil war.

During the political turmoil was not to construction, then the cruiser useless wanted to disassemble the metal, to sell, to be converted into a tanker. But, finally, in 1927, "Nakhimov" yet entered into operation. However, with a different name. Now he was called "Chervona Ukraina". However, in Kiel thus remained founded 14 years ago plate with the same name!

In the autumn of 1941, while in the Bay of besieged Sevastopol, where "Chervona Ukraina" kept by the fire set upon the city Hitler's troops, the cruiser was attacked link German bombers and, having received several incompatible with the life of the ship leaks sank.

Another, this time the missile cruiser of the black sea fleet "Admiral Nakhimov" was commissioned in 1954. And in 1961 he was shot in 50 km from Sevastopol rocket ship "Visionary".

The official version: universal disarmament in the world and the downsizing of military ships. Informal - in December 1960 in the area of the Cape Meganom in Crimea, under the bottom of "Nakhimov" was detonated a nuclear bomb. Thus Khrushchev leadership wanted to test the effect of underwater nuclear explosion on surface ships.

Checked. As it follows from the stories of old sailors is on the cruiser was found extensive damage to the underwater part of the hull in the broken keel and deformation underwater casing.

The baton from contaminated by radiation and scrapped the cruiser took research vessel "Admiral Nakhimov" of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1973, the ship was in Tsemesskaya Bay, when a sudden onslaught of hurricane, bringing cold air caused a sharp glaciation corps "Nakhimov". In the result of ship sank right at the port pier.

Around the same time part of the Northern fleet entered another "Admiral Nakhimov". Feedback served on him crew members, this large anti-submarine ship (BOD) with incredible persistence plagued with failures. The largest of these took place in 1985 in the Barents sea. During the exercise "Nakhimov" was faced with a submarine.

The submarine then had to send in the repair dock, and BOD, because of the injuries that - in scrap metal. But even to the place of utilization of "Nakhimov" is not reached, the North aground under the Durban.

Passenger liner "Berlin" was transferred to us after the partition defeated Germany. Even as a German, he twice was sinking, spending on the seabed than one year. Having received the Soviet citizenship, the liner has acquired a new name - "Admiral Nakhimov". In August 1986 he was doing a cruise along the route "Odessa - Batumi".

On the night of 31 August, 1 September, four kilometers from Novorossiysk "Nakhimov" has collided with a cargo ship "Pyotr Vasev". Kick passenger plane was struck below the waterline in two sections: diesel and engine room. In the formed hole approximately 90 square meters gushed powerful streams of water, and after 8 minutes the ship sank, and became a common grave for hundreds of people.

Jinxed battleship

Fortunately, there are not only unlucky ships, but, on the contrary, supervisee and even if zagovornye from all sorts of hardship. One of them - Finnish battleship coast guard "Vainamoinen".

As evidenced by Russian historians, in 1939, during the Soviet-Finnish war, our intelligence established the whereabouts of the ship near the naval base of Hanko. The first blow on it struck three bomber. But, as reported in the report, "because of the high altitude bombing goal was not impressed."

After some time the reconnaissance aircraft was again spotted battleship, already at the roadstead of the port of Turku. There flew seven bombers and twelve D.other aircraft. But this time because of the strong air defense to hit the target failed. On the sea surface was left to float the wreckage of the downed aircraft.

After three days on "Vainamoinen struck thirty aircraft. And again experienced pilots, who had many sorties have missed.

Finally, the command of the Baltic fleet air force has developed a large-scale operation to the sinking of the ship. For its implementation were selected the best pilots of the two aviariga who raided the battleship forces of twenty-eight bombers and nineteen fighters. Surprisingly, out of fifty-six dropped bombs in the ship has not got none!

In the years of the great Patriotic war the hunt for the hated battleship continued. Once at the destruction of Vainamoinen" flew one hundred and thirty-two aircraft! Before the operation the Soviet pilots had long trained in the bombing steel billets on the small rocky island near Luga Bay. The real blow was suddenly and clearly and, as a result, "unsinkable" ship, finally, was destroyed!

The command of the Soviet Baltic fleet sighed with relief. But not for long. Soon aerial exploration of the newly discovered "Vainamoinen"! It turned out that our planes sank his cruiser air defence "Niobe", vaguely resembled a battleship!

For the battleship began again fruitless hunt, which continued until the last days of the war. And the story is over the fact that in 1947 jinxed ship became part of the Soviet Navy...
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