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Комета PanSTARRS будет видна уже в мартеWe flies another comet, capable to become the brightest in 21 Vetka writes Space Weather, just over a month left until the moment when the comet PanSTARRS will cross the orbit of mercury and will probably become so bright that will be visible to the naked eye. Star observers around the world will be looking for it in the sky at sunset in early March, when the space wanderer will be closest to the Sun and the Earth. Before the observers will need a telescope, you can review the images obtained in Argentina, under the leadership of Martin Maseca. The team used a remote-controlled telescope F(/Ph)otometric Robotic Atmospheric Monitor - abbreviated as "FRAM”.

Currently the size of the comet is determined about the eighth magnitude, that is, it is dimmer than a human eye could see. But the comet may increase to 100 times on March 10, when there will be the greatest closer to the Sun (0,3 AU).

Recent calculations show that PanSTARRS appears, the name of the luminosity of the 3rd magnitude, it'll be like the stars in the Big dipper. However, there may be surprises. Comet PanSTARRS never been within the Solar system before. He comes from the Oort cloud, a large swarm of comets beyond the orbit of Neptune and Pluto, out of reach of the sun's heat. When the comet PanSTARRS will enter inside the orbit of mercury for the first time, can happen, anything, from disappointing active degassing and to the impressive destruction.

Previously astronomer Leonid Elenin, research associate, Russian Institute of applied mathematics named Keldysh reported that the comet C/2011 L4 (PANstarRS) in the spring of 2013 may become the brightest comet of all comets, which were observed in the 21st century from the Earth. Comet C/2011 L4 (PANstarRS) was discovered by a group of observers from the Observatory Pan-starRS 1 (PS1) during the searching activities dangerous for the Earth objects. At the time of discovery, scientists assumed that the comet C/2011 L4 (PANstarRS) the first and last time close to the Sun at a distance of 48 million kilometers in April 2013.
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