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Гигантское "археологическое" надувательство"In India, archaeologists discovered the skeletons of giant man". "Sensation of the world scale: the Archaeological group of the National geographic society discovered the remains of a 12-metre giants". "Our ancestors giants"...

This is far not the full list "sensational" headers, which appeared on the Internet in the spring of 2007. Then it was reported that somewhere in desert areas of Western India archaeologists, in collaboration with the Indian military, dug up strange 12-metre skeletons of giants who lived on earth several thousand years ago. As he wrote some publications (for example, "Hindu Voice"), the Indian government immediately cordoned the area of the excavations, giving access to the artifacts of all, with the exception of representatives of the National geographic society. As evidence cited pictures huge skeleton around which bustled tiny archaeologists. Pictures really looked impressive.

However, rumors about giants in 2007 were not the first. In 2004 several sites were told about the mysterious discovery in Saudi Arabia. There, if you believe the news messages, was also discovered a giant human skeleton. Naturally, the military immediately rushed to hide artifacts away from the ubiquitous journalists and curious scientists.

But already after the Indian sensations four-year-old knocked reports of similar findings around the world: Greece, Malaysia, Portugal, Kenya, South Africa - everywhere archaeologists found incomprehensible the three-meter human skeletons. In the June issue of the journal "Vedic culture" for 2007 published an article entitled "Gods, giants and people", which tells of the "sensational discovery" in India. Cite journal:

In one of the wilderness areas of India, called "the Empty quarter" was discovered the skeleton of a giant. Nakhodka belongs to the team "the National geographic society" (Indian division), which held archeological excavations with the support of the Indian army.

The burial place was found also plates with the inscriptions, which were subjected to deciphering the Indian scientists. According to the transcribed texts, the skeleton belongs to one of the giants generated by Brahma (Svarog) at the dawn of mankind, in order to maintain order in human society, preventing wars among the people. Such giants were very tall and strong and was able to get my arms around the tree trunk and pull it out by the roots.

Ancient mythology States that genes such giants carried one of the brothers Pandavas are the son of Bhima. However, subsequently, the giants who were given a special power, turned against the ancient Gods and unleashed a war with them. Therefore, the giants were destroyed by God Siva.

The command "the National geographic society" (Indian division) believes that they managed to find one of these giants.

The government of India classified find and were denied access to the territory of excavations everyone, except members of "the National geographic society".

About the true size, found the giant can be understood by comparing the pictures, the dimensions of the skeleton and archaeologists".

For vain civilized world this discovery, apparently, was the next momentary sensation that he was in a few days probably forgot.

But for us (I hope for You, dear readers) is extremely important confirmation of the Chronicles of the truth of the Ancient Vedas, including the Vedic Prophecies about the early Dawn of Svarog - a new era in human development, which come into its own in 2012.

The article was accompanied already known to us images that transcends the Russian-language segment of the Internet and "Vedic culture" in particular from the foreign press. The enthusiasm of the authors and readers of this magazine I personally quite clear. Discover them skeletons of giants is another confirmation of the truth of every word written in the Vedas. But let us seriously understand what had really happened, and can we consider the discovery of archaeologists from the National geographic society genuine.

Really before us remains the giants, a long time ago walked the earth, or do we see just a clever fake? Neither one nor the other. No giants on our planet have never lived, and pictures, along with numerous "sensational reports" number of news agencies, - not clever fake. Rough fake is already close to the truth. But about all under the order.

Impudent forgery so thrilled the entire Internet and even some print media that do not first passed the National geographic society (NGOs), in 2007 published on its website an article in which, in detail, examining each of "shocking snapshot", convincingly demonstrated the absurdity "archaeological sensation", and officially said: "Despite numerous reports and pictures, NGOs did not find any remains of the ancient giants".

Indeed, all photos will be the so-called giant skeletons are fakes. Some of them appeared on the website Worth100 involved in editing photos using a variety of software (including, of course, and adored by all of photoshop). The basis of other photos were taken real pictures of archaeological excavations, conducted by Cornell University. As you know, the original images are no giants.

In the beginning of 2010 theme "archaeological giants" was picked up by new enthusiasts, resulting new photos appeared, not less sensational than their predecessors.

However, these giants as there was still no...

Author: Alexey Kozlov
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