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Разгадана очередная тайна ВселеннойIn 2010, NASA experts have discovered four stars, in comparison with which all other stars will be nedorostkov. They at least 300 times more than our Sun and twice exceed the limit, which, as previously thought, scientists, could not overcome any of the stars.

Now, German scientists of the University of Bonn was able to determine how these stars could reach such dimensions. It turned out that they are all part of a huge cluster R136 in a galaxy called "the Large Magellanic Cloud"which is from our galaxy at a distance of about twice the diameter of the milky Way.

The Bonn group of researchers has recreated the star cluster similar R136, with the help of computer simulation technologies. It included more than 170 thousand models of stars, initially all conform to "normal" size and the giants was not among them.

Given the fact that such high-density quite often there are cases of collision stars, created by specialists of a model programme by multiple solutions more than half a million equations showed changes in the cluster over time. Such a detailed calculation gave the opportunity to obtain the most accurate results credible.

The further process of modeling complicated by the effect of nuclear reactions and energy, subsequently released each star. Once all likely equations were solved, it became clear that the supermassive heavenly bodies are no longer mysteries. It turned out that giant stars begin to take shape in one of her earliest stages of existence of the cluster. At constant random collisions of smaller stars are joined in one heavier celestial body, scientists explain.
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