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Горячий Юпитер «бросил тень» на свою звездуDarkening in the light of the stars of HAT-P-7, caused by the powerful gravity of Jupiter was recorded by scientists. Preprint, which will be published in the journal the Astrophysical Journal Letters, laid out in the archives of Cornell University, and a summary of its ScienceNow.

Observations of the star of HAT-P-7 astrophysics carried out by means of the orbital telescope "Kepler", which registers changes in the light of the stars to detect eclipses, which may indicate the presence of extrasolar planets in the star system.

In the system of HAT-P-7 was already opened a large gas giant planet belonging to the class of hot Jupiter. Massive planets of this class are a kind of link that is located between the major planets and dwarf stars.

New research has allowed scientists to detect periodic drop brightness HAT-P-7, arise, according to the scientists, not in view of the availability of a new planet, and as a result the so-called gravitational darkening stars. This phenomenon is explained by pulling the outer shell of the star's gravity of the gas giant, resulting locally increases its radius. For the area of raising the star characteristic slightly lower temperature and pressure, and thus the lower brightness. Such interaction in its mechanics similar to the ebb and not follow the movement of the gas giant.

Local temperature gravitational spots, according to calculations, was lower only 0.18 degrees, however, "Kepler" has enough sensitivity to fix in the light of the stars of HAT-P-7.

Its work orbital telescope Kepler started in 2009. During this period he was able to open more than 2000 thousand candidates in exoplanets, which were podtverjdena. According to the statistical data analysis of the telescope, the planet like Earth, and it slightly larger than the mass of supersell more widespread than gas giants in the Universe.
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