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Новый сценарий конца света: человечество погибнет из-за восстания роботовAt Cambridge University opened "Terminator-the center for the study of threats to people from outside of artificial intelligence

Who would have thought that, fading with fear and admiration enduring power of screen Terminator almost thirty years ago, today we fantastic robot-the murderer shall be afraid in fact. Scientists started talking seriously about the future rise of the machines. They are sure: artificial intelligence is developing so rapidly that soon - by the end of this century it will threaten the existence of humanity. Robots and people on one planet will not get along. And artificial intelligence can enslave Homo sapiens. Or destroy.

To assess the real risk of such a horrible development took experts from Cambridge University. They created the Center for the study of global risks (Centre for the Study of Existential Risk - CSER, site cser.org), for which the eye has been dubbed "Terminator-center". A team of 15 scientists will explore emerging technologies and to determine their degree of danger to human civilization.

We would also like to laugh at the problem of the rebellion of machines, if we just knew that it is impossible, - assured the scientists journalists held in Cambridge press conference. But while such confidence we have. So we want to think it over serious scientists, not just science-fiction writers.



Professor of the Royal scientific society of great Britain, a cosmologist Martin Rees:

- According to my forecasts, humanity may be terminated by the year 2100. The threat to mankind lies in the fact that the computing power of modern computers constantly increasing. This can lead to the emergence of global artificial intelligence that can be programmed to produce mechanisms and robots without human intervention. In the end, the electronic system will acquire intelligence, and Homo sapiens will no longer be the smartest. We risk being in power machines, which is not malicious, but whose interests do not include us. The computers will take over the areas that determine the speed and direction of technological progress. The consequences can be catastrophic.


One of the founders of the world-known Internet company Skype Jan Tallinn:

- The cold war is gone, the risk of nuclear catastrophe became much lower. Now, however, the survival of humanity is threatened computers and artificial intelligence. When they are overtaken by the level of intelligence of people, you can never know what will want the car, not knowing fatigue and endowed with any emotions. People risk losing control over the planet, because robots indifferent to us and what we believe to be valuable. For example, centralized management now being developed by the U.S. military specialists and this is almost the exact counterpart of the artificial intelligence that we can see in the film "Terminator".


Professor of philosophy, University of Cambridge Hugh Price:

- Today, there are cars which exceeded humans in chess, flying, driving, in commercial transactions, of speech. There are those that are already able to recognize your handwriting. While robots help us to cope with complex, but routine tasks. And in the future dependence on machines inevitable. But to rely on the mercy of cyber assistants to people not worth it. The invention of artificial intelligence may be a new Pandora's box. The main danger is that someday computers will begin to allocate resources in accordance with their own needs, to the detriment of human desires. It is even possible that humanity will have to compete for resources with the dominant species. Take, for example, gorillas. They are dying not because people are hostile to them, but because we change our environment in accordance with our wishes. We must now think why the machines we need.



Another crazy scenario many fantastic films can become a reality. When humanity will trust their security and defense artificial intelligence, computational intelligence can rebel and blow up half the world. The fact that the threat is not farfetched, confirms released on November 27, 2012, the US Department of defense, a new Directive under number 3000,09.

The document says that any kind of Autonomous and semi-Autonomous weapons must be designed so that, if necessary, control of them could take a person, not a robot system.

- To open or not to open fire is a must allow people, - explained the Deputy Minister of defense Ashton Carter. - Moreover, a man should always be an option to disable the armed robotic systems. You also need to minimize any disruptions that may lead to unexpected liabilities or to loss of control of the armed robots during combat operations.

- Our guideline appeared not because we suddenly realized that someone close to creating Terminator, and decided to regulate this question, just in case he decided to deny the militants about robots Deputy assistant Secretary of defense for policy David Ochmanek. - It is simply a statement on the future.

However, experts sigh of relief. As a fully Autonomous military robots, subject only to transfer them to computer programs, during hostilities failure in the system can not distinguish civilians from military. And, going out of control, is to shoot all.

But skeptics doubt that the order will be executed. The experts of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch and international law clinic at Harvard law Sciences predict the emergence of a fully independent robots, making its own decisions about when to kill, within the next 20-30 years.


The company Raytheon has placed on US Navy ships automatic system that can seek out and destroy the enemy, independently floating shells.

Northrop Grumman X47B - unmanned combat aircraft can take off and land on aircraft carriers, to conduct aerial combat without a pilot, and even make refuelling in air.

In South Korea the border with Northern neighbor for several years guard robots-hour, developed by Samsung. They may notice unusual activity, to talk with the invading the offender and with the approval of the person to shoot the intruder.

American company Foster-Mille supplied combat robots with heavy machine guns, after which they successfully fought in Iraq.

And now a few American companies create a combat unit multifunctional combat robots. Their collective mind will act according to the same laws as in communities insects such as ants. The main task of these combat vehicles - ensuring adequate actions in case of loss of its contact with the battle group.

In Russia created a self-propelled air defense missile-gun complex Pantsir-S1, who can work alone and as part of a team of several military vehicles.

And IBM is working on the project for the virtual brain - Blue Brain. Promises that will demonstrate it in 2019.

Svetlana Kuzina
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