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Послания майя, переданные через «небесных пилигримов», людям СевераPeople of the North is we, those who live on the North, from Yucat?n Maya, it is we the people of Russia. "Celestial pilgrim" - this, too, we, we are a small group of people from Russia who felt the call of the Maya in the blood and so went to meet with the elders and shamans different tribes Mayan end of 2012, at the end of the Great cycle.

More and tickets fell to date 11 November (11-11, the coincidence is not accidental," as said Master Oogway :-)) . In fact , in the Yucatan not use the word "shaman", they say "agmen" (which is about shaman) or "curandero" (from the Spanish "healer"). It turns out that they knew about our arrival, before we decided that they were waiting for us since 2002. And so those ancient knowledge of healing and world order, beliefs, Mayan cosmology, which for centuries was kept secret and passed only "their" - at the level of consanguinity, devoted, healers, their students - now began to open and made available to white people.

Maya go, they have long knew about it, they have less and less tradition is lost, and even those who are born in the Mayan community, even in the Selva, in the villages - not very "Maya", as legends and myths of creation and creation of life on Earth, secrets excellence interaction and lives in harmony with all elements and kingdoms leave forever...it's just practically no one to send, there is only a small group of dedicated people from different tribes, who do not communicate much with each other. Young people move from place and goes out of the jungle in the city, becomes more prone to the Western way of life, the population massively adopted Catholicism, though very "diluted" with the pagan beliefs, "green serpent" played their hand (or rather "tail") - people extinguish and sinking their vital problems in alcohol, most poverty in the country as a whole, leaves, and the Maya language, as everything in the country in Spanish, in the villages there are no schools that teach in the Mayan language, and if it is a language which was not previously had their own written language and in which there is still 2-3 different variants of pronunciation of the same word...

Gradually disappearing and language, and culture...Mayan descendants of "those" Maya, keepers of truth, chose to leave...and in advance knew about it. And it was predicted, they are ready. The only reason they began to meet with white people, Europeans, and to talk about something that no one had ever spoken to "strangers". They see in us Maya, see us true Maya because we have neipamei access to the Chronicles, where it has just every ahmen, curandero, and they see our past lives, our incarnations, at a glance, in which we were, we were the Maya Maya...go forever, they finish their mission...and this is very sad and hard for the soul...But they understand this and quietly accept. And they want to share wisdom and grateful that someone traveled 10,000 miles for this significant meeting.

One of the priests told us that the Transition started in 2010 and in full swing, and its final phase will be at the end of November - December 2012. And a very important date for the Earth will be 12, 13, 14 December. They asked us to tell that these dates all people should be especially conscious, quiet and peaceful, situated in the centre itself, to put aside all the things of the world, not to participate in the hustle and bustle, do not waste your energy in vain, to radiate love, and be in prayer and meditation on the best and beautiful world for our Land. Not in this prayer, saying, "Bring it near to me, o Lord so-and-so,"..No..we are talking about prayer meditative state in which we do, and they ask us to do his pure exalted mind radiation and create a beautiful world on the Earth for the coming of a New cycle of 25,000 years, the way we want to see him, as did the ancient Mayan many thousands of years ago, creating our world.

What will happen on December 21? Still Wake up and see that the world still is and will be, it will become just a little bit better...there will be a new world will come a new spirituality...no cardinal changes will not be seen immediately, it is the process of shifting times and energies, and it will take time. People and the media have created a buzz around this date, which only generates energy of fear, starts the mechanism of mass consciousness and affects people. Maya asked you not to support this fear and those beings who are trying to sow, not to produce and not to create ourselves disaster with the help of collective intelligence. Their message to everyone - no end of the world!
This process of changing not only people, but also of our planet.

Maya warn us to get as far away from the water - not to live on coast of oceans, seas and large rivers, as the water will rise and be spilled, but the exact date no one gives.

Knowledge keepers Maya say that now there is a very large division, the division of people into "light" and "other". They do not have the words "dark", as there is no concept of "hell". They have their world and the world tree, 9 underground levels and 13 higher above ground levels and all this is absolutely divine. Going down to the lower levels we communicate with their ancestors, with animals and spirits, guides and relatives, seek and gather particle of his soul. Have their keepers at each level. But nowhere is that the top is good, and the bottom is bad. Everything, everything, and everything is in balance. Now, going very fast separation now and will be clearly 2 camps. Moreover, to the extent that those who considered themselves "light" - once in the other camp, the "other" environment very quickly they adapt, assimilate and remain there. And the division grows...And now is the time for all of us, on the contrary, it is very important to unite. Teachers told us about the critical importance now more than ever, group work is to unite people seeking Light and Reaching for the Light. Alone already not endure. Now there is an invisible battle and it is very important not to lose. Since long ago, the Mayan people, the people of Knowledge, pulled away, and thereby lost the battle. This must not happen. The knowledge that we are given is a great responsibility and a heavy burden. Now is the time to heal. Maya know it, and treat not only people, but also the animal Kingdom, the nature around. They say that at this particular time is very important to keep your energy and not to waste it on conflicts.

Visiting ancient temples we saw a lot of Mayan sculptures of gods without a head (for example, statues pakalya, Metzabok). They are called "headless" . Why are they without a head? Shaman is one of the most mysterious and secluded Maya - lacandon (they, too, Maya, as if branch)who live deep in the jungle and do not communicate much with other tribes, and to the 1930-ies it was thought that they all died out, as they are not out of the woods and did not want to communicate and accept "good" civilization - shaman lacandon explained that the headless statues of gods, because we have to live not with your head and HEART. Therefore, sculptures removed the head there, or none at all. Their message to descendants: "Lay your head to the side. We have to live from the Heart. And the world can be managed from the Heart!" They knew it and they show us this. Another message they want to get to us: "People, don't think you're so great, such important. If you are able to do well, it is the Spirit that gives you this opportunity. You are good conductors, nothing more. Leave the pride!"

Transition is, but not quite as planned and expected initially. Globally, yet very few people have woken up. Our task now is to awake people from sleep. Then the people, having woken up, can become good and wise creators of life on our planet.

Information from teachers Maya took and wrote: Ludmila Esefella, 05.12.2012
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