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11 Мифов об индигоMyth 1: "all of Indigo blue aura"

Nancy Ann Teppa, which first started talking about Indigo, was synesthesia. This feature perception allowed her to see the world in colors. Each color is associated to a set of specific qualities or properties. As is known, people with synesthesia own comprehension of colors, some see the gray, the other is blue, the same information they perceived differently. Synesthesia has nothing to do with aura.

The coloring of the human aura is reminiscent of the classic spectrum of colors, like a rainbow. The dominance as a certain color in the aura suggests what kind of energy a person uses mainly. For example, the creative people aura has a bluish tint, managers, heads i.e. various kinds of manipulators she yellow, scientists, thinkers, philosophers - dark blue.

Color aurelinas shell carries information about that person's interests and main areas of activity. No matter what color is your aura: blue, yellow or gold, is much more important to her colors were clean and harmoniously distributed in the respective areas.

Myth 2: Indigo not people, and angels, demons demigods, aliens, etc.

I am always amazed at people's attitudes towards people with abilities in the minds of the people, for some reason, there is a generalized idea of how to look and what should be the "perfect classic Indigo." Most of the interviewed me, this image is associated with Holiness, impartiality, a kind of bliss, in some people, especially religious, added Association with the severity, severity and insight.

Creating images and covering their new cliches, people forget that we live in the world of the gods, not saints and demons, and people in the world from which it follows that Indigo is first of all people. They just want to eat and sleep, just the same rejoice, and weep, just the same breath. They are distinguished only superpowers and different, more open and free look at things that they do not try to impose .

Remember how after one of my lectures, I was approached by a woman surprised and said," You're human, you're alive!..." She probably expect that I will go to the hall in the mantle and with ball in hand with mystical or religious stern look.

It happens so that not to see the match on the behavior or appearance of alleged or pre-designed by the man himself, damn, he gets irritated: "He refused me to heal means he's not Indigo!" or "he is dressed as a student, how can he understand what is within me!" Remember how I said indignantly one person: "why, you're the man, you're a girl, a regular girl with long hair!"... I wonder who's in my place, he expected to see, an alien with three arms?

People used that it is necessary to match the images, because they are often deceived by various fortune-tellers and psychics, renting offices, neon-lit and the starry sky on the walls and ceiling. The image of him and compliance approved, inspire trust and attract customers, all these details create the atmosphere of ritual or at least its initiation and crossing the threshold of a psychic or fortune-tellers, people believe him more than a doctor from the clinic. And demanding games, they buy a ticket to the theatre where they played the show, and is not actually help in resolving solve their problems, but often these ritual very calms and inspires, that they really helped. But in fact it is more of an escape from reality and problems than solving them - how many do not go to the theatre or do not see the film - but you remain the same, they lose time.

Indigo are real people, they have the same body, they are not aliens from distant planets and galaxies, they are the result of spiritual development of human evolution. Today they are among you, and tomorrow you will be revealed and will Wake up one of them. Everyone has their own pace of development, Indigo already crossed the stage "the average person" with its extremes and subjective vision of the world. But they were always people, but with more developed consciousness.

The Indigo linked together and developed "Triad" - harmonious combination of unconscious (animal), conscious of (personal) and the superconscient (divine) spheres. It allows at any time to make contact with his true "I" (the true being), communicate with other worlds and use superpowers. Combining together and making harmonious between these three areas, people will approach consciousness Indigo and the changes in it boils violently: he sees the world not the one hand, and will unite in a single beam of light three lenses of their realms of consciousness. That's what I do at the training session, when I get ordinary people, but as a result of working on ourselves to change and acquire new qualities and abilities.

Myth 3: "the Indigo Children is not necessary to instruct"

This opinion is common, and, in essence, is another extreme parenting: if earlier the children had a lot of prohibitions, but now they can all, because they "with the birth of the wise and enlightened". Speaking so parents can let go of the situation in the education of their child, thus trying to shirk responsibility, and sometimes not hidden direct unwillingness to deal with your child: "Why to work with him - let himself educates". Some parents even argue that "...the children themselves have to educate us, because they are wiser, they emissaries of heaven..."

But hurry to make a comment the following statement : "Children should not raise their parents! Indigo change of their parents, not raise them, and these are different things. Blowing the education of the child take its course and, in fact, populatelistb such parents are inevitably going to get difficult child with a complex character who possibly can and not to adapt in life. Then the parents will vsplaknut and become indignant: "We do it so loved, and he grew so bad and naughty..." this is the General opinion that all Indigo - "difficult children"

And the children here, for once, moreover, the mistake was made by the parents.

The older the child, submitted in educating yourself, the more difficult it is to communicate with it will happen. In the education of the child is better to be a Democrat than popustiti. Interact with them, discuss the phenomenon from different angles, delve into the inner world of your child, and not dissociated himself from him and in any case not fully dissolve in it. Remember, parents should not administer to children, as children are not required rest of his life to serve the parents, but to educate children in need. A child who grew up without parental care and attention, will have problems in the future interaction with people.

Myth 4: "All children born after the 90-x-Indigo

Recently only talk about the birth of Indigo children. And various "experts" are called a variety percent Indigo on the number of normal infants. I just can't understand who it is so hard engaged in the statistics and what tests determines indegoot in infancy.

The most common pseudo statistics show that the percentage of fertility Indigo is 80%. Overjoyed this number the parents today are expected not ordinary children, namely Indigo, everyone wants his child had supernatural abilities, did the opening and saved the planet. To have such a child now became fashionable and prestigious, among modern parents it became "new chip decades". But despite the fact that the desired warms the soul, the truth remains the same. Grown up children, regardless of Indigo or not they will take their niche in the system of life to replace the previous generations, as it always has. The only unpleasant thing that can happen for many is entering into the real life and painful debunking of the myth, shrouded parent hopes and expectations, if they do not appear Indigo.

The man from birth prepared for the fact that he is a wise man or a potential genius that came with the great mission of the salvation of all and all, will suddenly realize that he actually limited by its capacity, which superpowers did not appear, therefore, he will not be able to justify the parent hope. If such a man will be strong personality, he will experience a personal crisis, the output of which will find a new solution and a new script reality of life, if a person is weak, it will have a catastrophe inner world ' fall from the pedestal" and perhaps anger at Indigo or the world, not recognizing him as a wise and do not satisfy his ambitions . Most often, such people have triggered a protective mechanism of mind in the form of denial and they feel unrecognized geniuses.

Such people today get on the Internet on forums fierce debate on the subject "real Indigo and not current, false", compensating megalomania or finding destructive output inferiority complex because not fulfilled expectations. These Indigo will never be doing this.

Outstanding psychologist Carl Gustov Jung wrote: "the Child for the continuation in yourself parent of the world, not knowing the external world is real, will pay a dear price" This price will become his identity. The only thing that is able grown requests parent whim pseudo Indigo is talk for hours about their strengths, capabilities and benefits toon the other, does not backed said proof of his abilities, or at least, good deeds. If I come up with such a consultation, I ask only one question: "Be three times you Indigo that you can give to others besides words?" If a person is adequate, and is able to answer this question, he is released from this template, but people who live in illusions offended.

This category, spoiled by parents with unsatisfied ambitions and narcissism, requires from the world of love and recognition, not having expected, commits suicide or become patients of psychiatric institutions. Unfortunately, these psychiatrists judge Indigo.

Pointing to this myth, I aim to sober up dreaming mothers, following the fashion of superdata. Let children be children, do not ask for miracles from them for the sake of tricks, do not impose them your world of illusions, just love them and accept as a normal child, even if you're one hundred percent sure that your child is Indigo. Keep it coming with other children and not separate itself from them, let him be what he has come to you. Until then, the best thing you can give him as a parent, that parent education based on three principles: adoption, indifferent attitude and love.

Myth 5: "Indigo all with superhuman"

Some authors of books about Indigo children, more talk about the superpowers, rather than about the children themselves, and allocate paranormal abilities as one of the main and obligatory signs of Indigo.

At my school, no one had divided the children into "can" and "unable", the teacher knew that ability available to all people, another question, why are they not disclosed (and the answer is all in the same imbalance parts "triad" in man).

Any faculty occurs in Indigo is not just wrong, it is not a special gift from God, it activates itself unconscious part of man, when all internal parts are balanced and harmonious. Any faculty, in fact, reflects the inner being of man, his life problems and ways of their implementation. As a rule, all abilities are an instrument of realization of the mission with which the man came.

Abilities are different, but generally they are divided into two types : destructive and constructive. In one of my groups on the training was a young man who could control the electricity - he had the power of thought to cut down the light in the room and all appliances. To include them, he could not. His supernatural ability was destructive. In all other aspects he was an ordinary boy with problems in interpersonal communication, which itself could not resolve because of insecurity. The ability doesn't have any effect on his life.

At school with me had the same girl in her hands off all electrical appliances that hurt her: she could not use a mobile phone, laptop, drive a car, even trolley stood on the spot if she was part of him - the current was gone. If she would have lived in the middle Ages, wouldn't have problems, but in the civilized world every day need to interact with technology. Because sometimes destructive abilities this is a tragedy for the person and may lead to its exclusion.

Myth 6: ADHD

Very interesting disease invented doctors to generalize "children oddly" in one group affected by the signs of Indigo. From ADHD even medicine was made that, in essence, drug and is valid at the time of use. Famous drug "Ritalin" in the West received vneklassnoe name "a drug for children", in Russia it is prohibited in circulation. The point is simple: a hyperactive child, instead of running for the class or her room and turn chairs, walking around like zombies.

I never understood parents who tried to get Ritalin or at least discussed the expediency of its application on your child. Goes silence in the house is more important health psyche of their child. And instead give hyperactive child to release their energy and calm down, sending him on horizontal bars, sports section and the next, the parents give him the subduing the pill, but because of it, he is industrious and diligent. And what if he is the lesson is foggy and hardly thinks, he, most importantly, does not prevent anyone and sits as required to sit a diligent student. In such situations understand why the first enemies of the child are his relatives.

Why, the child's attention span and it is difficult for him to concentrate? Indigo not live in the same material level of our world, they live in a multidimensional planes in parallel, because their attention is scattered, although usually, the memory of the events remains in the unconscious and only fragments penetrated into the consciousness in the form of visions and sudden insight.

Indigo requires more energy to live in several Parallels at the same time. In seconds, they can enter the state of trance, which experienced yoga achieve for years. And let them open the gates to the other worlds and new knowledge, but our system requires that people were "here and now" and all the other options psychologists consider as "care" and the child's return in only our reality, sitting down on drugs.

Myth 7: Indigo special diet is required"

Some authors argue that Indigo need special balanced diet, others that Indigo can eat anything and not get sick. Before us again two extremes, and the truth is somewhere in the middle. If we assume that Indigo is still humans, not humans, gods, angels, demons, and so on, it is foolish to allocate them in some sort of a separate system of creatures that feed on a particular way. In my opinion, this allocation is trying again to separate the Indigo people and show them the difference even at this level, they say, they have evolved so that they can have it all and survive in any conditions.

Only we forget again that as a result of environmental change, pollution and nutrition genetically modified products, the people themselves, much has changed and adapted to the changing environment. Modern man is significantly different from that lived 20 years ago. You will see that as changes of the indicators of medical standards. All people living on Earth long ago mutants, regardless of whether they realize it or not. Remember radiation, the fruits of genetically modified engineering, poisons and gases which daily breathe people waste which is led into reservoirs and so on. We all somehow adapt to the changing conditions of the world. If we could, we would not have existed as a species.

Myth 8: Indigo forerun the "end of the world"

This is one of the most common misconceptions. In connection with the gradual escalation of panic because of the Mayan prophecy about "end of the world in 2012", the Internet was launched and quickly gained wide popularity myth that Indigo children portend the end of the world. I must say, the world we were appointed always, you can safely be schedule "end of the world" with their subsequent transfers, all this would be funny if not for one thing: the people who believe in a negative event - pollute your thoughts mental atmosphere of the planet, and this in itself can lead to these disasters.

As far as I know, and I still communicate with other Indigo, neither of which end of the world Indigo not say, this information spread by people who are unable to arrange their own lives, and therefore, from our own powerlessness, they are jealous of others and hating them, I wish the end of the world and the objects of their suffering. Destruction wants only is he in whose soul the ruins. They may entail individual global psychological trauma, which is a disaster inside the private world of the person, his own microcosm. She modifies attitude to life, to be exact - causes hatred for her and for all the living. Such people today throw Internet messages about the "end of the world", sow fear and panic in the other. Indigo never had relations to such messages, none of them would distribute threats, and to terrify, they understand how the material power of thought.

Myth 9: Indigo always sooner develop physically"

Indigo children early aware, but do not grow fast compared to other children, in many cases the physical development of the Indigo child is slow, when they grow slowly, in adolescence they happen later physiological processes of puberty. Indigo children are often shorter and physically weaker than their peers, and may they be in their 7-8 years gifted and have abilities, physical development, they will still lag behind their peers. So, Einstein later than other children, spoke, not shining success in high school and was even expelled from it for academic failure.

Myth 10: "All Indigo birthday know what your mission is and always talk about it"

A genius is a man who knows her destiny, but to know your way and pass it are two different things. Every person on earth has a program that needs to run, she laid in memory of his spiritual essence. This program spirit is planning himself, before you enter into the physical body of a child. The program at everyone and it can conditionally be called the mission. But in the view of the people, the mission seems to be something global and necessarily associated with dramatic changes in public life. Because if a child talks about his mission, the older it is perceived in two ways: from him or waiting for miracles, or hang a diagnosis.

Interesting is the fact that in modern psychology speaking about the mission, automatically added to the category of those who have delusional beyond valuable ideas. If Jesus Christ was born in our time, and was at a reception at the household psychologist, inevitably, among the first candidates would get the direction to the appropriate institution. I remind you that Jesus Christ did not consider himself to be the Messiah, though he knew the goal of his coming and talking openly about his mission.

He said and did what they believed and were not imposed on others their opinions.

Indigo, just like all people, have a vital program for which they were born, only some of them remember it and realize your destiny. Many people simply forget about it and may even go astray, accepting false values. But among Indigo I've never met anyone who openly and 100 percent confidently asserted that he knows his mission and all the steps to achieve it. So say no Indigo, and robots without the soul, the program of which includes the design, they can't even doubt it.

Myth 11: Indigo came to save the world"

Rescuers people expect constantly. Was waiting for them at all times, begging in prayers and when received, the first thing destroyed. People always expect will someone kind and do their work for them. So, for example, religious preachers like to say : "Jesus Christ atoned for our sins and died for us...", although in fact he died "is not for the people and for the people", and did not come at the cost of their lives to pay for the sins of his murderers, before his Father, it is not even logical. Jesus came to give people his doctrine, to open their eyes, to teach them the main-the path of love and show that there is a subtle world, it is not "saved us from death" and his resurrection proved that the complete there is no death.

As Indigo not come to clean up the garbage for other people. All "uncle Sami from the ocean"who entrusts himself to humanity, in the best case it hard to learn not to try to throw the blame their problems on others, or after call hefty price of such assistance. People from century to century have not learned to take responsibility, some commit his life to religion, others are waiting for the aliens from a distant galaxy, others hope for Indigo, and someone is waiting for "end of the world", the total destruction of the world order and updates. People expect the shepherd, and when he refuses their mouths, to do everything for them and encouraged to work on yourself and your soul, instead of blur in the total mass, kill him for it as not lived up to expectations, then regret later - worship or for the money show members of his power.

Jesus, like many of his predecessors, was only finger that points to the path to God - the Father, but the people, instead follow the path pointed out by the finger, built a monument of this finger, recognized him as God and he's praying. In this blunder of any religion is to go on a finger, and not where it points.

Exactly today, many rushed to Indigo with hope. Some even began to worship them. Among the people there were those who declared himself the new Messiahs and many happy followed them. People unconsciously really want to lead them, instead of opening the eyes themselves. I am constantly asked to prediagnostic or cure the disease, but when I say that man can and must do it himself, I unmet offended. People don't want to learn to heal themselves, they are looking for an idol, not the living God and then wonder why the heavens are silent.

(From the materials of the book Allanurova "Under the sign of Indigo")
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