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Где будут прятаться президентыVladimir Putin is going in the twentieth of December skiing in the ski resort. I wonder where will head the President of the Russian Federation? In Sochi or in South Ural, where according to the Russian mass media is a heavy-duty underground city, hidden in the depths of the mountain, Yamantau.

But it is quite clear where can survive the Apocalypse U.S. President Barack Obama. Protection plans of the Supreme leadership of the United States were announced in the program of popular science TV on the discovery channel. Discovery Channel showed a documentary film "American plan in case the judgment Day". According to the information of the correspondents of the discovery channel today completed the work on the project " Night Watch" envisages the construction of air ark for the US President and his inner circle.

The plane built on the occasion of the end of the world, is today in a constant high alert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can start flying in several minutes after receipt of the corresponding command.

The modified Boeing 747 able to reach speeds of more than 600 km per hour and in the air without refueling few days. During the test, time of free flight was more than 35 hours. "Night Watch" is equipped with the anti-missile fire, thermal radiation, the anti-directed electromagnetic pulse and naturally radioactive radiation.
Coincidence or not, but world leaders at the time from December 20, 2012 gathered in the "vacation", for example, for the first time in the history of its existence, the Parliament of England moved schedule Christmas vacation from 25 to December 20.

In addition, leading specialists and scientific employees of global corporations have suddenly begun to resign and disappear from public view. Here is a brief list of the most high-profile dismissals for the last month:
General Director of the Long Island Power Authority, New York, USA, Mike Harvey
General Director Oremex Gold, Ontario, Canada, David Terry
President and CEO Creso Exploration in Montreal, Quebec, vermon Drole
CEO of Telecom in South Africa Kicks Moholy
General Director of the Leading Aged Services Australia Gerard Mansour
General Director Folts Homes, USA Ralph reed and Executive Director of the same company Ernest was Orts
Managing Director & CEO, Keystone Bank GTO, Icomi
General Director of South African Airways PPE Minimally
Vice-President of Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky
The list goes on and on, and it is necessary to consider that all these managers have worked in their posts for at least ten years and the reasons for the sudden discharge in none of the cases were not named.
The intrigue with the end of the world 2012 continues.
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