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onua.org » 2012 » Why Ukrainians are not afraid of the end of the world
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Почему украинцы не боятся конца светаStrangely enough, the long years and centuries of humiliation, slavery, war and repression suffered by the Ukrainians are felt it in the second decade of the XXI century. Comprehensive apathy is the reason that Ukrainians do not believe that in parties or politicians, do not trust Sozopol and TV, but absolutely indifferent in their majority belong to the so-called "end of the world".

And the Ukrainian authorities did not particularly worry about this. And why? First, the government and the people of old, in Ukraine live in parallel worlds. Second, the policy does not believe in the majority in anything, except for hit in the face and shot at close range, and therefore in case of emergency always hold "alternate aerodrome". However, from real catastrophes their spare variants will hardly save, especially if the accident will be global and hide in Europe or the USA will not work.

Mythical completion of the current theater stories of people care as little as earthquake in Japan. No, the earthquake and that causes more emotions than a local disaster. And what could make this one "end of the world", if the electricity in the houses of Ukrainians go out quite often because every failure of elements and carelessness! You will think, will tell our compatriots, once more, nothing till the end of the week fix everything and would feel. On the off chance.

The nation, which in its history has had just four short period of statehood, which does not know where he was going and why - this people are not afraid of anything, because they simply have nothing to lose. He does not value their freedom, he does not appreciate peace in his country, he could not distinguish the bad from the righteous, but the most TVs have replaced religion.

Ukrainians difficult to buy - they take the money, but for decision-making influence still not material values. They are difficult to convince everyone thinks only of his opinion objectively. Ukrainians are smart enough to understand what is happening, but chuckle quietly and be reserved in case of nuclear war.

Remember, like George Orwell was about them - they cannot be free and can't rise, because in their life there is no place so much deeper thoughts about the Outlook and the overthrow of the state. The same was said at the time and Roosevelt, indicating that democracy and freedom in many countries not disappear because people don't want, but from the fact that biological and economic well-being and survival become a priority. Of course, for such conscious build chain needs and the constant lowering of Ukrainians at the lower level of the pyramid Maslow" right remarkable minds and calculation. Although, given the situation in the country, actually the objective is obvious provincialism and immaturity, but at the very top of the power ladder. Yes, and who may be advantageous to keep people for more than 20 years in a state of beasts, whose main task is to survive and grow, not to think about development and progress, to innovate, and not to use other people? Only the ruling classes. But even if there are no thoughts about the future, where they must take "proles", of which in Ukraine over 70%, not dividing them into spheres of activity and employment?

Most people are tired of living like this, but they don't know how to live differently. Being abroad, they see the material world, shops and quality of life, but few see values for all of this are. As far the realization that you work a lot more and get less of what you don't appreciate the society and the state - all this leads to isolation and unwillingness to think deeper.

Indeed, when I asked many of my friends, that for them the end of the world or what they can say about it, most of this question either not interested, or was interested only in so far as it will affect the next weekend. No one answered that it worries him in any way.

Amazingly, Ukrainians are not afraid of the end of the world. They learned to survive always and everywhere. Genocide, war, famine, feudalism and wild capitalism, betrayal and dishonesty, resentment and irritation, wet feet from uncollected snow and transport, which are waiting for half an hour - all this has led to the fact that Ukrainians can now be called the most pofigisticheskij and peaceful nation of Europe. Really, why to bother about end of the world if tomorrow you will not be able to open the front door because of snow or you instead of the provisions of the salary will be given only half, giving the rest of the mythical orphans or destitute! Each of Ukrainians is experiencing its own, deeply personal and local end of the world every day, he has already got used to it, fortunately, historical memory, too, live.

We used to survive. Yet we are not accustomed to live and to look forward with his head up, yet we are not interested in value, and are only interested in the external aspect of the process. But always only to fall does not work, take off the inevitable, only fast he will not - too many defeats in our history.

We will survive and go through everything, even the end of history and civilization. Absurd, but as it is, we have it in the blood. So any end of the world is just another small disorder, which is guaranteed to be a happy new year, against which await all. Ukrainians are exclusive, so that no Mayan, Aztec, Nostradamus or Wang will not be able to break the concrete confidence and head of our people. The end of the world, davidovicha!
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