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Ukrainians will be able to watch the stars fall on the website NASA from 6 am to 10 am on December 14 (Kyiv time). In addition, at this time, astronomers will hold a web chat to answer questions everyone relatively meteor rain.
Luggage NASA is set in the Centre of space flights Marshall in Alabama. As have informed in the Agency, it will automatically turn on when it begins to get dark. To do this, users will be able to see previously recorded footage meteor showers.

Flows of meteors usually are the product of comets. However, the Geminids in origin differ from normal thread - their parent is not a comet and asteroid Phaeton, opened in October 1983. Once a year he is flying by mercury, and then over the Earth "shed" winter meteor rain.

Its name Geminids received from the constellation Gemini (Gemini). In temperate latitudes in the Northern hemisphere, this constellation can be seen in the evening on the East side of the sky and after midnight rises almost to the Zenith. Radiant flux (the region of the celestial sphere, the apparent source of Meteora) is next to Castor and Pollux - two of the brightest stars of Gemini.
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