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За последние пару дней два астероида прошли рядом с ЗемлейOver the last couple of days two asteroids, XE54 2012 and 4179 Toutatis passed close to Earth. 4179 Toutatis, the asteroid lump form about 5 km in length, is classified as potentially dangerous object, according to astronomers.

He has already passed close to Earth several times before, in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008. Potentially dangerous are asteroids or comets that orbit which are at a distance from the Earth less than 19,5 lunar distances (4.6 million km). One lunar distance is the distance between the Moon and Earth.

Toutatis safely flew past the Earth at a relatively safe distance 4.3 million km and was visible from the Canary Islands yesterday at 8 PM. It can also be seen with the help of medium and large telescopes over the next few days, when he will pass through the constellation of whale and Fish.

Astronomers predict that we are unlikely to face with this asteroid in the next six centuries. Astronomers also identified and another close flown from earth asteroid, known as 2012 XE54, 11 December. Estimated XE54 much less than Toutatis, but he was much closer, at a distance of only 140 thousand miles from Earth.

The asteroid came so close that even caused a partial Eclipse, with the result that he disappeared for a short period of time in the night sky before appeared again.
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