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“Вы не больны – у вас жажда”Twelve years ago the doctor of medicine F. the butmangheleng is following * published a paper with the same title and brought the latest data on microanatomy, showing that many of the symptoms "incurable” diseases " is actually the signals our body about the lack of water.

The greatest tragedy in the history of medicine was the original premise that causes us to believe "dry mouth" the only sign needs of the organism in wadester modern medicine is built on it, does not withstand any criticism, the assumption on which the fault of painful, premature death of many millions of people. The only reason suffering of these people

- ignorance of the fact that they just want to drink.
The human brain is 85% consists of water and has a high sensitivity to dehydration. When the brain lacks water, one can experience any of the following symptoms:
1) tiredness, which is not the result of hard work, in the most severe form: chronic fatigue syndrome. The term "syndrome" means a condition in which at least three of any symptom observed simultaneously. Generally speaking, symptoms are monitoring indicators serious caused by dehydration problems faced by the body. This topic we will discuss in the sections about lupus and the mechanism of production of hydroelectric power.
2) a Rush of blood to face. When the blood circulation in the brain increases, to improve the supply of water, the blood flow to the entity also increased.
3) a Feeling of annoyance for no apparent reason - uncontrolled anger.
4) anxiety without any good reason - anxiety syndrome.
5) Feeling of being overwhelmed and inadequate reactions (for example, the weakening of sexual desire).
6) Depression in its extreme form: depression and thoughts of suicide.
7) attraction to alcohol, Smoking and drugs.
All these sensual indicators suggest that dehydration oppressing some functions of the brain. Therefore, at an early stage the lack of water in the brain may cause loss of certain functions and trigger the development of the described physical and mental States.
Alarms lack of water in the body
The second group critical of symptoms and signs needs of the body in water includes various localized chronic pain. It includes:
1) heartburn;
2) dyspepsia;
3) rheumatoid joint pain;
4) back pain;
5) headaches;
6) leg pain when walking;
7) fibromyalgia (pain in the muscles and soft tissues that can lead to muscular dystrophy);
8) pain as colitis and constipation;
9) angina pain;
10) bouts of morning sickness and vomiting in pregnancy, indicating thirst experienced by the fetus and mother;
Fetid breath, too, is an indicator of lack of water in the body. The reason is the decomposition of food in the stomach, or gases that escape from the intestine and "break up.
The origin of the pain and symptoms is very easy to understand. They arise when some of the most active and used at the moment of the authorities is not enough water to clear it from the "toxic waste and excessive acidity", which are by-products of metabolism. Nerve endings register the changes in the chemical environment and transmit that information to the brain. Calling the above pain, the brain tries to inform you of impending problems that can result from local dehydration.
If the drought continues, it will lead to permanent tissue damage - such as colon cancer, is considered to be the consequence of long-term constipation and colitis.
The possibility of acid burns and tissue damage causes the body to signal the onset of local dehydration with pain. The body tends to restrict their activities, in order to prevent the formation of more acid and toxic waste.
In short, the pain that is not caused by infection or trauma, is a signal lack of water in the area where the pain is felt. Pain is a desperate request of the body of water, to leaching of toxic waste from affected by dehydration of the site. The main problem is most common today, the error is the lack of understanding of the significance and importance of pain as signal experienced by the body's thirst.
In cases when the body is asking for water, the medics coming in, as they were taught, and give people a poisonous chemicals that cause painful and untimely death. The most tragic in the fact that we, doctors, used to think appointed us cause a slow deadly poisons useful for patients. Most often the use of these chemicals resulted in a further deterioration of the human condition, because they only create the impression of "pain", but do not eliminate the cause of this pain: dehydration. In case of injury on the injured area occurs tumor (as a result of intensified water flow to this area), and under the influence of additional quantity of water caused by trauma pain gradually weakens until it finally disappeared.
In case of dehydration in the body there are special programs of rational water distribution. Main applications combat dehydration, which still wear labels diseases, the following:
1) asthma and Allergy;
2) hypertension;
3) diabetes in adults;
4) constipation and the accompanying pain in the lower part of the bowel, or colitis;
5) autoimmune diseases, including lupus.
These States top the list of health problems arising from long-term shortage in the body. For more information on other aspects of sustainable water shortage in the body can be obtained by reading my book, "Your body is asking for water."
Angina pain is often an indispensable companion of asthma in older age. This means that, in addition to shortness of breath, old people suffer from characterized by pain in the heart, which finally recognized as a consequence of the reduction of air and difficult breathing asthmatics. In other words, the program activation combat dehydration leads to the reduction of air flow, which automatically increases the activity of the heart. But at the same time, insufficient water flow to the heart is not possible to remove toxic products that reduce the efficiency of its work.
In the lungs and heart muscle symptoms caused by dehydration inflammatory process - strengthen the blood circulation of the capillary vessels dehydrated plot. This is the essence of the inflammatory process is "to strengthen blood circulation to cope with the problem". Cause inflammation can be bacteria, chemicals or injury. If dehydration in the affected dryness area is the accumulation of toxic substances that trigger the mechanism of pain.
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