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onua.org » 2012 » Astronomer refuted all the space version of \"end of the world\"
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Астроном опроверг все космические версии "конца света"The head of the Omsk planetarium Vladimir Krupko denied different scenarios space "Armageddon"offered in advance of the December 21 - date, which, referring to the Mayan calendar, referred to as "end of the world".

According to astronomer, mass hysteria is a consequence of the fall of the General level of education and the trend towards "debilitative population". The head of the Omsk planetarium Vladimir Krupko explained "Superesco", why the Earthmen not necessary in December wary of the threat from the sky. One of the scenarios that offer mysticism, is the fall of the asteroid fragment of a comet.

"The probability of the fall of both on the Ground there. This could actually lead to the destruction of civilization, such as the giant tsunami. But we need to know this probability. We now have the Observatory, which monitor all the space. At least two years we will be able to understand that to us something approaching and try to reject this celestial body with its path" - said Vladimir Krupko.

Another part of predictions based on the fact that civilization will burn in the fire of solar flare that supposedly indicates "parade of planets".

"They say that lined up in a row planet will act on the gravitational field of the Sun, and, respectively, the activity light increases. Arise giant flare, and this can lead to destruction of the Earth. In fact the planet is now scattered in different places of the sky. Now three planets are relatively together: Saturn, mercury and Venus. It is not enough for the parade of the planets, you see" - said the astronomer.

As for the Sun, then, according to Vladimir Krupko, its activity is now the lowest in the last 260 years: "And some scientists are even afraid that the earth will come chill. It comes to temperature fluctuations within polugruppa - C, but the climate is significantly".

Krupko also refutes the rumors about an imminent split in the Sun. Adherents of this theory show pictures lights with black stripe allegedly "giant crack", but astronomers doesn't mind.

"This cloud arch on the Sun's surface that have a temperature much lower than the temperature of the surface, so they are more dark. It is quite normal" - says Krupko.

"One more variant of a global catastrophe is the fall to Earth kind of mythological of the planet Nibiru, the size somewhere with Neptune, which hovers somewhere over the Sun. School course of physics enough to understand the failure of this theory. Nobody cancelled laws of gravity - if it exists, it will influence how the Sun and planets, is located nearby. In addition, we have satellites that taking pictures of the back side of the Sun - no planet Nibiru is not there. However, constantly incessant talk about the fact that she already "off" and "flying" we" - said Vladimir Krupko.

According to the scientist, the mass hysteria that occurred in Russia in connection with the rumors about the end of the world, reflecting the problems of the modern society: "If people believe in the nonsense that now they say that this shows the problems of the society. First of all in the sphere of education - all the latest sociniciativa in the field of education aimed at mental debilitation of the population. The level of TV shows now calculated on the below-average intelligence.

If not for aggression from television and the press, we would have never thought about the end of the world. Perhaps this someone's got somebody that's all sponsors. This is a very convenient marketing move. There is an opinion that in this way are trying to distract people from those events that occur in the country".
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