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Meteorites, as you know, are formed mainly in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, within the Solar system. The heavenly bodies. They arrived from the far corners of the galaxy is extremely rare and mysterious.

Only a small number of travelers live to fall on the earth's surface, not burned in the atmosphere. From ancient times these fragments worlds served for people source spooky legends and was seen as a sign in the sky. Many of history became legend - they were published as a separate book to the famous auction of meteorites, which takes place in Manhattan and gathers crowds of curious.

In the evening of 15 October 1972, the inhabitants of the farm in Trujillo, Venezuela, heard a tremendous crash, but were afraid to go outside, fearing the unknown. The next morning they found a dead cow, which killed from nowhere a piece of rock. Scientists from new-York has determined that this was a giant meteorite, which received the name Valera.

Almost 20 years ago, on 9 October 1992, a video camera mounted on a football match in Florida, took a meteor in flaming fire, which landed on the car in the Parking lot. Used car then his master sold for the price. Five times more expensive. Than bought - it remained the traces of extraterrestrial origin.

In the distant past, in 1492, the heavenly stone scared to death of the inhabitants of the medieval town Ensisheim in Alsace, falling from heaven in a terrible roar, and the flames - the townspeople decided that they descended either an angel or a devil. They took a stone in the local Church and worship him more than 300 years. The stone is the oldest preserved meteorite that reached us.

Residents of the Nigerian city of Mbale 14 August 1992 were scared stiff eerie howl that came from heaven, and terrifying smoke tail. From the sky went stone rain, and those who dared to take on a place of falling of a monster, saw miraculous way plowed field size of about 3 kilometers wide at 7 kilometers in length. One shard even wounded boy ricocheted from the tree. Africans decided that God sent them so the cure for AIDS, which affected the region, grind many stones into powder and ate them, or smeared in the form of ointments, mixing with oil.

The pieces all these stones sold at auction in new York on Sunday, October 14, together with the famous iron mask alien.
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