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Монстры - генетические отбросы Атлантиды ?Annually the physical laws of our universe modified, adapted, improved and rebuilt. Distinguished Professor of physics say about parallel worlds that exist between universes, and about those phenomena that confirm it, - and such stories literally repeat the stories of old sci-Fi movies.

Therefore, it is quite possible that as yet unknown creatures and not explained by natural phenomena take place in the life of our planet.

As already more than a quarter of a century, I do not only collect materials about monsters and strange phenomena, but somehow take care of them, it is perfectly understandable why - have created a number of theories about what in fact could be monsters and all their family. At the same time, I care for the theories of researchers working in "non-traditional" sphere of activity.
Several years ago I made a list of the most popular theories that attempted to explain the phenomenon of UFOs.

Monsters genetic dregs of Atlantis: this element is known legend about how scientists lost continent of Atlantis took possession of genetic engineering.

"The sleeping prophet Edgar CAC has spread information that animals Atlantis was used to create new biological species results in a variety of violence over the nature has appeared incredible amount of grotesque mutants. Kak believes that the pig was one of those animals, which created Atlanta, and mythical monsters are the product of the less successful experiments.
According to representatives of this hypothesis, all kinds of Pithecanthropus and other creatures that are still wander at night, is a side effect of a long lost of superocean.

Monsters from other dimensions: ghosts, vampires and long-legged monsters appear in adjacent temporal extension, which is really there on the Ground next to us. But since they live on a different level of vibration, we can see them (and, most likely, they have too) only under extraordinary circumstances, and in unusual circumstances.

Monsters manifestation of interplanetary poltergeist: poltergeist - Ghost, the spirit that bears the destruction of chaotic ball of energy, usually surrounding child puberty and transform the whole house upside down.

In this theory monsters presented as the result of some as yet unknown physical law that from time to time to activate the subconscious activity (or activated it). Perhaps this law or energy by itself is not a reasonable start, but he is able to reflect and to simulate human intelligence and the human fears.

Monsters response to mental needs: researchers Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman suggest that some of our mental needs can attract psihosomaticheskoy and other internal energy, and also images of fairies, ghosts, saints, UFOs and disgusting creatures we can only know by images and symbols.

Although the forms that take these manifestations, very old in the sense that they have always been part of the human soul, they also modern in the context of recent ideas that possess the minds.

Monsters result of extraterrestrial experiments: some theorists suggest that different kinds of strange creatures were grown on our planet extraterrestrial scientists - naturalists and psychologists who study our reaction to such organisms.

Others believe that these unknown animals could settle here to make an analysis of our atmosphere and to collect consistent data about our planet - that is, in function of living biocomputers.
At the same time, many ufologists are concerned that monsters can only be distracting maneuver by which extraterrestrial intelligence service tried to hide his secret activities on the Ground.

Monsters - programmed deception and illusion: according to this hypothesis, all creepy being unrealistic in the physical sense and represent something like a holographic image or clever special effects, created some unknown organization, which carries a hidden and probably a sinister plot.

Monsters element of education: a variety of "children of darkness", in the language of the venerable count Dracula of howling wolves can be specific element in learning the game, which uses a Higher Reason to change our perception of reality.
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