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Сардиния: забытая цивилизацияThis summer we had a chance to travel in Sardinia. Always try to combine holidays with learning a new, unexpected and interesting. But that was opened on this Sunny Mediterranean island, has surpassed all expectations. We were able to see the amazing tracks mysterious, very ancient civilization that existed in Sardinia from ten to three thousand years ago.

The tomb of the giants

Ancestors of Sardis, the modern population of Sardinia, come to the island in the XIV-XIII centuries BC. Many scholars identify those ancient Sardis with the tribe Shardenov, or Shardenov, one of the so-called "peoples of the sea", bringing terror to the Egyptian pharaohs. The emergence and war "peoples of the sea" in Ancient Egypt and Palestine - a separate, exciting and mysterious page of the most ancient human history. It is Protochny and began the construction of huge and mysterious giants ' tombs" throughout modern Sardinia. Now discovered over three hundred of these tombs. The heyday of construction of huge stone structures falls on the second Millennium BC. Interestingly, similar, very similar buildings there and in Ireland - known megalith Court-Cairn. And on the island of Malta ancient megalithic temples in its design very similar to those "tombs".

Usually, the "tomb of the giants" are structures up to 15 meters long and 4-5 meters in height. You think that this is not so grandiose buildings, as could be expected? But keep in mind that they are made of multi-ton processed blocks! Often the Central plate gently rounded top and has images carved on a solid granite. Think about how much effort and what equipment would be needed for a modern man to create such "tombs".

Ziggurats in Sardinia...

We know that the famous buildings of the ancient world - ziggurats is characteristic of civilizations of Mesopotamia, starting with the great and quite mysterious in origin civilizations of the Sumerians. But, it turns out that such structures have Sardinia, thousands of miles away from the Tigris and Euphrates! 11 kilometres from the road to the town of Porto Torres, in the vicinity of the town of Sassari in 1954 was discovered classic ziggurat, called the sanctuary Monte d'Accede. Researchers say this megalithic monument is unique for the whole of the Mediterranean. Ziggurat Monte d'Accede was built not later than the fourth Millennium BC. Mysterious builders of the ziggurat (original platform on 30 30 meters, a height of 6 meters. In the third Millennium BC, it was expanded to the size of 42 42 meters height to 10 meters) were very familiar with the ancient Minoan culture of Crete. On the two Mediterranean Islands are obvious Parallels in the art of huge buildings (not happen and about Malta where the great temples of antiquity is still waiting to be explored!).

But why was erected this ziggurat? A clear answer to modern science does not. There are only assumptions, rather banal, "religious center".

Eight thousands of Nuraghe

There Sardinia and Nuraghi. The so called stone towers shaped like a truncated cone, from afar very similar to bee hives. Nuragic reach a height of 20 meters, you can see it from afar. Set they in the places with a panoramic view of the area, even in strategically important places from where you can control the key ways, why were built these massive structures? Scientists admit that the appointment of the Nuraghe unclear. In the books speak of "churches", "housing", "the residences of the rulers, military fortifications and even about the "meeting places leaders." Agree, a rather vague idea of the towers. I would like to look at the ruler, who sits in the high tower on seven winds and manages the country.

Now in Sardinia there are 8 thousand Nuraghe. And there have been an estimated 30 thousand! They were built about 6 thousand years ago. Think about this figure and you'll understand that Nuraghi were not simple fun for ancient civilization. Even if we accept the view that these towers were "symbolic value"is to recognize that they are hidden unknown to us information, signs, hints, knowledge - call it what you want. Yet no one thought to take a picture of the location of the Nuraghe from a height, to see what it's like this picture. And if you connect Nuraghe, point on the map straight lines? Not will there be a us something that transcends all the famous paintings in the Nazca desert?

Only some of the Nuraghe conducted archaeological excavations. Italian and foreign archaeologists are surprisingly low interest in the mysterious civilization of Sardinia. Meanwhile, the "black archeologists dig near the Nuraghe unusual ancient statues of bronze depicting effeminate beings in space suits. What does this mean? And why is near mentioned ziggurat still lie carefully processed spherical stones? What do they symbolize? The sun and the moon? The moon and the Earth? Or something else?

Life after life

Scientists have long concluded that 10-12 thousand years ago our planet suffered some disaster, which killed an advanced civilization, which was called by different names, including Atlantis. And the flood recorded in ancient Chronicles of all peoples of the world - from the Sumerians to Aztec. The flood was a result of some terrible cataclysm. Was it a nuclear explosion? Battle aliens from other worlds?

The collision with the planet Phaeton or Nibiru, or simply with an asteroid? It is unlikely that we will get the final answer. But the survivors of a worldwide disaster has retained some knowledge and skills. These people, bearers of the great knowledge of the past, and created a new civilization - from the Canary Islands to the modern Indo-China, the megalithic structures in the British Isles to crops predecessor of the great Mayan and Aztec.

Step by step we try to know the tremendous knowledge and wisdom of the past millennia, hoping that they will give us the key to understanding our future.

Author: Aulchenko
Source: "Mystery of the twentieth century", №41 2012
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