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ЦИВИЛИЗАЦИЯ ШУМЕРОВThe assumption about the existence of past civilizations of the Sumerians, first expressed not historians and archaeologists and linguists. During the first attempts to decrypt the Assyrian and Babylonian cuneiform they are faced with literally blend of hieroglyphic, syllable and letter of linguistic symbols. This not only complicates the reading of texts that are dated by IV-III Millenium BC, but suggested that the language goes back to some more ancient, original hieroglyphic writing. Thus appeared the first indirect, but quite scientific confirmation of the information about the existence at the turn of the fifth and fourth millennia BC in Lower Mesopotamia Sumerian people.

However, the question of the existence of the Sumerians was only a scientific hypothesis until then, until 1877, the employee of the French Consulate in Baghdad, Ernest de Sarjak, did not open a historic milestone in the study of the Sumerian civilization. In areas Tello, at the foot of a high hill, he found a statuette, made in a completely unknown style. Monsieur de Sarjak organized there the excavations, and the earth began to appear sculptures, statuettes and clay tablets, decorated with unprecedented until then ornaments.

Among many of the objects found there was a statue of stone diorite green, depicting the king and high priest of the city-States of Lagash. Many signs point to the fact that this statue is much older than any of art found until then in Mesopotamia. Even the most cautious estimates archaeologists have recognized that the statue belongs to III or even the IV Millennium BC, the era preceding the occurrence of the Assyrian-Babylonian culture.

The most interesting and informative" works of applied art found during the continuing excavations were Sumerian printing, the earliest samples of which date back to about 3000 BC It was stone cylinders height from 1 to 6 cm, often with holes: apparently, many owners seals worn on the neck. On the working surface seals carved inscriptions (mirroring), and figures.

Such seals were fastened various documents, put them in the wizard made on a clay pot. Documents Sumerians were not on the scrolls of papyrus or parchment, and not on the sheet of paper, and on the plates of damp clay. After drying or firing of such plates text and seal could persist for a long time.

The image on the seals were very diverse. The most ancient of them are mythical creatures: the bird, the beast folk, various flying objects, balls at the sky. There gods in helmets, standing near the "tree of life", heavenly rook over the moon, carrying beings, like the people. It should be noted that the motive, known as the "tree of life", modern scientists interpret differently. Some consider it the image of a certain ritual structures, others commemorative stele. Some say, "tree of life" is a graphical representation of the double helix of DNA, the genetic material of all living organisms.

Specialists of the Sumerian culture is considered one of the most mysterious of the seals, which depicts the Solar system. It examined, among other scientists one of the most eminent astronomers of the XX century Carl Sagan. The image on the printing irrefutable evidence that 5 - 6 thousand years ago, the Sumerians knew that the Sun, not the earth is the center of our "near space". There is no doubt: the Sun on the seal is located in the middle, and it is much more than its surrounding a celestial body. However, the most amazing and important is not even that. The figure shows all the planets we know today, but the last of them, Pluto was discovered only in 1930.

But that being said, not all yet. First, on the Sumerian scheme Pluto is not at its present location, and between Saturn and Uranus. And secondly, between Mars and Jupiter Sumerians put some celestial body.

Research amazing print engaged and Zechariah Sitchin is a modern scientist with Russian roots, a specialist in biblical texts and culture of the Middle East, multilingual Semitic groups, expert reports, a graduate of the London school of Economics and political science, journalist and writer, the author of six books on paleoastronautics[2], a member of the Israeli research society. He is convinced that depicted on the seal and unknown to us today celestial body is one, the tenth planet of the Solar system - Marduk-Nibiru.

That's what Sitchin himself says about this: "In our Solar system, there is another planet that appears between Mars and Jupiter every 3600 years. The inhabitants of this planet came to Earth almost half a million years ago and has done much of what we read in the Bible, in the Book of Genesis. I predict that this planet called Nibiru, come close to the Earth today. It is inhabited by intelligent beings - Anunnaki, and they will mix with her on our planet and back. They have created Homo sapiens, Homo sapiens. Outwardly we look like they are."

Argument in favor of such a radical hypothesis of Sitchin is the inclusion of a number of scientists, including Carl Sagan, that the Sumerians had a lot of knowledge in astronomy, which can only be explained as a consequence of their contacts with some extraterrestrial civilization.

Even more sensational, according to some experts, is a discovery made on the hill Council, in Iraq, during the excavations of the ancient city of Nineveh. There was discovered the text with calculations, the result of which is represented by the number 195 955 200 000 000. This is a 15 digit number expressed in seconds 240 cycles so-called "year of Plato, the duration of which is about 26 thousand of "normal" years.

The study of the strange mathematical exercises ancient Sumerians took to the French scientist Maurice Chatelain, the expert in communications with the spacecraft, more than 20 years working in the American space Agency NASA. For a long time hobby shatelena was studying pale astronomy - astronomy knowledge of ancient Nations what he has written several books.

Shatelen supposed that a mysterious 15-digit number can Express so-called Big Constant Solar system, allowing with high accuracy to calculate the rate of recurrence of each period in motion and evolution of the planets, their moons, and comets. The scientist has subjected his hypothesis of computer analysis. That's how he commented on the result: "In all tested by me cases, the orbital period of a planet or comet represented (with accuracy up to several tenths) is part of a Large Constants of Nineveh, equal 2268 millions days. In my opinion, this is a convincing confirmation of high accuracy with which the Constant was calculated thousand years ago."

Further research showed that in one case the inaccuracy Constants yet manifested, namely in the case of the so-called "tropical year"which 365,242199 day. The difference between this amount and the value obtained by using Constants, was one whole and 386 thousandths of a second.

However, American experts doubted inaccuracies Constants. The matter is that, according to recent studies, the length of the tropical year every thousand years is reduced by approximately 16 millionths of a second. And division mentioned above error for this value leads to a truly stunning conclusion: Most Constant of Nineveh was calculated 64 800 years ago!

I consider it appropriate to recall that the ancient Greeks is universally recognized as the founders of the European civilization - the highest number was 10 thousand. All that exceed this amount was considered they infinity.

As "incredible, but true" an artifact of the Sumerian civilization, also found during the excavation of Nineveh, is a clay tablet unusual round form with record... allowances for pilots space ships! The plate is divided into 8 equal sectors. On the preserved parts can see various pictures: triangles and polygons, arrow, straight and curved lines. By deciphering inscriptions and images on this unique plate was engaged in a research group, which consisted of linguists, mathematicians and specialists in space navigation.

The researchers came to the conclusion that the label contains the description of the travel route" the Supreme deity of Enlil, who headed the heavenly Council of the Sumerian gods. The text specifies, by any planets flew Enlil during his trip, which was carried out in accordance with a pre-defined route. Here are some information about flights of "astronauts"arriving to Earth with a tenth planet - Marduk.

The first sector tablets contains data about the flight of the spacecraft, which is on its way flies from the external side encountered on the way of the world. Close to the Ground, the ship passes through the "clouds of steam" and then falls below that in the area of "clean sky". After that, the crew includes instrument landing system starts brake motors and lead ship over the mountains to the prearranged place of landing. The flight path between their native planet astronauts Marduk and Earth passes between Jupiter and Mars, which follows from the conservation ofnewsasia inscriptions in the second sector tablets.

In the third sector is the order of actions of the crew during landing on the Ground. There is a mysterious phrase: "Landing controls the deity of Nine".

The fourth section contains information about how to navigate by the stars during the flight to the Earth, and then, after being over its surface, steer the ship to the site, following the terrain.

According to Maurice shatelena, round plate is not that other, as the manual of space flight with the application of appropriate maps. Here is given, in particular, the timing of the successive stages of landing ship, specify the time and place of completion of upper and lower layers of the atmosphere, enabling brake motors, marked the mountains and the city, you should fly, and the location of the cosmodrome, where the ship should make landing. All these data are accompanied by a number of integers that contains probably the data about the height and speed of flight that should be followed when performing the above steps.

It is known that Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations arose suddenly. For both was characterized by unexplained extensive knowledge in various spheres of human life and activity (in particular, in astronomy). Examining the contents of texts in the Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian clay tablets, Zecharia Sitchin has come to the conclusion that in the Ancient world, covering Egypt, the middle East and Mesopotamia, there had to be several places where could make landing spacecraft from the planet Marduk. And these places most likely was on the territories, which in the ancient legends say about the pockets of the most ancient civilizations and where traces of such civilizations were actually discovered.

According cuneiform tablets aliens from other planets used for flying over the Earth air corridor that stretches above the swimming pool of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates. While on the surface this corridor was designated a number of points, carrying out the role of the "road signs" - they could focus and, if necessary, adjust the parameters of the flight crew coming in for a landing spacecraft. The most important of such items was, undoubtedly, the mount Ararat, which rise more than 5000 m above sea level. If you hold the line on the map, going from Ararat strictly to the South, it will intersect with the imaginary axis line mentioned air corridors at an angle of 45 degrees. At the point of intersection of these lines was the Sumerian city of Sippar (literally "the City of Birds"). Here and there was an ancient cosmodrome, on which sat and with which flew ships "guests" from the planet Marduk. South-East from the STS-pair, along the centerline of the air corridor, ending over the marshes of the then Persian Gulf, strictly on the centerline or with a small (up to 6 C) deviations from it, at the same distance from each other was located a number of other checkpoints: Kish, Nippur, Shuruppak, Lars, Ebira, Lagash, Eridu. The Central place among them - and by location, and the least - served Nippur ("Crossing"), which was the flight control Center, and Eridu, situated in the very South of the corridor and served as the main reference point when entering spacecraft landing. All these points have become, in modern terms, forming enterprises around them gradually increased settlement, then turned to the big cities.

During 100 years the planet Marduk was close enough distance from the Earth, and in the years to earthlings from space regularly raided "senior brother". Decrypted cuneiform texts suggest that some aliens have always remained on our planet and that the inhabitants of Marduk was able to land on planets or their satellites in the field of mechanical robots or biorobots.

In the Sumerian epic tale of Gilgamesh, the legendary ruler of the city of Uruk in the period of 2700 2600 years BC, referred to the ancient city of Baalbek, located on the territory of modern-day Lebanon. It is known, in particular, the ruins of the huge structures from refined and adjusted to each other with high precision stone blocks weighing up to 100 tons and more. Who, when and with what purpose built these megalithic structures, remains a mystery still.

However, for the authors mentioned epic narrative there was no riddles. They knew that in this city lived gods: "It was a city, inhabited by those who commanded. And lived there Anunnaki, and kept them, striking death rays".

According to the texts of clay tablets by Anunnaki Sumerians called "gods aliens"who arrived from another planet and taught them reading and writing, passed on their knowledge and skills from many fields of science and technology.
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