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Астероид 2012 DA14 не тронет ЗемлюRecord convergence for objects of this size will change the orbit of the asteroid, and with us, nothing will happen.

February 15, a small asteroid 2012 DA14 will pass so close to Earth that will be inside the ring geostationary meteorological satellites and communications satellites. NASA claims that the results of observations allow to exactly predict the trajectory of the near-earth object and probability of collision exists. But the unique opportunity to study the asteroid.

The time of maximum convergence - 23:24 Moscow time (19:24 GMT), the distance of about 27 700 km (approximately 13 times closer to the moon). Let's remind: the ring of geostationary satellites is at a height of 35 800 km, but the vast majority of vehicles (including the international space station) is significantly lower. The speed of migration will be 7.8 km/s, direction - from the South to the North.

Despite such a significant convergence, even in the largest optical telescopes, the asteroid will be seen as the shining point - because of its small size. Based on brightness, astronomers have estimated it in 45 m in diameter. Figure luminosity equal to 7.5, so the naked eye, the object does not see need binoculars or a small telescope. Best viewed in Indonesia, where the 2012 DA14 will move at a speed of about one degree per minute relative to the starry sky. In the rest of Asia, Australia and Eastern Europe asteroid will also be able to see with the maximum rapprochement. To that moment the Earth will make trafficking and 2012 DA14 will be able to look residents of the continental United States, it melts to 11-th magnitude.

The asteroid was discovered in February 2012 program participants La Sagra Sky Survey, conducted in the South of Spain, as soon as 2012 DA14 closer to Earth. Then he was about seven times farther moon. Because the orbital period of an object is about 368 earth day, he becomes closer to us every year. The expected passage is closest in three decades future history of the asteroid. This meeting will lead to the fact that the orbital period of the asteroid will be reduced approximately up to 317 days, so he will move from class Apollonov in the class of atens and now will be closer to the Earth to a different scheme.

By the way, the flight will be a record for objects of this size. Some of the other asteroids came up to us closer, but they were less. On average, the asteroid such dimensions is moving closer to the Earth at such a distance approximately every 40 years. Clashes occur even less frequently - every 1 to 200 years.

Based on the materials of the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA.
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