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ЗАГАДКИ ДОИСТОРИЧЕСКОЙ КАРТЫ ЗВЕЗДНОГО НЕБАIn the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, on the banks of the river Unstrut, about 20 kilometers to the North-West of Naumburg, lies the town Nebra. In the late 90-ies of XX century in the surrounding area inside the annular shaft of artificial origin, the crowning flat, wooded top of the mountain Mittelberg, in a shallow pit dug in the rocky soil, and then covered with earth, was found a few very old subject. They stumbled across the looters. The find consisted of two swords, multiple bracelets bronze age, made, according to scientists, for 16 thousand years before Christ, and also a surprising products of unknown purpose, which will be discussed further.

The product is a bronze circle with a diameter of 32 cm and a thickness of approximately 2 mm On its surface are images of the moon, the solar disk, as well as chaotically scattered stars. In addition, on opposite sides on the edges of the circle were two curved bands, one of which is lost, and the Sun and the Moon, at the edge of the circle, is a Crescent stripes symbolizing, as researchers believe, Solar barge. All of the mentioned elements of the sky are overlaid and made of gold.

Before Star disk got to scientists and was the subject of their research, he survived a real criminal Odyssey. The robbers, stumbled on an archaeological treasure, set out to sell the items found, and first of all Stellar disk, which is a big jewel. However, this proved difficult, because under the laws of Germany, they were the property of the state. The temporary owners finds several times succeeded each other, while in 2001 on the trail the treasure is not attacked by the police. To sellers sent a potential buyer, negotiations about the transaction were interrupted in the most unexpected for sellers way, and precious disk finally came under state protection.

Because of the unknown origin of the Stellar disk was first necessary to verify its authenticity, that is, in its antiquity. This question arises in archaeology often, and answer it is sometimes not easy. The most widespread now radiocarbon Dating method (isotope of carbon Cm)used in relation to residues of organic substances, which in this case was not good. Helped presence on the surface of the disk patina - oxide film, which was used to drive in a bright green color. However, patina can be formed as under the influence of the natural environment because of the special treatment. But in the latter case, to create the necessary special chemicals, traces of which can easily be detected in the analysis. In patina covering the disk, these substances were not. And because he was found together with swords and bracelets, whose age (18 thousand years old) scientists have established with a sufficient degree of reliability, and the circumstances of the discovery, abduction and further fate of the treasure caught the robbers told in detail, the antiquity of all its constituent objects can be considered proven.

Moreover, it is possible that this (or similar) Star disk was known and revered in ancient times. In the 18th Song of the Homer's "Iliad" described in detail the appearance of the shield of Achilles, which, as scientists believe, Hephaestus made, taking as a prototype to Nakhodka mountains Mittelberg. Here is the description of the "Iliad". I. Gnedich:

The shield of the five amounted sheets and on the extensive range of

Many wondrous is God in creative ideas did.

There he presented the earth, presented and sky, and sea,

The sun, in the way Neizdannoe full of silver month,

All the beautiful stars, which crowned the sky:

Are visible in their host Galaxy, G IADI and power of Orion,

ARKTOS, sons of the earth even Chariot sodomy;

There he always, always look Orion

And the single alien to wash in the waves of the Ocean.

Here it is appropriate to remind the excavation of Troy showed that about 1260 years BC, the city experienced a long siege and was destroyed. Thus confirmed information, Greek legends about the Trojan war and related historical events.

Well, what was "applied" the destination disk and is depicted on it celestial map?

25 km to the South-East from Nebra in a wheat field near the village Gocek archaeologists have unearthed a huge prehistoric solar Observatory with a diameter of 75 meters Installed, that it appeared here more than 7000 years ago, that is, it is the oldest of the currently known astronomical observatories, it is much older than Stonehenge, the oldest of known constructions of Egypt and other highly developed ancient civilizations.

According to researchers, between the Stellar disk of Nebra and Observatory near Goseca there is a clear link. Professor Wolfhard Schlosser from the University in Bochum investigated Star disk from the astronomical point of view. He is convinced that the one who created this CD, intentionally marked the position of the seven stars from the Pleiades and other stars arranged on the disk without any system to simply present the starry sky. But the image on disk galaxies, along with the sun and the Moon, has a deep meaning.

Why Galaxy played such an important role in the life of the ancient people?

The ancient Greek poet Respecting living at the edge of VIII-VII centuries BC, in one of his essays he wrote that the situation in the firmament of the Pleiades farmers define the moments of the beginning of the main stages of his work - plowing, sowing, reaping.

But back to the contents of the Stellar disk.

As already mentioned, at its edges facing each other were gold arc. If such an arc to build sector, the angle between the limiting radii will be of 82.5 degrees. But this corner form the radius drawn through the middle of the two inputs inside Observatory Goseca! And they are focused exactly on the South-East and South-West. These inputs determine the horizontal longitude in the system heavenly spherical coordinates, or, in other words, the points of sunrise and sunset at the winter solstice for this area of Germany. In the Observatory there is a third entrance, but what is the significance of its location, is still unknown. Now becomes clear and the meaning of two opposite of the Golden arches on the Stellar disk: they represent the horizon line and determine the location of the input (the same observation posts) in the Observatory of Goseca.

But that being said, not all yet. Researchers have found a relationship disk geometry, geography, so to speak, on a global scale.

Almost two thousand kilometers to the South-East of Hosaka in the Aegean sea lies the island of Delos. On the island is mount KINTO, on top of which archeologists have found out the exact same Observatory, as Gaseke. In the times of Ancient Greece Delos was a major religious center of the majestic temple of Apollo.

The Greek historian and geographer Diodorus in 8 ad wrote about Hyperborea - the country, which lies in the far Northern edge of the world. The people of this country, Hyperborea, who dwells in eternal bliss, enjoyed a special love of Apollo moving to them for the winter. They worshiped in temples of Apollo in Delphi and on Delos. Hyperborea was famous for the prophets, they became the founders of many temples and oracles of Apollo. The most famous of these Hyperboreans was Abba-rice, the prophet and the priest of Apollo. He could go without food and flying on the magic arrow, given to him by Apollo. Researchers do not consider Hyperborea pure fiction, suggest that she could stay in Iceland or Greenland, where in the past, the climate was much softer.

Now, it turns out that if we draw from the center of the Observatory in St-sex straight line through South-East exit, and then continue with her, she will lead us to the temple of Apollo in Delos! A straight line drawn from the center of the Observatory over the South-West exit and continue on the same distance as the first to reach the mountain massif of the Sierra Nevada in southern Spain, the highest in the Iberian Peninsula. Was there in prehistoric times the sanctuary and the Observatory, will show future research, but the place is for them is very appropriate. If, however, continue straight line Delos and Gocek, North-West, it will reach the legendary sacred Cape Reykjanes on the southwest coast of Iceland, where once landed the first Vikings, and being continued even further, will lead us to Greenland...
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